SPICY CHICKEN INFERNO Delhi, INDIA + Indian street food tour around Delhi (with NO tour guide)

today we’re in Delhi and this video is
gonna be all about street food there is just a crazy amount of good food here in
Delhi we have got a tonne of delicious eats lined up to share with you in this one Delhi is a wonderland for people who love to eat step onto the street and
you’ll be hit with a food scene that’s passionate about its history tradition
and creating the most delicious bites from vibrant produce this is our fourth
video from Delhi and we’re taking you into the heart of the local food culture
watch out for the city’s best changezi chicken a Mughlai specialty cooked in a
gigantic tava that has to be seen to be believed
roasted chicken bubbling in a spicy cream and tomato gravy this dish is not
only a spectacle but utterly delicious get lost with us in Old Delhi’s pokey
chaotic laneways as we search for a street food vendor with a reputation for
using homemade ingredients to create sensational chaat savory snacks, join us
as we line up for one of Delhi’s most popular breakfasts chole bhature fried
bread and chickpea curry and sip fragrant spicy tea from a local favorite
in this India series we’ll show you some of the country’s best food from unique
dishes dating back hundreds of years to iconic street food you don’t want to
miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m
Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry , let’s eat we’re starting this video in the
laneways of Old Delhi which are incredible but to be honest we are
completely lost so they wind in all directions they cut through little
buildings we have absolutely no idea where we are we are looking for an ice
factory because there is a chaat seller outside the ice factory we want to show
you guys so that’s snacks but man are we lost in these tiny laneways after about an hour of walking through
the tiny laneways we have found what we were looking for so this is the chaat
stall but a bit of a strange thing we’ve actually walked past this about three
times today let alone previous days we’ve walked past this place so many
times kept saying wow that looks good we didn’t realize it was the one we
wanted so we’ve had some help from some locals and now we know this is where we
want to be eating so let’s get in there chaat are savoury snacks often made up of a
lot of different components we actually wanted to come and eat this gentleman’s
chaat because he makes every single ingredient for his chaat at home so it’s a
real painstaking process but as a result the food is really good there are lots
of locals hanging about chowing into all sorts of things so let’s go see what we
can order papdi chaat? One papdi chaat. Dhanyavad I can see all sorts of
different components I ordered a papdi chaat which has got some crispy dough
fritters yogurt potato I think tamarind chutney as well wow wonderful dhanyavad this is such a great
little stall it is right on the corner of this very busy intersection of lanes
and I love the baby pink color it’s very noticeable very you can pick it out very
easily well not that we did gosh and it is all go look at this guy he’s
dragging a very heavy load so you sort of have to when you’re eating in these
laneways make sure that you keep out of the way so let’s just press up against
here and dig into this papdi chat look at it it is absolutely incredible this
papdi chat is a riot of color there’s a ton of different ingredients in here so
you’ve got boiled potato you’ve got these little rice crispies here there’s
a flat disks of dough which have been deep-fried there’s masala spice so a
sprinkling of spice on the top the brown stuff there’s the tamarind chutney which he
drizzled all over the top the white is curd or yogurt and then this green stuff
here is coriander chutney I’m not even sure what else went in there but there
was a ton of stuff it’s an explosion of flavor and texture you’ve got soft
creamy potato that crispy dough fritter is very crunchy that curd or the
yogurt is so refreshing the tamarind chutney very tangy sweet and
sour and the spice that he sprinkled on it’s got quite a bit of chilli so there is a
bit of heat in there oh wow this padi chaat it’s just an explosion of flavour such a great snack I’m so glad we ended up finding this guy I just love the set up he’s sitting
on this tiny tiny wooden stool cross legged pretty much he’s got all of
the the elements for the chaat right there in front of him and it’s close quarters
here I’ve just noticed that there’s a urinal literally right in front of me there’s a
a jewellery shop here heaps of haberdashery shops it’s wild
the lane ways of Old Delhi are such an experience and there is so much good
food to be found here we’ve popped out of Old Delhi and you can
see that it’s quite different here so we’re in the newer part of Delhi so much
wider streets this actually sort of has a high street feel to it now so this is sort of
the other side of Delhi but even in these areas there’s some insanely good street
food and check out that queue just ahead of me that is a queue for a really good
street food place we’ve heard about so we’re popping in here to grab our next
food we’ve come to this street food stall for a dish called chole bhature
