Spicy Tuna Tartare Recipe : How to Cut Tuna for a Tartare Recipe

Hi, my name is Karl James owner of Creolesoul
Catering located in Round Rock, TX and one behalf of Expert Village I’m here to show
you a spicy tuna tartare. Now lets cut our tuna and once again we’re using sushi grey
yellow fin tuna. Basically we’re just going to make some small slices like that and we’re
going to make some fine dices once we get it sliced. Probably about a quarter of an
inch so, we’ll take that like that and we’ll split them and then cut across to get our
dices. This is about the size that we want, so once again tartare is just finely diced
raw meat or fish. Here we’re using the yellow fin, I mean there are other types of tuna
that you can get but if you’re going to make a tartare I suggest try to get yellow fin.
So it’s real simple just cutting the tuna a sharp knife really helps, cause in lot of
the tuna it’s a little fatty parts right here. You can see the little white line that goes
across now you can cut that out and leave that off cause it can be kind of chewy at
times. Or once you leave it in the sauce it will actually break down that tissue because
you’re using that rice vinegar, it will help break that down and actually make it so what
tender. So anyway we’ll continue to dice our tuna and I’ll see you back at the next step.

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