Shoulder Steak ao Molho Mostarda com Cerveja – Flat Iron Steak

Hello Friends of Ogros S/A channel. Welcome everyone, as always. I’m Baco. And today we’re going to make a Grilled Shoulder Steak. And to enjoy the fire. Also we will make a mustard sauce with IPA beer to put on that meat later. So do not pass the video that I’m watching over you, follow me to the end, and we’ll see the result of this recipe. These are the ingredients for today’s recipe. Here’s our shoulder steak. This cut comes from the front of the ox. It is the core of the palette and in Brazil is known as racket. It is an extremely marbled cut. In softness he only loses for the filet
mignon We’re going to make this meat just in the thick salt. Already these are the ingredients for
sauce. Are they: 2 tablespoons of butter. 2 tablespoons of wheat flour. 3/4 cup yellow mustard. 1 cup IPA beer. 1 clove garlic. Black pepper and salt to taste. Now let’s prepare! The first thing to do is salt the meat. As I said: just in the thick salt. From 8 to 10 minutes on each side is enough to leave the steak rare. To make the sauce, I’ll get it first.
and I’ll give her a warm one. Now I will dissolve the flour in the melted butter. 10 fl oz of beer. 7 fl ozl of mustard. Black pepper. Chopped garlic. And the salt. Now let’s get it right. And take it to the barbecue grill to fix this sauce. Already take advantage of and turn the shoulder steak. Let’s shake it so we will not
to embark That’s the point of it. It has to be creamy. Let’s take the sauce and also the meat. Our shoulder steak is roasted. Let’s cut him. And now we’re going to knock our sauce over. And our Shoulder Steak with Mustard Sauce and IPA Beer was ready. Now let’s try it! And if you liked the video today, give a
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