100 comments on “Smooth PB & J Sandwich 🥪- peanut butter and jelly jelly recipe”

  1. Loopy Adrian says:

    “Thats what normal people do…normal people”

  2. akuma6711 says:

    U are so adorable!! (SUBSCRIBED!!)

  3. KIDD 1 says:

    Imagine whole she was getting it out she dropped the whole thing

  4. Go Bucks says:

    You should get one of those silicon pans

  5. Itosalix says:

    What has science done?!

  6. Alexia Wife says:

    Wait where’s kalen when you need him to watch something. EllenTube where you at.

  7. Joselerio M says:

    The most Excited evolution of Emmy😁❣

  8. stella does art says:

    you sure you didn’t make my lego friends sandwich from when i was 6 😂 😂

  9. Luis Ho says:

    What’s quicker making it this way, or the traditional way?

  10. Leianna Bautista says:

    maybe scoring the jello with a toothpick would have helped the jello stick better?

  11. kylitosan says:

    One step closer to pb&j tide pods. I wish any of my layers were that cleeeeeean!

  12. Still Stormie72 says:

    I have no desire to eat it, but I could l👀k at it all day long….so freaking cool!!

    New sub as of today…I am only a few video's in & I think I might have developed a slight girl crush on this tiny woman with the softest voice! Nice job Emmy 😉

  13. Applehead Defender says:

    Woa wat

  14. Jackie C says:

    This reminds me of sapin sapin, a Filipino dessert. My grandma used to make layers that are flavored as follows:
    Ube (purple yam)
    Lanka (Jack fruit)
    Durian (optional)

    And topped with latik, which is solid byproducts when you boil coconut milk.

  15. WinterTea says:

    Or just take two pieces of bread, spread some PB&J, give it a quick toast in the oven done. saves time and they will just taste the same.

  16. Shiro Bganta says:

    Hey mom its Vincent haha how ya been

  17. Spider Man says:

    Ah a women in her natural environment

  18. Andy Armstrong says:

    I like my pb&j with low graphics 😤

  19. Grocery Store says:

    the layered dessert more specifically in malaysia, we call it kuih lapis, but it's quite popular among other southeast asia countries like in indonesia, brunei, etc.

  20. Arly Quinn says:

    I love how geeky she is from her creations. I see myself in her lol with her quirky self

  21. Dumbashh says:

    This is cursed.

  22. Princé Bankz says:

    Bro this is the kind of sandwich that you'll see in Japan or Japanese anime… it's too perfect

  23. Carla Mobbs says:

    Is this real 😑🤔😮… AND you cut the "crust" off like regular bread 😂😂😂

  24. • Caelin • says:

    this looks like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in an anime.. so satisfying

  25. Nick says:

    A middle-aged American males an Eastern convenience store treat.

  26. Karl Gustafsson says:

    Letting warm water run along the outside of the container is one trick for getting jelly to unstick.

  27. Theo Taylor says:

    I just feel like the textures will make me not like it

  28. smolKlarn says:

    Meet The Robinsons kinda PB&J

  29. Zamaron58 says:

    If you were to make this yourself, use grapejuice.

    Who ob earth is making this. You scare me person who makes this

  30. Zach Smith says:

    Have you ever tried the tooth pick trick?
    At two points on the sides insert a toothpick. this will allow air to get under the mold and fall easier.

  31. banger dawg says:

    Thought that shit was fake



  33. It’s Cold In Here says:

    when she was adding the sugar in the beginning i started freaking out cause i didn’t start counting and then i realized that i didn’t need to

  34. Alex says:

    You had me until you said all jelly.

  35. Katherine Rasmussen says:

    It looks both delicious and horrendous at the same time…

  36. Two Pears says:

    I think vibrating violently fast would do the trick

  37. Karl Gustafsson says:

    Gelatine was a way of preserving meats too, in different savory dishes. You take meat, fish, olives and sort of encapsulate them in an airtight gelatine seal. The gelatine uses bullion instead of sweeteners.

  38. Moxie Java says:

    This is a disgrace !!

  39. lukee says:

    In a perfect world bread would be jelly

  40. anominon says:

    You could have eaten the offcuts for the taste test

  41. Aisu Roma says:

    Did not make bread juice to flavor agar 0/10

  42. Aki Vector says:

    Stuff like this is fun. All technique and not really much reward in flavor.

  43. Rocket Frog says:

    What’s wrong with you all you need to do is chuck in peanut butter then put on some jelly

  44. Sturdy enough To swing says:

    The world needs this

  45. Sturdy enough To swing says:

    Elon musk pb and j

  46. Roger Dodger says:

    As an art project…this is an interesting endeavor.
    There is nothing about this that tempts me to consider eating it.


