Squishy 2 – Hotdog Buns, Milk Slime

Yakisoba sandwich (noodle in a bun) the stringy rubbery thing in the bun are supposed to be yakisoba. Naporitan sandwich (spaghetti in a bun) the stringy rubbery thing in the bun are supposed to be spaghetti. bun filled with whipped cream bun filled with strawberry whipped cream milk slime coffee milk slime fruity flavored milk

100 comments on “Squishy 2 – Hotdog Buns, Milk Slime”

  1. Sophia Galática the pirate enderman says:


  2. Gabriella the senior princess L. Hall says:

    Soo cool and squishy!😄😄

  3. Toaster Strudel says:

    At first I was like, "WTF IS THAT?!" Then I remembered that our hotdogs are made out of pink slime….so it equals out. Still pretty cool to look at.

  4. maitalr says:

    I laughed so much when I saw the dolls with the hair loll

  5. Jenny Le says:

    OMG I WATCHED YOU WHEN I WAS 5 (poppin cookin addict) I stopped watching you because I forgot your channel name now I found one of your videos. I LOVE YOUR VIDS ❤️ (I'm 11 now

  6. Ani Jae says:

    do more poppin cookins rrcherrypie

  7. Malone Lee says:

    I wonder what that stringy thingy in the first two buns are supposed to be.

  8. MellowJelly says:

    The sounds they make are the best

  9. MellowJelly says:

    0:47 LOL

  10. Sam Chispas says:

    amazing !! they look so real !!!

  11. Blue Moby says:

    the strings look like spaghetti and u should add music to yr vids

  12. Paul Espino says:

    for some reason the screen had subtitles in it

  13. castle-chan says:

    In the thumbnail I for real thought it was food, man fake food is looking better and better.

  14. Jeannell theMellody says:

    The milk slimes are my favorite in this video.🥛☕🍊

  15. Sarah Kubi says:

    rrcherrypie i think that you should make your videos much longer

  16. Yuki Akaya says:

    i know you're a guy i can tell it bye your hands because girls have small hands

  17. Luna Warrior says:

    I really love your work! Please don't stop, keep making these amazing videos!

  18. OR15A says:

    Where did you buy the Milk Slime? I'd love to find out!! あなたはどこでミルクスライムを買ったのですか?(sorry…. my Japanese might not be that good)

  19. Yuen chui mei says:

    What a very NOT sqishy sqishy…hahaha… sorry😑

  20. game syamu says:


  21. AngelBabe3322 says:

    Do the milks have a smell? You need to invest in better squishies lol!

  22. styleproud says:

    Do the slime drinks smell like the real thing??

  23. 콩이 says:

    딸기있는빵은 진짜 먹는건줄

  24. BunnyFett says:

    So realistic!

  25. 파이링 says:

    I ate those milks when i was in Osaka and it was soooooooo good

  26. Cat Channel says:

    omg, graet

  27. Poole49 Zas says:


  28. grace Curly says:

    Welcome back missed your videos so much

  29. riel says:

    0:47 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  30. Samantha Chacon says:

    that bread is fabulous look at that hair

  31. يوتيوب يوتيوب says:

    في أحد سعودي SE😠

  32. catcatcat078 says:


  33. Pinkus Dean says:

    cream fingers are my favourite pastry! <3 this video made me so hungry.

  34. Sonhadora rs says:

    Sou a única BR que adora esses vídeos ? 💙

  35. s j says:


  36. Ultra Wooper says:


  37. Toffee says:

    Oh its yakisoba bread

  38. Myra Draws says:

    the intro music kinda sound like yandere Chan music from the game XD

  39. Kelso Succuboso says:

    I think that milk's gone bad…

  40. selene {hanako} says:

    Lol the noddle hair XD

  41. Epic Gardenharvest says:

    I have to know! Is the strawberry squishy??

  42. ケーキピーチ says:


  43. Meh says:

    Wow…all this things I didn't knew I need

  44. silverhoneycat says:

    It kills me how real the details are! Incredible.

