Competition is on! We’re making spaghetti burritos.
-O.M.G, where did you get this? You gotta put water in this. You’re gonna help me make this spaghetti.
-Can’t do a recipe without a shirt on. Even though this is a competition, I’m going to be nice. I’m gonna mix the game, and I’m gonna share it with you Hurry up. I got your spaghetti on for you, I’m already in the lead Careful, don’t burn the top of your mouth like you did last time. Just a little skin was peeling off. I know.
-It was gross. O.M.G, I burned my mouth. Was it hot? No, it wasn’t, it was good. You’re taking all my pasta. Leave me the rest. Yeah I’ll just take this amount… Here-
Wait, let me just have this.
-Stop *giggles* Give me my spaghetti back
-Alright, alright, sorry. Guys, this video is sponsored by Bon- Jovi. This sauce is the bomb. They own and operate a community restaurant called the Soul Kitchen with no prices on the menu It’s completely donation based or grew in a community to help people out and the sole reason for this sauce was to support these restaurants So we have a special link in our description That’s gonna. Give you 20% off all the products all that goes to a good cause I love what the foundation is doing and a message that they’re spreading. Bon Jovi, I love your sauce. (I love your music.) This is a perfect portion for about two servings of pasta, which is the exact amount for these patches. This is one of my favorite sauces. All right, ready!
-Go! We’re just gonna make the spaghetti burrito I don’t know what JP’s doing I think he’s gonna have a freezing process, but I’ve done it I’m not gonna really do anything to this. The sauce is perfect the way it is. Of course I have to try it where I put it in the burrito.
-Yeah, I wanna too.
You can’t have it Let me try a little bit though Perfect ?dramatic? sauce! I’m so ?nice?. There’s kinda pretty by making it like giant. Very important you get the mozzarella cheese slices, that’s what’s gonna give you the cheese bowl and plus, mozzarella looks so good with spaghetti It’s definitely not healthy for you, but it is cheesy. Now about two cups of that spaghetti, some Parmesan cheese on top of these, basil leaf. We’re gonna have one more cheese on top.
-Yeah, I think you got too much spaghetti in here. Don’t break, it’s gonna tear NOOOOOOOO! *beep* Alright, lets start over. And look it JP, from this one we took spaghetti out and made a spaghetti quesadilla, you want to try it?
-Yes, I’m hungry. Bongiovi in my mouth You’ve got to hold on to what you got.
-I hope this didn’t burn…Are you trying to sabotage me? Alright, let’s start over
-All right guys. We’re halfway there Julie’s living on a prayer It’s beautiful. It’s perfect. It’s my baby. We just took some oil, garlic powder, salt, pepper and that parsley that we just chopped up onto our spaghetti burrito And we’re gonna shake on some of that Parmesan cheese It’s my BABY. It’s beautiful. It’s like a restaurant ?in it? Good I think you win, I don’t even want to go.
-You don’t even want to do it?
-No I think you won.
-He didn’t believe that my burrito recipe was good enough So now he’s giving up. YouTube is not gonna be happy if you give up Who is YouTube?
-Everybody out there… *giggles* …on YouTube It tastes like garlic bread, it’s just wrapped around spaghetti. That was really good. That’s a wrap guys Hey JP I wanna see what you’re gonna to do. Hey guys if you’re watching this video then that means I’m probably done What I’m gonna make for you guys, it’s something, I’m gonna call a meatball MOG Cheese stuffed meatball roll wrapped in cheesy spaghetti battered and deep-fried with Italian breadcrumbs How did this going from the idea spaghetti burrito?
-Like, you know, we put inside the burrito’s gonna be like meatballs It’s gonna be good. Give this video a thumbs up because this is another segment of “Julia Does Not Approve” No, I do not. What are you even to do? You’re gonna put cheese and meat and then put some spaghetti around it… …and then batter and deep-fry it?
-So, you. That’s our meat mixture. Palio, that’s what we got. It’s gotta be under eight inches. Can’t say that was Julia’s idea MEATBALL I don’t know about you, but that looks like a meat log You love meat log. It’s like a really long, flatten out meat log. Got my meat log! Get over here! Is it your mum’s spaghetti recipe? Are you nervous? ‘Cuz on the surface he looks calm ready. You know what I like just leave it on that for a second. All right back to pretending I’m not helping you. I’m gonna make the spaghetti out. I’m gonna be using this Hardy garlic sauce. Awesome sauce. Put in the sauce with a little bit of hot water. Actually Julia’s positive that she made her recipe. I am making the burrito out of spaghetti, that’s why it’s called a spaghetti burrito It’s almost like a spaghetti pizza I’m just gonna mix it in until it’s like nice and cheesy.
-This burrito is turning into a meal for seven people, huh. Couldn’t you see that? From the loaf pan So it’s not a log anymore.
-I don’t know if I trust you… I don’t know if I believe that what you’re doing is right I don’t know if it makes sense to leave a rubber spatula on a hot pan but good job JP We’ll be back after this quick message from JP’s butt We’re back, it’s frozen. We got our giant gold play button. Although we wouldn’t show you that. It’s a sign and I’m gonna win, ?’cuz the play button came all those doing my thing? Well that’s really dependent upon the vote
-So I’m gonna cut this off here.
-The log is huge in there You made a giant log
-But that’s the size you want, guys, and there’s a burrito. That’s spaghetti burrito. This works. Oh, yeah You’re making like a meatball… …Juicy Lucy… …Italian mozzarella stick burrito spaghetti things.
-I think that’s the name It’s a loaf Eleven. That’s what we were looking for! That’s spaghetti burrito. This is the one that’s gonna win Spaghetti as the burrito. Mmm…God. We got it so good on this He would write a brilliant mean tweet, maybe we should put this on Twitter and tie him He’ll probably say something really mean if he doesn’t I win That tastes just like mozzarella cheese, there’s like so much cheese happening and the meat ball is good. It’s flavored full. You did season it, it’s… …unmanageable to eat I don’t approve.
-You either like the loaf.
-So put this on a sandwich right? Put some sauce cheese Maybe some more good, and then just eat it like this That’s why it’s both seated you did you did me proud it’s a win, it’s a win


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