and it is a really popular dish as you can see there are so many people in line
so you can see a whole line of guys that way and this is very common in India there’s
a separate line for men and for women we’re gonna join the queue for the
ladies because it is a lot shorter this place is so popular we’re nearing
the front now we’ve probably been in line for about 45 minutes so chole bhature is
made up of a chickpea curry served with two deep fried well here in this case
you get to two deep fried leavened breads really puffy and fluffy the smells coming from
this stall are amazing I can’t wait to get into the food namaste one chole bhature with two bhature dhanyavad, eat here, thank you, dhanyavad we’ve got our plate of chole bhature
and man it looks really good it’s a huge plate as well so this is a big dish so
this is the chickpea curry and look how dark it is from all the different
ingredients that are in there so I’ll talk you through those in a second
there’s a potato hiding in there too so some potato and a lot of chickpeas and
look at these breads they’re ridiculously fluffy so they’re making them fresh by hand in
the stall and they just they feel like a sponge and we’ve got some fresh red
onion just chopped up there just to freshen it up nice bit of crunch and a
little green chilli to go with it so it’s a really neat stall because that
big long wait in the queue 40-45 minutes of waiting a lot of people waiting here
as well and it’s got a real calmness about it it’s one of the calmest street food
places I’ve ever been everyone’s just happily waiting I think
everyone knows it’s super super good let’s rip into this bread oh my god that
is as fluffy as it gets oh and inside there’s more it looks like
potato and a whole lot of spice in there oh wow
that is gonna be insane when I dip it into this chole oh it’s just like
the most pillowy it’s like a cloud of fresh bread oh it’s so pillowy
I can hardly rip it apart there we’ve got a really good bit of bread there and so
we’re gonna get that right into this chickpea curry and look at the colour of
that so it’s full of different ingredients it’s got some mango powder
and it’s got pomegranate seeds it’s got garlic ginger spices there’s just a ton of
stuff going on so that beautiful dark dark color you get from that let’s get a
big bit in the bread oh my god oh man that is so balanced Oh a little tang from the onion it’s perfectly balanced oh nothing is too
strong it’s a bit tangy it’s a bit spicy from chilli oh my god let’s just get right
on in there I’m gonna get this big piece of potato ohh it’s just broken in half I’ll have
the small side I love how potatoes take on flavor this green chilli mmm oh oh
that’s banging whoa that’s really spicy so the dish itself is not too hot in
chilli at all it’s sweet its tangy it’s a little bit spicy but that green chilli
definitely if you want a kick wow oh okay it’s ramping as well that’s a real
kick let’s load a whole lot onto this bread I wanna get get some onions in there as well just a couple of onions give it a bit of tang bit of crunch oh man it’s so good mmm the chickpeas are beautifully cooked so they’ve still got texture but they’re
soft and creamy as well but they don’t have that little crunch that
chickpeas sometimes can have and the bread is incredible it’s got those
spices in it it’s so soft and so fresh absolutely steaming when it came out of
the stall so fresh out of the oil and I love this environment the queues are
only getting longer while we’re here and wow that is so worth the wait
it’s incredibly good we’re making our way on foot to our next
stop it’s a tea spot and it’s a bit of a local legend the guy literally just sits
up on the footpath and I can see actually up ahead there’s a huge group
of people there all gathered around him and he’s got two big pots of masala chai
so spiced milk tea bubbling away wow oh and you can smell the spices from here
nothing like a spot of tea wonderful dhanyavad the gentleman offers both paper cups and clay cups I went for the clay cup because I think
that it makes the tea taste better and actually when we were in Kolkata recently
they were always drinking tea, chai in clay cups and so we sort of got used
to it but this setup is really neat so you can see these big pots of chai bubbling
away all of the spices in there so I believe he uses ginger cardamom and
cinnamon it’s just bubbling away so milk sugar tea spices and it creates the most
beautiful brew the chai in India is brewed altogether so all of the
ingredients the milk sugar tea leaves spices brewed all together and it results
in a really rich creamy sweet milky tea that is super sweet and you can really
taste the ginger and the cardamom so what they do before they serve it is
they strain it to get rid of all of those spices they pull it a little to
create this froth on the top and then oh my goodness oh it’s sensational I could
could drink gallons of this a day I love how in India everything happens right
on the street so this guy here is pouring the milk into the big pot to be
heated so frothy and then obviously they’ve got the the tea going right on
the footpath here they’ve got a constant stream of traffic this part of town is a
