I thought I fixed the back of my hair. SMH And that’s what happened with that. LOL


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  9. Devonte The Truccus UTTP ANAUTTP KTKK UTTPFC AVGCP says:


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    You need a man..
    So maybe you need to cut back on the junk food and really take care of yourself…

    Praying for your health!! Xxx

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    2 things:
    1) I'm from Mexico, and my girl, let me tell you, those tacos are beautiful
    2) your neatness on the kitchen is just PERFECT

    Cheers from México (sorry for my bad english 😔)


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  41. headred1982 says:

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  70. Kamri De'mya says:

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication during this time. We know health care workers are at a HIGH RISK so thank you for risking your life for others may god bless you.💙

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    I watch Maangchi on Youtube she says you can score the back of your shrimp so the won't shrink while cooking

  72. Gabrieal Livingston says:

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    You're a chef 💓💞
    You need to open a restaurant if you still did not 💞💓
    Yes Ma'am
    Yes sir

  85. Elizabetn Anderson says:

    I’ll be out of fresh anything in a day or two . I’m at high risk so I’m not going into the store. Any great recipes for items that might be on hand?

  86. Elizabetn Anderson says:

    Do you think you might be able to get out more content? During this time all your fans would watch you do a puzzle!

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