SHRIMP & RAMEN-Food Trucks in Hawaii

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  1. Tanya Creedon says:

    I didn't know you could eat the shrimp shell until recently. I don't know if I want to try it. lol

  2. Iphy's Kitchen says:

    Am salivating already, the 2 dishes looks so delicious

  3. Jane Beckman says:

    Eaten at that food court many times. The burgers are great. Love the Beefy Wild ramen! And the fruit stand next door to the food court has fantastic ice cream!

  4. Erin Uber says:

    Hello Shinichi, Satoshi, and Michael (if he happens to see this)! It was so wonderful to see another video with Michael! Thanks for showing us your nice lunch at the food trucks. The shrimp lunch looked good, and the ramen looked even better! I've never had beef ramen before, and it sounds so interesting. I'm glad you all had a nice lunch together. I hope one day you'll be able to visit again, and try more of the other food trucks together. Sending best wishes to all of you! 🙂

  5. Lady Murasaki says:

    Hi Michael, glad you decided to be on camera!

  6. craig1967shelby says:

    Here in Hawaii the food trucks are surprising good! I use to go and get my lunch from these guys but traffic in Waikiki is horrible. Only during certain hours can you go and not have to worry about rush hour.

    Glad to see you guys got a chance to enjoy the food trucks!


  7. soup-spoon says:

    omg Satoshi is looking so healthy!!!!!

  8. Noah K says:

    Tabi!!! Youre in Hawaii right now?!?! That's awesome!

  9. Tinee Panda says:

    Hi Shinichi, Satoshi & Michael! I was a little sad to see the size of the shrimp plate, then u told us the price & I got really sad! Not enuff shrimp but it seems like it was tasty so that's a major plus. That ramen bowl was looking ono! So happy u all enjoyed the ramen! Keep the great videos coming our way! Love, love, love! Mahalo Michael for letting us get to know u better 😉

  10. Eric Valor says:

    I am with you – I also eat the shell. One of my favorite sushi dishes is Ama Ebi (Saba and Hamachi are my other two with Hamachi on top). The shell is the same thing as fingernails, as are rhino horns which makes them useless as medicine.

  11. Jackie Carranco says:

    Sorry you didn't get to try more things, but the ramen did look slamming. Not to impressed with the shrimp at that price. Michael is a treat to watch and was glad to see you catching up on old times. Satoshi, happy to see you having a good time. Love ya. JC

  12. james le says:

    More videos in Hawaii

  13. James007HungerZone says:

    Tsk tsk tsk forgot the pork cash (hawaiian dumplings). Jk lol, that ramen looks really good 😀

  14. David Chicago says:

    Nothing better than eating from a food truck and making talk story 😎

  15. VRRV says:

    Michael is a nice addition to your videos, very genuine guy

  16. Amber C says:

    The ramen sounded good with the beef broth. You don't normally see that type of broth for ramen. Wonder if it tasted like a pho broth with ramen noodles…. That's odd that the trucks were there, but closed. Never seen that happen with food trucks since they are mobile. Generally in Los Angeles the food trucks park in those locations when they plan to serve, not permanently camp out at a location. Maybe you can try when you go back with your cousin.

  17. Hibiscus TV says:

    Man i really like shitoshi-sorry if i spelled ur name wrong

  18. 100th 442nd says:

    Right next door to the food truck court is “Henry’s Place”. It’s a little mom and pop place… standing room for about 4 people. They’re famous for their frozen yogurt. They sell it in styrofoam cups. By chance did you stop in there and try their stuff?

  19. purberri says:

    Shrimp trucks in North shore is the bomb

  20. collinsfriend1 says:

    Wow so the Hawaiian shops here in CA DO have authentic foods!

  21. Bobby Chang says:

    The shrimp meal is not worth the price with the 4 or 5 shrimps you got. Guess expenses is more in Hawaii

  22. Yoshiko Yeto says:

    The gang is all here! So great to see Michael again, and he had really helpful recommendations. The food from the trucks looked pretty good, especially the ramen. Thanks for all the videos from Hawaii!

  23. Boba Love 122 says:

    Hmm, beef ramen sounds interesting. I bet it's tasty. Glad the food was good. Out in Portland, Oregon, food truck areas like that are super popular, but sometimes a bit pricey. It used to be in the old days you could mostly only find taco or icecream trucks. I think chef Roy Choi of Los Angeles, California really revolutionized the food truck industry in the US and inspired others to start selling higher quality foods of all sorts out of food trucks. 😊❤

  24. Mark W says:

    Love these videos, I'm on my way to Hawaii Saturday so I'm using your vids and a few others as research.

  25. winane says:

    OMG…Kahuku truck with the graffiti and stickers all over it, when they just had the one truck and 4 tables. Then to Matsumoto for shaved ice. Back then it was hand cranked shaved ice. And no electricity… It has been a lifetime ago for me ha!

