So I Tried Zombie Ramen…

[Akidearest] Hey friends! It’s Akidearest! So today, I’m going to be doing something that is, a little bit unexpected. When I was in A-Kon in Texas, my good friend Gaijin Goombah, You guys can go subscribe to him here for more great content. He gave me, just as a present, some zombie ramen. So hopefully, this will, uh, be appetizing. I heard that it’s made from brains, the undead, bones. What else? [laughs] What else could be in here? [laughs] [Joey] Everything. [Akidearest] Everything. Everything undead. So, uh, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Maybe I’ll become a zombie myself. But anyways, this shouldn’t be too different from cup of noodles. Hopefully not. So, on the picture here, We have a picture of like an eyeball in it, some seaweeds, some pork belly, and some lemongrass. I really doubt that any of that is in here, so I decided to get a few ingredients myself. I didn’t want to bother with any pork belly here, But, I got some seaweed, some chives, because I couldn’t find green onion. Green- chives and green onion are the same, yeah? [Joey] Yeah, they can be. [Akidearest] Yeah, okay. So, eh, n-no one’s gonna get mad at me if I do this, right? [Joey] (laughing) No. [Akidearest] It’s not blasphemy, right? [Joey] No, it’s fine. [Akidearest] It’s not C-C-C-C-Cultural ap-p-p-propriation? [Demonic laugh] Okay. And I’m also too lazy to hard-boil my own egg, So I got, I uh, I got the one thing that I never thought I’d actually buy. Pre-boiled eggs. That sounds so gross! [laughs] PRE-BOILED EGGS! They’re super cold so, hopefully, when I put them into the ramen, they’ll heat up, And everything will be good, or really bad. So, without further ado, let’s begin. [Music: “Soul Bossa Nova” plays] [Akidearest] Okay, let’s see what this looks like. Wow, that is not appetizing. This looks like, like moldy buckwheat, or moldy ramen. [Joey laughs] [Akidearest] I like it. It’s a zombie, ramen soup. Right? [Joey] Yeah. [Akidearest] So, I just cook this and then afterwards I put this in, yeah? [Joey] I’m pretty sure, yeah. [Akidearest] Okay. Now- what is this? Uh, oh. I guess, Zombear LED, oh LED? LD! So Zombear Living Dead. I guess this is their social media. You guys can feel free to go follow them. At Zombear… [ trails off and mumbles] There you go. Go to Zombear. Alright, so…[Opening ramen pack] Okay, so we’re just going to open this. I’m smelling this. Um, my face is up here! Why do you keep looking at my feet? [sniffing noise] Smell that. Smells like kind of, like plastic-y. I mean, [Joey] Mmm, it definitely doesn’t smell like food. [Akidearest] Ehhhh, nasty. By the way, in the case that this does, at the very end, just taste like crap, luckily, my mom is making some delicious, vegetable curry. [Joey] mmm. [Akidearest] So that- OWWWW! So that’ll be good to cleanse our palate after. This water ain’t boiling I just realized I just had it on medium heat So, I’ll just put this in there first, all right? I might as well. Oh! It’s so hot! [Screams] [What may be a fart is heard] That wasn’t me. So after this, I guess it- we should let it boil. Yeah? And then we can add the sauce. [Joey] Yes [Akidearest] Yes? I’m asking. [Joey] Oh, uh… [Akidearest] So we’ll just wait for that to boil. So that’ll take a little bit of time. In the meantime How should we kill time? [“Soul Bossa Nova” plays] [Accordion music plays] Behold the magic of water [Silence] It boils! Considering this is zombie ramen I can hear the screams of the undead right now. No, listen! [Screaming] That means it’s ready. [laughs] Okay, I’m pretty sure this is gonna end up blue. [Vomit sound] [Akidearest] This looks like pu- [Joey] No, it’s black.] [Akidearest] That- No, that’s dark poop green [Both] Ew! [Akidearest] I gotta eat this Ew! What the freak is this?! What is that white stuff?! [Joey] Oh what the fuck is that? [Akidearest] Did I squeeze a pimple out? [groans] Is this edible? Is that edible? I really hope that’s not mold. I really hope that’s not mold. Can sauce go bad? [Joey] I don’t fuckin’ know. [Akidearest] Is that what happens when sauce goes bad? I’m actually oh man. I’m really scared to try this now. [Joey] Let me see when the expiring date is. Uh…hmm… [Akidearest] What? [Joey] This…Expired four days ago. [Akidearest] The show must go on. We got to do it. [Joey] Okay. (laughing) [Akidearest] I’ll have like one bite we’re gonna see