100 comments on “SNACKAGING: Japanese Snack Taste Test”

  1. Myles Teal says:

    I love to have my mouth attacked – Rhett 2018

  2. Just Heather says:

    Is no one gonna mention Lionel Richie's cameo? 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
    I mean, I like "All night long," but that seems kinda extra…in a bad way. ☹

  3. Ese Odien says:

    You have to mix the beans until the sticky substance turns white just wanted to point that out ly guys😄

  4. Felipe Sanches says:


  5. Grell cosplay says:

    Wheres pocky!!

  6. Carolin says:

    At 2:14 – that's not the rind, it's THE essential part of the snack. The snack is called chii-tara (or cheese tara) and it's cheese with dried cod stripes on each side. Without them, it's just cheese… :D;;;

  7. Naruto Uzumaki says:

    0:26 that sounds wrong

  8. Lyon dex says:

    As soon as they said did you fart i did

  9. OMGyazan says:

    4:58 lol

  10. Wartler says:

    Beans aren't supposed to be farts. Be fart. Beef heart. Captain Beefheart. Link's a Captain Beefheart fan. Illuminati confirmed. Also, natto is yucky.

  11. Tamer Omari says:

    ''Ohmagashi" XD XD

  12. FluffTRex1 says:

    “I have not farted”

  13. M m says:

    Eat pakistani food, like byriani, kofte, nan and grilled chikken 🤤🤤🤤

  14. Cynthia Ridenour says:

    It's called a green onion

  15. Rodelio De Guzman says:

    you look like brendon urie from panic at the disco

  16. GTX 1080 says:

    I swear i am not even kidding at 4:11 i can literally smell it

  17. swamninja says:


  18. Coconator Macienator says:

    Ripable resealable fun times that’s what they call snacks in…nowhere

  19. Carter Mangum says:

    i feel weird that i knew every one of those and had tried all but one.

  20. Zenky Looi Looi says:

    Link is funny

  21. Matoka415 says:

    Link is ur hair GRAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  22. Matoka415 says:

    Btw im on my grandmas account

  23. Debra Gammons says:

    Your vidoes are amazing!

  24. Raven Studios says:

    You are so lucky to get eel it is the best!

    Oh wait I am Taiwanese, I love seafood.

  25. Mello Dimensions says:

    Fun fact: Japanese convenience stores have areas right outside the stores in which it's preferred you enjoy the snacks purchased there to avoid littering. It's why most are rip and resealable

  26. spaghetti m says:

    I love Japan

  27. すー。・1か月前 says:

    First Overfill water です!!笑
    あとNatto is eaten with riceです!m(_ _)m

  28. InOutControl 24/7 says:

    3:28 to 3:44

  29. Ennovi Cat says:


    it's good over rice and should be kept refrigerated -_-

  30. SnackWolf Gaming says:

    (I think lol)

  31. Doskoi Panda says:

    They can read Japanese?

  32. david dolce says:

    i think there gay

  33. PapyrusMiller says:

    I think the "Beans" are Natto

  34. Jogha Ella says:

    This episode felt natural… It seems like the guy were more relaxed. I loved it!

  35. Miki Haneda says:

    the things that you were eating at first was nato

  36. Miki Haneda says:

    We japanessee love sea food

  37. Valerie Aldinger says:

    Who is the girl in the background?

  38. Sara Kurimoto says:

    Make a video about tasting Japanese drinks

  39. Laughing Lightning says:

    Neither Rhett nor Link farted

    I did 🤪

  40. Maya says:

    Will one of you ever do a house tour

  41. Maya says:

    It’s like a mousse oooooo it’s a dipperooni- Rhett

  42. Ricky Water says:

    Is natto snack?

  43. I love pizza says:

    Who else was screaming, "USE THE CORNER PART!"

