so many visits your girl honey and zinged meeting korean-style Pokeball also known as hit up pop so let’s again cuz I’m so hungry bus stop the honey spoon there’s actually four bowls of rice here and we’re gonna top it off with Korean tool to down which is vinegar chili pepper paste I’m gonna put one more this is a little bit sweet and spicy and also sesame oil my favorite drip drip mix it up better try this first bite hmm perfect amount of spice it’s not too spicy it’s more sweet than spicy you know what I realized the other day I realized how much Zeno is like me you know why so you know just ate dinner and right after he goes by the backyard he’s like open the door I have to use the bathroom and you guys know how fast I go to the bathroom right you’re so cool he wastes by the door he’s like open I gotta go peepee do this thing look at this fresh sashimi I put tuna salmon and yellowtail I believe I like this had the bump because there’s a lot of vegetables in here too there’s lettuce and bell pepper onions I wanted to ask you guys what are some of your talents I only have a couple talents one of my talents is it has something to do with my tongue I don’t know if you guys want to see it I can make a cloverleaf with my tongue and I can flip my tongue left and right let’s tell it right another talent I have is having really wide walking steps and not being tired what about you guys I didn’t realize how wide my steps were until my best friend pointed it out she came over at the other day and we were walking to the swimming pool and I wasn’t in a rush or anything it was just my normal walking and after we were walking for like five minutes she’s like hey honey can you slow down a little bit where are you rushing to I’m like oh what I didn’t even know sorry she said I was walking really fast I didn’t even realize cuz that’s how I normally want but I know where I got that from I got it from my daddy I got it from my daddy my dad used to walk really fast and so this is what happened when we were young we used to go I browse E and shopping a lot and my dad didn’t realize how small we were I guess so he would walk normally and we have to try to catch up you know and we have like short legs and we’re just like Danny tiny tiny even if we’re not in a hurry we just have to move quick and do things really quick that’s why I probably eat really fast too after my brother moved in though if there’s one thing I learned everyday is to try to be more patient and so I’m really thankful for my brother and my dogs because of that but also I inherited my honey longlegs from my dad so thank you daddy one of you guys asked Tom Tom I am I’m five four and a half or 163 centimeter like average you know sometimes I wish I were a caterpillar because of my obsession with shoes and I think that obsession came because my dad worked for a shoe company my dad always brought shoe samples and he would make us try to wear it and see why it’s uncomfortable or where it’s uncomfortable and he would go back to his office and tell them how we felt with the samples but when we were young we wanted to wear those like Sailor Moon or cartoon character shoes and we wouldn’t wear the shoes that my dad brought from his company and he would be upset because you know he wanted us to wear nice comfortable shoes but we would be like no we want to wear the cartoon character Sailor Moon shoes I can give up clothes but I don’t think I can give up my shoes what about you guys if you guys ever see me in public and I’m walking really fast don’t think that I’m running away from you it’s probably my normal walking I’m getting a little bit full so this is gonna be my last bye ah thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please go to hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and to become a honeybee and like this video if you guys liked it and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye [Music]


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