Incredibles 2, but I’m sure I’ll be fine, right? Right? Right?! Gaijin what did you get me into? Well, then again, he did give it to me before it expired so it’s my fault. I didn’t do this sooner. Mmm that does You smell it. Doesn’t smell like I’m supposed to eat this anymore or in the first place What is it with themed things not tasting that great? I just I don’t understand Not happy. You know at least that the smell of the vegetable curry is overpowering. [Joey laughing] Yeah! It i- [Joey] That smells fucking awesome. Yeah this on the other hand Smells like ass. [Akidearest] Zombie ass. [Joey] Rotten ass? [Akidearest] Rotten ass. [Joey] Oh God! That just looks… Look, even if it was normal colored noodle- [Akidearest] Ramen? [Joey] -noodles. [Joey] Even if it as normal colored noodles I would not eat that. I’d eat this though. Not that. [Akidearest] So this wasn’t intentional but I just happened to grab my ramen bowl, that’s the way it’s supposed to look. Mm-hmm. Not that It’s gross. Well, let’s pour it in. [Joey] Looks like mud. [Akidearest laughing] Looks like I fucking just put a whole bunch of mud in here, you know what this looks like This is the color when you’re cleaning your toilet. That’s like the bleach that’s mixed in with all the other crap That’s in your toilet bowl looks like that, and that’s going in my mouth! Into my stomach and out in all areas and exits of my body, for views! So subscribe to this channel for more great content That doesn’t even look real Well, maybe it’ll look a little bit more appetizing after I add some nice ass pre boiled eggs which in itself still sounds gross I couldn’t be bothered to just make my own pre boiled eggs, so [Gagging] Smell that. [Joey gagging off-camera] Well in the picture it’s supposed to look like eyeballs So that’s why I got the seaweed so that I could cut out maybe a little circle and put it on Okay, let’s at least make this look a little bit more appetizing [Joey]怖すぎるなよ。(That’s terrifying.) [Akidearest][Laughing] Dah… [Joey]Gyahah [Akidearest]Eat me! [Intense music plays] [Joey mumbling] These are my last pairs of chopsticks and I was gonna save it for something. I’m gonna save it for this Subscribe to Akidearest and feel free to put the bell on thank you very much for a more great content like this It was nice knowing you guys cause this is probably the last video on my channel. Goodbye world! [Intense music plays] [Joey] How is it? [Akidearest] It’s not that bad. [Joey laughing] Really? [Akidearest] It’s actually not that bad. [Joey] Really? [Akidearest] Yeah, but I’m more concerned of just the expired part because it may not taste bad. Only a couple days, right? Yeah, you said the 12th, right? [Joey] Yeah. [Akidearest] No, let me try it again. Hold on. I mean, it’s not the best ramen that I’ve ever had in my life But- [Joey] I mean I’d be concerned if this was the best ramen, you’ve ever had in your life. [Akidearest] I mean [Joey laughing] You are taking multiple bites of it. Try the pre-boiled egg! [Akidearest] The pre-boiled eggs. All right. Let’s try an eyeball here Not that bad! Nope, nah nope. Okay, all right, here’s the deal it tastes super cheap there’s hardly any flavor in it. I mean I wouldn’t recommend this to people who are, uh, ramen fans This is really just for the theme of it all I probably have shit all over my face though. Yeah the taste Isn’t really that much different from normal ramen. It’s really just blue. I am concerned though why was the, the soup white? I want to know that part is the white part oil because usually Oil turns white when you leave it out, right? I’m pretty sure and it’s like old oil it will turn white Maybe that’s what it was. Other than that Would you like a bite because I… [Joey] No I’m good. [Akidearest] Really? [Joey] I wanna have the curry. [Akidearest] Okay. Yeah same here. You know what? I’m probably not going to finish this guys. But if you guys want this you can have it for Halloween I mean, that’ll be a good theme if you want to serve ramen, I don’t feel so good. [Joey] You all right? You ok? [Akidearest] Take some. [Joey] No, I’m good. [Akidearest] Take some. [Joey] No, I’m all right. [Akidearest in an angry voice] Take some! [Joey] No! Ok, I’m good! I’m good! Oh my god! No! [Joey screaming] [Erie music and static] [Both making vomiting sounds] [Ending theme music plays]

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