university area so there’s loads of young people tons of people just
stopping by taking a study break and drinking a cup of chai Delhi is the perfect place to eat Mughlai
cuisine Mughlai cuisine is the food of the Mughal empire the Mughal
Empire whoa the horns are going the Mughal Empire actually ruled
northern India from the early 16th century right through to the mid 18th
century and their food is really rich hearty very meat heavy we have come to
this spot which is in another part of town to eat changezi chicken
and we’ve come at the perfect time because they’re actually making the
dish right now look at this huge tava so this huge pan which they’re ladling I
think it’s a tomato-based sauce into it huge ladlesfuls, ladlefuls going into this tava the dish is made up of garlic and onion
paste tomato paste a lot of cream which he’s just pouring in now and chicken which
they’re actually chopping up at the back here this is very impressive
it is a massive pan of gravy and it’s being heated by a big flame a gas flame it’s so fascinating watching the cooking
process so after they added the cream they threw in some salt threw in some
coriander powder chilli powder and I think some garam masala and now they’re
all there’s three guys actually just swirling that gravy around mixing those
spices in, the salt in they’ve really turned up the flame to
heat up that tava so we’re literally standing right here watching each step of the
process it’s really neat so they’ve turned up the heat to let the gravy cook and
bubble away so the gravy needs to thicken the flavors need to get going
together before they add the chicken it’s so cool watching the gravy bubble away
it’s like a volcano it is so fiery what they’re doing they’re letting it really bubble up and then they’re
turning off the flame and then scraping the bottom so that it doesn’t
stick to the bottom and then turning up the heat again letting it go again whoa that was truly epic to watch I mean that
cooking surface was massive absolutely huge it was really neat watching all the
layers of ingredients going in and getting that flame turned right up and
getting it really bubbling away but now we’re in the restaurant and we have the
end result so this is the Changezi chicken look how thick that gravy is now
so it’s really browned up it’s thickened up a beautiful layer of oil on it and
that chicken is just coated in that beautiful beautiful gravy and to go with
it very simple we’ve got some red onions cut and we’ve got a lime to go with them
let’s just get that lime over the red onions actually got some coriander
chutney here and we’ve got a couple of khameeri roti and these are freshly
made and so soft I’ll start by ripping into that bread
oh the steam is coming out of it look how fluffy it is inside and a beautiful crisp
bottom let’s just get some gravy first so a massive bit of that gravy oh it’s so thick look at that oh that is delicious wow mmm oh that is so good oh it’s got so much flavour depth of flavour it’s nice and spicy oh so good I’ve gotta have the chicken this
guy works here and he’s got a big smile on his face because I’ve got a big smile
on my face man that is so good wow thank you, it’s amazing look at that beautiful gravy and all
that oil in there it’s time for the main event let’s get into this chicken so
what have we got drumstick I’m gonna rip into this drumstick oh man it’s so soft
that comes off with complete ease let’s just go with a naked bit of chicken it’s
covered in coriander because on top of the chicken whole lot of fresh coriander
and some fresh green chillies hmm so soft really tender this is the
owner of the restaurant man very good chicken wow
no not too much just the right spice it’s a perfectly balanced spice so we saw
a lot of spices going in there when they were making it but it’s not too chilli spicy
it’s just spicy in general so it’s got a a lot of layers of spice Oh the owner is just telling us about the
herbs and spices they put in and how there’s so many and he was saying it’s
gonna produce saliva and it is it’s it’s almost slightly numbing my time it’s
sort of a bitterness to it Wow let’s rip into this big bit of
chicken in the middle it looks like a piece of thigh oh yeah we’ve got a nice big
bit off there I want to coat that in that gravy but now I’m gonna grab some of
these fresh onions that have the lemon all over them pop that on top and
they’ve told us that this coriander chutney is really full of chilli so we’ll combo it up hmm very good with the addition of the
onions so that crunch and the zing you get from the onion
the tanginess couldn’t actually taste the lemon but I’d say that is giving it
another level of that zing this is so good but it’s actually for me it’s all
about the gravy so that massive pool of gravy that we saw bubbling away on that
crazy pan that crazy flame heating it and
it’s just so full of flavour it’s the gravy and the khameeri roti that
is the winner here but honestly I’d happily have a bowl of gravy and the
bread the chicken is beautiful but the gravy is just so full of flavor
ohhh I can actually see you those little bits of tomato so just that
level upon level upon level of flavor so good to see it being made and so great
to eat it

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