    Hold this dislike you deceiving harlot

  48. Spriggzzzz says:

    Try out a silicone pan for stuff like this, there suprisingly handy

  49. egapekim says:

    Gross! 🤮

  50. Hey It’s Charlie says:

    I have a jello salad recipe my great grandma created, it's very interesting, I've been wanting you to try it but I don't know how to get in contact with you

  51. Amina says:

    this looks like it would make squeaking noises when you chew it.. doesn't look that appetizing to me, reminds me of those Mr. Clean sponges 😳

  52. sun hobs says:

    i clicked cause i cant believe how smooth it looks in the thumbnail

  53. Jenny Perreira says:

    Why add sugar to the jelly layer?

  54. Emilia Lovgren says:

    oh man I havent watched her videos in a while, but this is the most calming and enjoyable content on youtube

  55. Jenny Perreira says:

    I appreciate your honesty😆

  56. TheDapperTurkey says:

    Better title “cursed pb&j”

  57. Sake Bobombs says:

    This reminds me of those little gummy burgers candies.

  58. Anthony Faella says:


  59. Natalie Davies says:

    If jam is called jelly what is jelly called in the US

  60. Hannah Jane says:

    So it was in everyone’s recommend

  61. Yoda Boi says:

    It looks like soap

  62. Cali native Quiss says:

    Love that evil laugh..HeHeHeeeee! 😂

  63. Steamy_ Cookie says:

    Mom: " what are you watching? "

    Me * shows her *

    Mom: " wot? "

  64. DunnsDay Dash says:

    It looks like a Magic Eraser peanut butter and jelly Sandwich.


    Tofu pb & j

  65. Jacey Garden Wray says:

    Jam instead of jelly may have worked better?

  66. werppy says:

    why did i think it was real bread

  67. bcgrote says:

    Do it with coconut and make haupia!

  68. Leo Thrasher says:

    Looks like some kind of sope 🤔🙃

  69. Zoe Garcia says:

    Cool, but makes me feel uncomfortable 😣

  70. Killer Blade says:

    I was click baited and i dont like it

  71. Crackracket YTB says:

    i believe its pronounced AYgar

  72. Smoky Donuts says:

    My young son who only eats pbj is going to love this.

  73. T Vela says:

    Spineless sandwich

  74. Benedict Cumbersnatched says:

    God why this is so evil

  75. datitingammez says:

    She even cut the crusts just how I like em

  76. Siti Sarah Abdul Rahman says:

    11:15 kind of my favourite part. I replayed it a few times before resuming the vid. 😂😂😂😂😂

  77. DEXTER2K says:

    Backround music super smooth tho 😂

  78. Smøkëq_Qūårtż says:

    Wait thats illegal…

  79. Fifi Oginni says:

    please check out best ever food review show! maybe an interesting collab 🙂 love your videos✨☺️

  80. Michelle Fleming says:

    Could I replace the Agar Agar powder with non flavored Gelatin?!

  81. Young Hedström says:

    That's not a sandwich

  82. Thora Friganza says:

    Love your excitement, it looked beautiful, shame that it didn't taste as good.

  83. Kasty says:

    I didn't like PB & J until I was in my 30's. I had like 6 PB & J sandwiches before I hit 30. They are great when you're hypoglycemic.

  84. orenji jusu says:

    OCD PB&J

  85. Babyboi718 says:

    I thought just regular ol pb & j had lots of sugar…but danggg girl this is a diabetes giver

  86. Dream Desk says:


  87. McChrispi says:

    She is very wholesome

  88. benjamìn magnùsson says:

    Satan's pp & j

  89. claarissaaa l says:

    10:43 the little laugh reminded me of cardiii b 🙂

  90. a long username for my short peen says:

    This is like when Spongebob invented pretty patties.

  91. Profound says:

    Peanut butter and jelly recipe

  92. brianna wilson says:

    Damn this videos did numbers!!!! Congratulations Emmy you deserve it

  93. Jennifer Senger says:

    What a fun different recipe.

  94. Castle45commando says:

    This is so cool, thanks emmy, your videos are always great to watch.

  95. Mr. Ahegao says:

    Ohhhh, it's jelly! Cause i wanted to know how the fuck does it look so…clean? Straight?

  96. Kaegan Thornhill says:

    "When you turn your game settings to extra-low & resolution to 240p"

  97. Aroush Zaman says:


  98. Baby Cupid says:

    I could have told you it wouldn't be very good from the beginning.

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