Simmered Japanese Daikon Radish (RECIPE)

[Music] hello everybody welcome back to another recipe video once again another week has passed so fast these days don’t you think yes I think so dude but we are wearing the same clothes as last week yes we are I wonder why today I’m gonna be making something that was requested by our friend Aaron uber today we are gonna be making tofu key daikon falafel daikon is a traditional Japanese recipe and it’s loved by many people it’s very simple delicious and pretty easy to make as well let’s get started first I’m gonna cut this daikon radish today we are going to be using half of this radish and make 4 disks from this typo I want to be cutting this into about 1 and 1/2 inch in width of course you know depending on how big your daikon is and you might get less or more but you generally want about 4 pieces like this now key point here you want to try your best to make each piece the same height this will ensure even cooking as you can see so till she is peeling the daikon kind of on the thick side and there’s a reason for that this makes me a texture better yes because there’s a lot of fiber on the outside of the daikon mixed I’m gonna do something called mem Tori so as you can see were rounding off the edges and there’s a reason for this again um this is to help the daikon retain its shape during the cooking process you know because daikon tends to fall apart if you overcook it but this actually helps prevent it from doing that so yeah that’s today’s the Japanese cooking lesson mentally mentally yes like this and as you can see now the edges are curved so do this mentally for each piece of daikon next I’m gonna make crisscross slit on the one side of this daikon and that F is about 1/2 in this is going to help that I can absorb the flavors of the soup stock like this now the daikon is ready so put the type of radish it into the pot okay the sweet is the down side make sure it’s on the down side and pour in the water yes you want enough water to completely cover the daikon radishes like this just like that like this and put about 1 tablespoon of uncooked rice in the water mm-hmm now what does this do Satoshi this helps impurities comes out from the daikon radish yes this is something I didn’t know but a lot of people don’t do this so if you want you can just simply omit this step and turn on the heat once it comes to a boil reduce to a low heat cook until the DICOM become soft okay I think it’s done yeah with check they’re gonna have inserted in secured it goes through very easily yeah it’s okay yeah I think it’s okay so how long have you been cooking this almost 1 hour yeah about an hour yeah so it does take a long time it really depends on how thick you make your daikon but for us it took about an hour okay so let’s scoot the daikon out like that whoops and we’re gonna transfer this into that bowl of water Jenny well sure sure I’ll do that so I’m just gonna put this into the bowl of water just gonna give this all the same time so put all four radishes inside don’t worry if you get that rice because we’re just gonna wash this that’s it that’s it and so all we have to do now is transfer the daikon into a new pot so I’m gonna put the tycoon inside the pot once again slit side down for 1,600 immediately to two and a half cups of water water and pour that right inside and this should go all the way almost to the top actually we will add a little bit more water because you actually want to cover the daikon all the way okay and pull one teaspoon of it she stock so this is instant dashi stock if you cannot find this in your neighborhood we’ll have links in the description so gonna put this in you know Japanese instant dashi is one of the most convenient things that you can have we always have this – in our home then 2 tbsp of soy sauce 4 tbsp of a medium and 1/2 TSP of salt we’re gonna bring this to a boil again once it comes to boil bring it down to simmer and cook until the daikon is a really nice golden brown color okay cutter has changed it it’s really nice cutter yeah beautiful beautiful okay Jessica yeah so let’s transfer this char bowl beautiful for some soup on the daikon yes oh that’s perfect and now the flow Fuji daikon is done [Music] time for the taste test do you mind if I go first you go ahead hey Doc Tomas oh oh very nice my chopsticks goes right through with very little effort that is a sign of perfect fluid I call mmm oh yeah Israeli soup episode with that tasty oh yeah these days all the way through it’s like a perfect balance of saltiness with sweetness from the daikon and yeah it’s just it’s just really good it has a perfect amount of umami as well nice it does she pleased yeah perfect good okay deco is a typical of hominy style dish you can adjust the taste that you’re liking it give it a try and if you think it’s not enough salt add a little more soy sauce it’s really up to you and if you like please add the miso sauce on top or like citrus you like use it very very easy to make that miso sauce all you do is combine miso sugar and a little bit of this dashi stock mix it up and pour it over your daikon once again the measurements for the miso sauce is really up to you so we really hope you guys enjoyed this recipe for a full of kooky daikon once again this is a very traditional Japanese recipe if you want to see more recipes like this one please let us know the comments down below put all your suggestions we will try our best to make them for you for more Japanese recipes click on that eye to go to a Japanese recipe playlist thanks so much for watching give it a thumbs up Thank You Erin uber for suggesting this recipe and hope all of you guys have a great day bye bye [Music]

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  1. Leanne Cerise says:

    This looks so good 😍

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    I love daikon especially when it's in hot pot! I think I will try this! Thanks!

  3. Edric Hsu says:

    My favourite furofuki daikon!!!

  4. D-MMA says:

    Another good reason to cut the peel thick – the bitterness of daikon is strongest near the skin.

  5. beardedbard says:

    Definitely making this! Thank you soo much guys 🙂

  6. Heather Rodriguez says:

    Oh yummy! That looks so good! I've never tried a daikon radish or at least I don't think I've had. Does it taste like the red radishes we have here in the states? Or is it completely different? The texture reminds me of a yucca root. Not the outer casing part of course but how it has like that potato-y texture. Great recipe guys! Much love to you both! <3

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  11. Rosita Chua says:

    Tabieats, your daikon reminds me of the time you were eating oden in the market. How about making kimchi Japanese style? To me, they taste better than the Korean one cause it's not too salty and not too spicy hot.

  12. Guy Mats says:

    Great simple recipe! I think I will do this for a potluck. Daikon is also so ood for you! It has anti-aging properties and protect against heart disease.

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    is this kind of like daikon radish in oden soup?

  19. Erin Uber says:

    TabiEats Thank you so much for making the Furofuki Daikon video! I have a hard time picking one favorite Japanese food, but this is in my top 5 favorites. Some days I think this is my favorite of them all! I just love it. I make it at home, especially in the winter. If I am making rice at the same time, I use the rice rinsing water to cook the daikon. That does the same thing as putting the rice in the water with the daikon. This is such a delicious dish, and it is so good with rice, too! I hope others will try making it. Arigato gozaimasu, Shinichi and Satoshi! 🙂

  20. Erin Uber says:

    PS By the way, please keep making Japanese recipe videos. They are wonderful! 🙂

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