Spiral Buffet: The Most Amazing Buffet I’ve Ever Seen! (Manila Day 4)

Hey, everyone its Mark Weins with Migrationology.com Good morning from Manila I had an amazing sleep last night and just woke up and had a quick breakfast But the plan for the day Is that Ying and I have been invited to eat at the spiral buffet here at The Sofitel which is supposed to be one of the ultimate buffets in Manila in the Philippines as well as in Asia and after having breakfast at sofitel yesterday I can only imagine how amazing the lunch buffet is gonna be so that’s the plan for the day, but for right now I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m gonna start video editing Now this is a toy that I really love to have at home someday Well that is some excellent espresso and now I’m gonna start some serious video editing Give you a view of this hard rain out here Before in the morning when I showed that view you can see all the skyline and the ocean over here and almost It’s almost completely invisible now It’s right at noon it is buffet time. We’re walking down to the spiral buffet. I can’t wait for this So they have 21 dining ateliers Which are kind of like different dining stations or food stations, and you can see there’s hot japanese. There’s wood fire pizza oven there is Picking duck all Sorts of amazing sounding things to eat Hello. Thank you We arrived to the spiral Buffet and this is the most Unbelievable display of food that I think I have ever seen in my entire life I don’t know if I’ve ever seen so much food in one Place as this buffet. They literally have everything you can imagine from Sushi to bread to an entire cheese room and an entire chocolate room to the Asian and Filipino section. There’s Thai food there’s roast duck and chicken there’s an Indian station, and so we just walked through every station, but have not started eating yet, and It’s it’s just ridiculous ridiculous And not to mention where we are seating king and I each have an entire like three person sofa to ourselves and an entire table, which I think they know that we’re gonna accumulate a lot of plates at one time so we have like a Like a six person table all to ourselves They said this is their signature olive bread at spiral buffet and now I don’t want to eat too much of this But it does all that is hot and fresh It’s so crisp on the edges so crusty I have absolutely no idea where to start so I’m just gonna start with the first thing in my path, and that is the Japanese station I decided to go straight in for some Sashimi and some sushi, and then some oysters the oysters are flown in from France and Pop open the head you Paul. You can eat oysters Well, that’s ridiculously good. Oh, it’s just so smooth and silky soft and just Disintegrates on my tongue oh Sashimi, and I actually forgot to get my Wasabi and and soy sauce But I cannot wait I gotta go back for it later Just so pure and so fresh I’m not even sure how to eat caviar correctly But I think I’ll eat it with bread and I got some kind of green caviar in some kind of Black Caviar Which I will put onto this little piece of bread nice and salty and very Seafoody tasting, but I love that like Those little like bead. It tastes like you’re eating little beads This one is the crocodile Okay For my second plate I decided to go Filipino It’s normally of course this has to be eaten with rice and I like to eat it with rice but in order to save space I just had to forego the rice that’s a sacrifice. I’m having to make today. This is a dish He said is stingray with coconut milk Oh wow It’s so soft and tender it tastes like shredded chicken and then with that Chilli That’s wonderful. Oh that’s so good and the other interesting thing. They have her is Adobo, but this is not pork or chicken adobo. This is crocodile Adobo. Which is very attractive Oh, I’ve had crocodile before that is very chewy and rubbery Rubbery that is incredibly tender crocodile very like a kind of a cross between fish and meat and That’s awesome. Another thing they have in the filipino food section of the buffet is balloon. Which is the famous? Fertilized egg, I can’t remember if I should open it from this side, or this side But I know there’s there’s soup inside of it. There’s juice inside of it. So you want to crack it and Try to break off the top Oh, no, I think I got the dry side okay. I think I made a mistake. I think I’ll go the other side There’s a little bit of soup in there Oh, that’s like. That’s like chicken juice running down my chicken soup. Oh, that’s chicken juice Do you run running down my can that just tastes like chicken soup though? We can see that the embryo there and all those feathers There we go. I’m gonna dip this guy in vinegar and then Dip it in a little bit of salt? And then I think I can one bite the whole thing Hmm. It’s kind of just like a hard-boiled egg But with a lot more textures going on another thing is that it does kind of have a stronger like eggy flavor So if you’ve thought of it If you haven’t if you think about it the flavor of a hard-boiled egg and just kind of magnify that flavor times a couple times You’ll have that and add some more textures to it like feathers you have a balloon but yeah, I think it’s really not as bad as many people say it is I I enjoyed that and I think it’s makes a fantastic protein snack For my next course I went to the Indian station and they have just a full selection of Indian food I got one piece of naan and then one of my favorite forms of Dal Which is dal Makhani and then got some prawns some butter chicken Some paneer, and then I threw on a piece of prime rib there just for good measure into the Naan so creamy and Dal Makhani is superb and I think this one is buttered chicken if I remember correctly I am taking a little time out after that plate of Indian food to post a photo of the oyster on Instagram That should be good next course, I think I’m going in for a little bit of European station and Got some a bunch of things cooked in butter and cream which look amazing and these are mushrooms and mashed potatoes Oh, I love mushrooms and those I think they’re just sauteed in butter and thyme Okay, then. I had to get some mussels. Which I think are oh Once lit up. I think these are just cooked in cream and butter as well two muscles in one shell That is extremely rich, but that’s that does taste good there might be there might be cheese in there as well. I’m not sure I really wish I was 22 years old again I cannot eat as much as I used to I’m really starting to get full, but I think I’m Gonna go To the Japanese hot station and get some Japanese hot dishes But I might take a five-minute breather right here on this couch I got some Japanese Sukiyaki in the bowl, and then I got some Kimchi One more oysters for good measure and some sashimi That is nice and salty and just a little bit sweet and chaste that with some Kimchi I love compute. We just received word of the final call for the buffet because it closes at 3:00 p.m. So we managed to eat here for almost three hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it but I’m very impressed with the buffet just an Incredible quantity and Diversity of things available and what I like is that a lot of the food You know while some buffets the food sits there for a long time and starts to not taste so good here they really Put an emphasis on Fresh food. So you’ll see them cooking in small portions, and then adding it to the serving pans Which is really nice eating at the spiral buffet was included in our stay at the sofitel which was sponsored? Because we spoke at the event yesterday But I want to say a big thank you for to spiral buffet for having us here And that was delicious and this is by all means the most impressive and diverse and Grandest buffet that I have ever eaten at in my life. I’m gonna end the video for today here Because I’m about to go take a nap for the rest of the day. Maybe oh, yeah another thing I think it might be worth it to have a room at so if you tell when you eat at this buffet because If I had to drive somewhere now, I like to go home. I don’t actually think I could do it But nice to have a room here. Yeah, I’m gonna end the video here, and I want to say a big Thank you for watching this video Please remember to give it a thumbs up leave a comment below and I will see you tomorrow for the next video

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