  44. Chloe Mendez says:

    Your supposed to put the beans on rice

  45. Lilacfur says:

    THe second thing you got i got for my birthday and i got a chocolate one you need the chocolate one its better also none of my japenese snacks were Resealable bags 🙁

  46. Kelsey Jo says:

    🤦🏼‍♀️ that is not how you do it. You are supposed to pull the little corner off and measure the water that way. It is supposed to be a lot thicker and sticky

  47. min may Ngo says:

    Natto is fricking tasty

  48. meghan vegge says:

    i.. have not farted😂😂 i mean you gotta love link

  49. Jacky Bernal says:

    Trying Japanese snacks https://youtu.be/E507U9RUEls

  50. Gamer Phoenix Az says:


  51. slayerbeast17 says:

    This was uploaded on my birthday!! I’m so happy

  52. Sarinam Milano says:

    I’m from Japan (but I live in Italy) yayayayayayayay

  53. Louie Cowmeadow says:

    I thought it was fish jerky

  54. Chase Scarff says:

    dont eat nato…

  55. AndrewStudios says:

    nOt A sPoNsOr

  56. Fluffy Unicorn Bro says:

    I have tried that brand of see weed chip but cheese flavor and it was disgusting

  57. A Lonely Guy says:

    5:11 iS tHiS cALLeD oH mY GoShI?!?

  58. たかはしたっや says:

    Being Japanese, I couldn't stand how wrong they are on what their eating!!
    but still love you guys!

  59. Blind- WolfxXgirl says:

    I-I have not farted

  60. tiger hat yt says:

    the beans are called natto

  61. YB Jeon says:

    They need an actual japanese there because the lady’s got all her info wrong.. that’s not a seaweed chip, it’s takoyaki flavored.. and the cheese doesnt have a “rind”, it’s dried fish on the outside

  62. YB Jeon says:

    The natto smells like a fart because the sauce is a grated daikon radish sauce…. radish smells like farts

  63. First name says:

    It was fermented plum with honey

  64. Gruffsnow Gamer says:

    Are they brothers

  65. wank memes says:

    Rhett just isn't phased by sour things at all

  66. GameWheels says:


  67. satire says:

    thank you for trying our country’s snacks!

  68. 誠治君 says:

    The umai bou is not seaweed flavor. It was takoyaki.

  69. David Greenawalt says:

    I miss the expanded format.

  70. XF Shpee says:

    Oh the background music of this video sound like the sift heads Kiro origin story games

  71. XF Shpee says:

    Aren't you suppose to eat that last one with rice?

  72. danny kristensen says:

    try danish candy

  73. Bradlyclaus 105 says:

    I went to EPCOT and they have a whole exhibit dedicated to Kawaii stuff..

  74. お猿のジョージ / says:

    4:42 That's a raddish…. Btw うまい棒大好き

  75. Dinotough says:

    I went to Tokyo Kyoto and Osaka in Japan 🇯🇵 it was so good and fun

  76. Noel Rena says:


  77. Emmie Waterman says:

    Squid legs was my nickname in high school.

  78. Nothing Account says:

    1:00 of course its sour its sour yoghurt

  79. Cool Nerd says:

    I love sour stuff but I can't stand eel!

  80. Kay's Diseased & Crippled bat says:


  81. Drew and Tyler says:


  82. Riana B says:

    Rhett feeding Link gives me life

  83. Fang And Jessy says:


  84. leia baylis says:


  85. Asher Wuzz Here says:

    I farted as Rhett asked link if he dud

  86. T Red says:

    Can you do more snacking videos

  87. Tony Mowry says:

    Hair jiggle

  88. Lonnie abad says:

    I farted while it was loading in and it started with Rhett asking did you fart… I feel as one with it

  89. Luke McAdams says:

    Btw natto is much better over rice

  90. Deletedpeanut says:

    5:07 “beans are supposed to make you fart, but they aren’t supposed to be fart”

  91. Ana Banana says:

    haha the natto is so misleading. has absolutely nothing to do with daikon or turnip or whatever it's called.

  92. Nicole 🍑🌸 says:

    Haven't had the takoyaki umaibo before only had the chocolate ones. I bet they taste great wah

  93. Amber Wells says:

    I WANT LINK'S SHIRT!!!!!!! Anybody else?

  94. Haley Howell says:

    Is this your new set??????????

  95. OmfgNameWontFi says:

    2:03 ''ooh, each gets it's own'' lmao rhett

  96. Abigail Moore says:

    uhm i literally farted right before they asked did you fart at the beginning and i will admit i was a little disconcerted when they asked that. i was like ‘uhhhh are they here or something???’😂

  97. Toby Sullivan says:

    i never been to japan 🤷‍♀️

  98. CRINGE TOAST says:

    2:40 wait squids have legs? Welp, I guess I learn something new everyday.😂😂

  99. soufian n says:

    what is the capital of japan wink wink

  100. Real Racer 3 says:

    For og Rhett & link fans
    Then: My hair goes up my hair goes down
    Now: my hair goes up my hair goes up

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