Snacktivity: Banana Sushi

[Two hands place a bowl upside
down on a table and remove it
to reveal: “Snacktivitie”
Then a serving spoon comes in
to drop the “S” at the end of
“Snacktivitie.”] [Music starts]
[A plate of banana sushi
is placed on the table] How to Make
Banana Fruit “Sushi”. 1: Peel
one banana
[Benjamin Bear holds
a sign that reads:
“Kid-Friendly Step”] [A banana is peeled over
a red plastic cutting board.] 2: Cut banana into large chunks. [The banana is cut
into 5 large chunks.] 3: Coat each
piece in
[Benjamin Bear holds
a sign that reads:
“Kid-Friendly Step”] [Each chunk of banana is dipped
into a bowl of sunflower butter
and evenly spread around it
with a plastic knife.] 4: Roll
in your
[Benjamin Bear holds
a sign that reads:
“Kid-Friendly Step”] [Pieces are rolled in coconut
shavings, chocolate rice
crispies, corn flakes, fruit
loops and chocolate chips.] Enjoy!
[A plate with all five pieces
of the banana sushi. A hand
comes in and grabs one.] Shopping list:
1 Banana
Sunflower Butter
Toppings of Your Choice.
[Animated shopping list with
boxes are checked off from
top to bottom.] [music stops]
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