  45. •Animeshnitsa Lps• says:

    Кто русские пишиИли ставьте лайк

  46. 。すいか says:


  47. lumiere8888 says:

    I lost it at the noodle hair

  48. Velvetsword18 says:

    The milk looks incredibly real in that glass…how do they do that?! o_o

  49. Merlot Masters says:

    Does anyone know the name of the brand for the milk slime stuff? Would really be interested in buying some but I have no idea how to even start searching for it lol. (Googling 'milk slime' gave me no relevant results 🙁 )

  50. Sweet Cafe says:

    What? Is that the yandere Simulator bell? xDD

  51. Leonettaisas says:


  52. what the fuck is happening says:

    i love u

  53. あっぽう. says:


  54. sophia carvalho says:


  55. Caci says:

    You could legit prank someone with this

  56. Finka Riz says:

    Japan is God of replica stuff. Their slime and squishy products look so realistic

  57. Toaster Strudel says:

    Lord, I hope I never visit Japan…I'll probably die from eating these thinking they're real.

  58. aleks no says:

    Whipped cream in a hot dog bun sounds like the best midnight snack ever

  59. PinayPanda says:

    0:46 lol

  60. Jô Campos says:



  61. P.J STORY says:

    Squishy rare..!!!!!!

  62. Наталья Madlen says:


  63. 未柑 says:


  64. TheGamingCeljan says:

    My fat ass thought these were real 😢.

  65. ウニボール says:


  66. Quynh Vu says:

    I love you rrcherrypie

  67. 봉봉쇼콜라 says:

    I want to have ♥♥♥♥

  68. Christina Kwon says:

    The texture of the hotdog bun is so spot on! I

  69. らいむ/raimu says:


  70. KidOnTheNet says:

    The yakisoba and spaghetti hair made me laugh.

  71. gina_ hancher says:

    Hola 🙂

  72. Daira Skarlett Correa Pratz says:

    Alguien sabe si los venden en el barrio chino?

  73. 七瀬のしもべ says:


  74. Tarish Firyal says:


  75. Philip Taylor says:

    Çõ õl

  76. cu lợi tv says:


  77. 스미레? says:


  78. Catherine says:

    I thought these are foods and drinks xD


    do these smell like the real thing?

  80. xmoøns x says:

    Anyone notice yanderes bell? At the beginning ??

  81. Hey ItsFadelyn says:

    I don't think I want noodles in my bun…not even spaghetti but whip cream heck ya!

  82. Brie G says:

    I want to buy these. Where???

  83. Lauren Nina says:

    The intro music sounds like yandere simulator at the beginning of a school day

  84. Just for the commenting lol says:

    I was teary eyed throughout the video because I was sad about something but when you put the noodles of the hotdog buns as the hair on the doll, a giggle came out of me. Thank you 🙂

  85. Loc Vo says:

    Was the sound from 0:00 from yandere simulator when you start a day?

  86. Sophia Aquino says:

    …wait it looks real!!!!!!

  87. yoshi story says:


  88. the weirdest shawol ever says:

    Who here know yandere simulator

  89. Cookie is here says:

    Look real!

  90. Rachael Doran says:

    Why do these products exist?

  91. Kaden Tai says:

    I thought it was real for a sec


    are the cream buns scented?

  93. Kae Akiyama says:

    Rrcherrypie can you make a video of you mixing all of your slime?

  94. poppyjunkie says:

    I could see a foreigner picking these up thinking they're actually food and having a huge shock when they have a mouth full of foam and slime 😂😂😂

  95. はは Larumi says:

    Nossa! Eu assistia você quando era criança!!!!♡♡♡ agora que fui me lembrar hahaha😅

  96. blauw is een mooie kleur says:

    Grey things in the bun lookin like worms

  97. comicaelyne says:

    wow soo realistic and nice video!!!!!

  98. Me Drnk Tee says:


  99. メロンソーダ民 says:



  100. Ryan Chua says:

    0:47 lol

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