SPICY Burrito Challenge NEW RECORD – Loco Burro, Gatlinburg, TN

100 comments on “SPICY Burrito Challenge NEW RECORD – Loco Burro, Gatlinburg, TN”

  1. Notorious B.O.B. says:

    This one literally made me sweat! I enjoyed the burrito though and filming it as well. The staff at Loco Burro was top notch. I can't wait to eat there again. While the burrito is listed as 5 lbs it was probably closer to 6.5 as they add a lot on. I can't say for sure as I did not have my scale on me. I was just walking by with my son and we decided to stop in. Thanks for watching and I will see you on Friday with a BIG video.

  2. Blaine Bickle says:

    You kept it really clean for such a messy burrito. Good job!

  3. Rodrigo De Marchi says:

    Comeu devagar e ainda quebrou o recorde. Você é o melhor…. kkkkk

  4. Mirza selmic Snowman says:

    Slow I would do it faster

  5. Eduardo Silva says:

    Adorei o Video

  6. Robson Portela says:

    Sem beber água ainda

  7. OneLegged hondamechanic says:

    Great challenge! Whoa!.. I want to go on that bridge! Looks like fun

  8. Aaron says:

    Happy New Year Bob. Way to go with this burrito. Looked delicious. That girl asking for your instagram, she better not try to drop in your DM's 😆🤣

  9. S Bender says:

    Nice job, not messy by challenge standards. If you are going to do more of these bring your own spoon.

  10. Messias memes〽 says:

    Deu fome BOB #bora que eu tô com fome.

  11. J T J says:

    Good job Bob…just another day at the 'office'… Lol..

  12. felipe alcantara says:

    Bob monstro

  13. Rayvon OddBoy says:

    Oh God don't start the Randy showing the crowd please it's so tacky

  14. Curtis Tisberger says:

    I love spicy shit. Looks yummy

  15. jay kush says:

    That's nasty how he eats with that big spoon

  16. George LoBianco says:

    Great job Way to kill it

  17. Darlene Brown says:

    Awesome record win BOB..Congrats!! It took a bit to get more than one clap at the end…but, glad there were more cheers!!

  18. Senor GOOCH says:

    "Awesome T-Shirt"


  19. Rafinha Alemão says:

    Você é o melhor B.O.B 👏👏👏

  20. eastmaneats_flims says:

    Love it when you do these types of video's 👌 great job

  21. Sandy Imperatrice says:


  22. Jojo Luciano says:

    Randy is a monster I saw him in VT take the Ramuntos Calzone down but yo he was like unable to move for 30 mins, but he a beast I pounded 10+ beers w him downtown like an hour later and he is the man

  23. Justin M says:

    I love gatlinburg was up there in November great place.

  24. Seem U says:

    Hi Bob! I am doing a PhD in engineering and your videos are the best to wind down to after a tiring day studying. Thank you!

  25. Zero Fret says:

    Wow, you killed that record Bob!

  26. Spencer Hughes says:

    Wow..you made that look easy mate.love your videos too 🤙

  27. SlayerHawkX says:

    good job

  28. Misplaced Cajun says:

    Bob, that happens to me too!! Sweating like crazy! We really appreciate your demeanor and how you try not to eat like a pig!! I see you are crossing yourself before your food, too. Thanks again, brother, for entertaining us weird people.

  29. BBQRando says:


  30. TheGamingAffiliate says:

    I like how you guys compete

  31. ThatBobusGuy says:

    There are people who watch people eat on YouTube and complain about stuff on that person's face? Towards someone like you who doesn't eat like Molly or Raina?
    People will find any reason to bitch😂

  32. Henry FF says:

    Ado a ado se bob dizer obrigado no meu comentario ele é via…

    Brincadeira bob vc é um mito!!!

  33. H L says:

    Casually eating a 5 lb burrito with a serving spoon.

  34. leonardo gonçalves de freitas says:

    Be happy

  35. leonardo gonçalves de freitas says:


  36. Kambo Can says:

    Gatlinburg is an awful tourist trap. I have a family of 6 and spent more in 5 days, than I spent in 12 days deep sea fishing in the gulf of Mexico… will never return to that place, nor recommend for families.

  37. Marcos Teodoro says:

    Boa Bob ✔

  38. Kevin Peck says:

    WOW!! That was amazing!

  39. Water Bottle says:

    Beat Randy by 121 seconds. . .
    And randy tried his very best

  40. Anthony says:

    No apology necessary BOB !! Keep eating and Conquer !!!👍👍😎

  41. tron3entertainment says:

    I think your new name should be, "Notorious B.O.B.: The Inhaler"

  42. Enzo Eugênio says:

    Parabéns Bob

  43. Jason says:

    Did they take Randy's picture down n put yours up? 😎👍

  44. Flavio Daniel says:

    Traduzindo: se ele nao perdesse tempo cortando o burrito, nao perdesse tempo limpando a boca, e não tivesse quente, teria feito em 4 minutos ! 😂😏

  45. MilkCap says:

    You ate the cilantro tree.

  46. Starsk25 says:

    That looks yummy! 🌯🌮🥑

  47. Magic Mikey says:

    lol u should do a vid absolutely mauling a challenge infront of people hahaa

  48. Victoria James says:

    I'm confused. Pretty positive Brandon Clark did this same challenge in around 3 minutes.

  49. CLASSICB96 says:

    nicely done

  50. 園田巌 says:

    wow oh my God 😱É muita comida🍲🍜🍝🥗🌯🍕🍟🍖🍔🥩🍳🍗🥨🥔🍞🍳👍👍👍👍👍

  51. Roy Williams says:

    we enjoyed our vacation to pigeon forge and to Gatlinburg we also visited the skybridge it's very nice place beautiful scenery great mountain views we really enjoyed our time there

  52. Joppa z says:

    It looks really good but 5 pounds lol

  53. Joppa z says:

    Congrats bob you are the man

  54. Boomer85 ! says:

    My brain wouldn’t let me enjoy the video cause it kept yelling in my head that woman needs to stop staring.

