5 comments on “Someone took a special photo from a pizza place and they would like it back”

  1. Indio Hodgson says:


  2. Thereal Blackwell says:

    Get better security cameras Jesus.

  3. Hollywood Hustlng says:

    Why do businesses have the WORST SECURITY CAMERAS🙄Spend some money and stay away from Target,Walmart and etc that sells cheaper security systems.

  4. Kim Dossett says:

    Of all the News stories in the world. This station does a story on a missing picture from a local dive bar. Great journalism, idiots.
    Then this guy post it like the world cares about a missing dive bar picture.
    It's a current employee. Not a deceased patriarch.
    Take another damn picture and get the frick over it.
    Thumbs down.

  5. The Great Bootleg says:

    Why tf am I watching this at 2:15 in the morning?

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