  26. sikbot says:

    I want to eat Ramen like Satoshi.. my
    Slurping skills are amateur.

  27. Laurence Luk says:

    Missed that, i should have stayed longer !

  28. Princess Vanessa says:

    Why am I watching this after I've already eaten my dinner? Lol👸👑💗💗

  29. posemwen says:

    So much good food in Hawaii 😍. Thanks for the video.

  30. C says:

    This is Cat from
    Brooklyn NY!🐱


  31. Noxmoony says:

    Yummyyy omg everything looked so good! 💖🤤

  32. eatlikeanapex says:

    Awesome content on Hawaiian food trucks. I’m hungry! Nice! I travel to street food vendors, trailers, trucks, home cooking etc. I film and promote small street food businesses. Would u possibly support the street food culture by checking out my channel? Give me feedback? If not no prob, wishing u success & keep up the great work because it looks amazing!

  33. Alicia W says:

    Visiting Oahu next month thanks for the food ideas!

  34. goodolecowboy13 says:

    I like that Michael seems to be coming out of his shy shell with every video

  35. mooveegal says:

    "Roasted taste this soup has"… Satoshi sounds like Yoda, so cute😆. Love the way he eats, all the "mmmm"s make anything taste good.

  36. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

    Filipino macaroni salad has shredded chicken breast meat and pineapple chunks…is the Hawaiian version similar?

  37. Heather Rodriguez says:

    Awww, that stinks the other places weren't open. Glad you guys got to at least try 2 places! Out of those two, I think the ramen place is most def more worth it. I'm all about a good deal and that shrimp plate was too small, :/ Oh well, you don't know until you try it! I'm also glad to see your friend back in a video! Much love to you guys! <3

  38. John H. says:

    Satoshi's slurp-game is on point! That ramen looked amazing

  39. Xcaliber Trekker says:

    Don't know why but it looks like your buddy Michael has one and a half feet in the grave. Does he ever leave his house.

  40. Zro1320 says:

    why dafuq does that guy look so sad, looks abused lol

  41. kevi smith says:

    Yay more Mike , yay more Ramen lol

  42. jodi mullen says:

    Amazing food trucks on road to north beach, past Kaneohe. Huge plate of shrimp, maybe 20-30 shrimp for $14.

  43. MoreSwole says:

    dumb question, but what is your skin care regiment?

  44. chewbielove says:

    I eat the shells too! 🤣

  45. M Taka says:

    Next time ur in Hawaii pls. try "Ray's Cafe" in Kalihi and "Sushi Bay" in Kapolei Aloha!

  46. AyAyRon says:

    $15!!! You gotta be out of your mind

  47. Lotta Kalimba says:

    Umm for the shrimp plate, where is the rest of the food? Not for 14.99.

  48. Daisy Kamiya says:

    Next time your in Hawaii you need to try Rays Cafe.

  49. Christina Alameda says:

    Okay now I want some shrimp hehe thank You

  50. gunterm2009 says:

    New Sub from Ericsurf6 Channel and just found his channel as well. The Ramen menu looked great. Its one of the things i want to try when i travel to certain places.

  51. CJ.For.The.Music says:

    True, small garlic shrimp for that price; seem like Philly price/size…(Satoshi’s ramen looked so ono…) ✨🤙🏼✨

  52. ramador sss says:

    You guys are cringe

  53. Saint Germain says:

    Love you guys! I feel happy after your videos!

  54. Anoah Armenta says:

    Food trucks are fo da krakas

  55. miqoto says:

    You should try Burgers on Bishop(used to be called Burgers and Things) in downtown or Yama's(hawaiian plate lunch) in McCully.

  56. Layla W says:

    Mmmmmm you guys are so lucky I get so jelly watching you eat all this delicious food lol

  57. Audrey says:

    This just popped up! I had to go back for my gma’s funeral (sadly but she lived a good life) and I just had to keep going for Romy’s in north shore

  58. The Traveling Monkie says:

    I wish I could eat like this ! Unfortunately bad genes from my dad has landed me high cholesterol. Love your channel!

  59. Nilo Baranda says:

    Michael looks like a sad Panda. Or one of those tired looking cartoon hound dogs.

  60. Maria Siliga says:

    The mac look dry

  61. Raj Patel says:

    $15 for that pile of shit…. LOLOLOLOL

  62. BG OBGAI says:

    What a rip off

  63. Josephine Dietz says:

    I miss the Hawaii food 😢😭😥😭

  64. Monus Brewer says:

    😱 eat the shell 😨😰🤢🤮

  65. Pei K says:

    Hey food truck foods are better than people think!

  66. succeed tribal says:


  67. alohakakahiaka says:

    Thank you for this journey through time. I grew up in the island, mostly on the windward side in my youth, and this brings back memories. Thank you very much.

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