  55. Daniel Braga says:

    Bob você é SENSACIONAL!!!! Parabéns!!!! Abraços aqui do Brasil,

  56. Arielly Maia says:

    👏👏👏👏a cara da mulher atrás de vc é ótima.😂😂😂

  57. rachael Lawrence says:

    I’m 3:46 in

    Do you chew? lol its like shove food in, move around mouth and swallow !
    Serious talent

  58. Eduardo Capão ____ says:

    Os cara representa mesmo , me inscrevi no seu canal através do corbucci, espero que seu canal cresça igual ao apetite hahah tudo de bom irmão saudações brasileira

  59. Justin Parent says:

    Great job! Glad you broke the record!

  60. klc317 says:

    Same way here…..I like spicy food but after so much my bald head starts to shower! I like in these videos how relaxed you seem, not rushing like crazy and still beat records.

  61. Robert Davis says:

    Dude, you killed randy anf wasn't even trying lol. Ive also been to that restaurant several times. Great video bud.

  62. Whitney V says:

    Good job! Great commentary. It's so clear that you are respectful of the other diners and the establishments that put on the challenge. Well done. Will definitely subscribe!

  63. trill full says:

    do a Carolina Reaper 🌶 challenge 🔥 💯

  64. Caio Barreto says:

    Nice job, Bob! Good to see you smashing!

  65. Michael says:

    “You can do it”, she said. This is a small snack for him, as if he wasn’t gonna finish.

  66. roomforthefiiixins says:

    I was distracted the entire time by that hot Mexican milf behind B.O.B ☺️ But awesome job nevertheless haha

  67. Elder Dragon says:

    I love the new mascot of the channel!

  68. Elder Dragon says:

    About the sweating, it is normal. You are eating hot and spicy food, the better way for your body to compensate it is pulling out water. Now in brazilian portuguese: mandou muito bem, Bob! Parabéns!

  69. TEAM HACKER FÉ says:

    I love texas🇧🇷Brazil

  70. Déborah Leite says:

    Esse é um monstro!!! PARABÉNS mandou muito bem 👏🏻👏🏻 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  71. michael moran says:

    Bob it was really cool when you finished and the family next to you started cheering for you.I loved the smile that you gave them,you definetly deserved an applause BoB.Im not sure I would walk over the glass bridge twice either my friend,but I would give it a shot once..Thanks BoB and God Bless..

  72. Karielson Carvalho says:

    Adoro seus videos BOB <3

  73. William Ortiz says:

    Trying to put Randy down?? You suck!!!

  74. Adilson Patrone says:

    Vc e um dos únicos que dá pra competir com o corbutti aqui no brasil

  75. cooly120 says:

    You didn’t even seem affected by the pepper at all wow!!!

  76. Gorilamano031 says:

    Uau esse cara é incrivel.

  77. Gabrielzinho sonha em ser pro says:

    wow you are very good congratulations bob. I watched your video with Ricardo I was surprised by its agility; won another Brazilian subscriber.

  78. Thiago Scavassa says:

    nossa… essa eu fiquei com vontade

  79. Christina Johnson says:

    Come through Jackson TN and do an 11 pound sushi roll at Kanpai sushi!!! I would be there in a heartbeat to watch!!

  80. Mor-Gan's says:

    You beat Randy's time, which I knew was going to happen because B.O.B. IS NOTORIOUS!!!! GO B.O.B.!!!!

  81. Lewis Kemp says:

    Hi. I’m new. Congrats on record. Randy got me watching other eaters

  82. Michael Bowling says:

    Awesome Video! Good Job BOB!!

  83. Mike Clontz says:

    WOW Randy must be proud!!

  84. MMAallDay1000 says:

    I did laugh that you did a quick prayer while demonstrating by definition … Gluttony haha

  85. FvckYoutube'sCensorship UseAdblock says:

    5 lbs = I would struggle to eat it in 2 hours. Still looks yummy though.

  86. FvckYoutube'sCensorship UseAdblock says:

    You should prob have a custom spoon made. Bigger than a tablespoon but smaller than a serving spoon. Probably not too cheap but still cheaper than those gold ones professional tasters use.

  87. FvckYoutube'sCensorship UseAdblock says:

    9:20. I remember that, all over the news. I didn't think it got that close to the actual town though, surprised it didn't burn the whole thing down.

  88. Tyller Costa says:

    Parabéns Campeão🇧🇷❤👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  89. Tubarão Trader says:


  90. Michael Andersson says:

    Great time 👍

  91. sirfazuel says:

    i bet randy enjoyed all the HEALTHY VEGETABLES!

  92. Rafael Lovatine says:

    Conheci o canal do BOB pelo do Corbucci e estou gostando bastante. Bob é um cara incrivel !

  93. Steefan Nafeets says:

    How long before you eat again after eating this much?

  94. Naldinho Lopes says:


  95. B B says:

    It would be hilarious if you went to a number of Randys wins and smashed most of his records. You smashed that one by 2 minutes!

  96. Xendre Raine says:

    Wow…ur hot AF ❣️

  97. TacoSpeedsters says:

    “It matches my enormous size head” 😂😂😂

  98. Dabs & Tea Time says:

    I wish I was cool

  99. Matthew Vega says:

    6:54 the girls in the back are freaks , just slipped her hand in her back pocket and walked off with it in there

  100. Daniel gravi says:

    Monstro 🥙🥙🥙

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