100 comments on “Squishy 6 – Peko-chan Cake, Ice Cream (comparison to real cakes)”

  1. kaitlynleexoxo says:


  2. Du'mass Foole says:


  3. amanda games says:


  4. gracie boo ツ says:


  5. MochiMin says:

    Looks yummy😋

  6. 나루 says:

    This time you squished the real ones too! I love these videos, keep it up 🙂

  7. Otaku Girl says:

    Nice bread 🍞

  8. オムライス says:


  9. Community Cats says:

    The real ones look delicious!!

  10. valyky78 says:

    я би хотіла би це з'їсти

  11. わかめのまりも says:


  12. Diana RÜG says:


  13. キャンディ- says:


  14. Ish Macaron cx says:

    Amazing video 😀 👑💓

  15. SaltyH2 says:

    And the creator responded!

  16. 私鏡の国の方のアリスね says:



  17. riho ppi says:


  18. m. madeleine says:


  19. Machik says:

    I kinda wish the filling would popout like those dog toy lol

  20. ana Lucio says:

    I love your videos about yup I see and I love you plz ps. when you are done video when me know plz

  21. First Name Surname says:

    I feel like RRCherrypie is always watching us in the comments lol

  22. prenses kamar says:


  23. prenses kamar says:


  24. flamer fuzzies says:

    Dang it!!!I'm late!!cool video!!oh and if you're reading this plz subscribe to Trixie 28!!!

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  26. PinkyBearToys says:

    This looks so yummy (the real ones I mean). xD

  27. technopoptart says:


  28. says:


  29. Komasan says:

    Anyone else utterly shocked that the ice cream was fake 😂

  30. Chloe Chin says:

    That's a super rare Peko-chan squishy!!!

  31. cranberrywb100 says:


  32. goldenmelody722 says:

    That ice cream looks so real! It's sorcery!!

  33. galaxy-stark says:

    Love the squishing of the real ones too ^^

  34. French Bulldog says:

    Can you try to squeeze the real food and the fake food both

  35. 橋本 says:


  36. Sara Ahmad says:


  37. 網野ゆき*おるたなー says:

    ソフトクリームの質感やばいですね…本物みたいだ…( 'ω')

  38. sofia minegirl amiga e amigo says:

    I love

  39. Ангелина Ангел says:

    Руские есть?

  40. Ultra Wooper says:


  41. Blue monster says:

    Maybe you should try doing resin projects/charms.

  42. Donut McDobs says:

    The last squishy was cutest! It looks so real too!

  43. Kawaii day says:

    I love when you get the foam squishy's 💙💙💙💙

  44. Aloha Jenna says:

    I love the sticky sound of the ice cream when it was squished 😍 it's so satisfying

  45. Yareligg Vazquez says:


  46. murky waters says:

    the ice cream is so cute!!!

  47. 白玉しらす says:


  48. Zinnie Tsang says:

    I love squishes so much

  49. Cookie & Cream says:

    I Love The Sounds

  50. Hope Hedgehog says:

    yaaayy!! finally squished the real ones! i love this series its so squishy and satisfying 🙂

  51. hehe hoho says:

    when she pressed the bread i freaked out

  52. Su Su Channel says:


  53. むぽ says:


  54. Vitus G. Meiner says:


  55. misslawtrafalgar says:

    So satisfying

  56. Khach Tem says:

    Lòe có ai vn ko

  57. _벨로시랩터_ says:

    100번째 댓

  58. m asami says:


  59. Santi Prosiani says:

    Where thit you bhought it

  60. 권명서 says:


  61. Bar Kov says:

    love vidivo go ko ja 😎😁💘😆🐱😄💚🐕😂💞😮🐲💟😇🐜😊😅😃🐺💝💛

  62. catcatcat078 says:


  63. Fiona Marie says:

    Ooohhh yeahh squishies😍😍

  64. nesrin alawer says:


  65. Augustine sukhitanont says:

    FINALLY!! I've been waiting on 2017!!!!

  66. همسة مطر says:

    possible new vidos

  67. ありゆ says:


  68. MovieGirl8 says:

    I thought the ice cream was real!!!!!

  69. Lapy The Petite Kitty says:

    Peko chan is my childhood

  70. Luciana Pinillos says:


  71. dmuldoon22 says:

    This is just too cute! ^_~

  72. Neviec Veen says:

    But how about The Real ice cream One?

  73. MakeupandStuffs says:

    Im so happy you squished the real ones too!

  74. -mink- Ployhmpu says:


  75. Lara & Chloe Sisters Forever says:

    Wow i want a squishy like yours

  76. Anoushka says:

    Can you do more candy videos?

  77. • Bluthewølf • says:


  78. Hau Thai says:

    Awwwwww who else rembers when RRcherypie was named nameless

  79. o3MTA3o says:

    LOL! I love that you squished both.

  80. Spoilt Milk says:

    Soookawaii and purplebanana25 must be proud😂

  81. bæ ღ says:

    No hay españoles por aqui? Xd

  82. minibuncafe says:

    Oh no haha you poked a hole in the buns 😆😂

  83. みきてぃ says:


  84. coach ganu says:

    i love your squishyyyy

  85. croissant says:

    I'm so sad because I used to get these in Japan until I moved to the US

  86. Vedma says:

    omg i thought that ice cream was real at first!

  87. Ujung Lily says:

    Chào ai hiểu tiếng Việt Nam ko

  88. real prw says:

    Squishy rare!!!
    I want it

  89. Út Phong Nguyễn says:

    I love squishy

  90. Nayla Bestwann says:

    I love the squishy one :v

  91. jacobislucas says:

    The one on the right looks delicious

  92. Skittle Z says:

    It looks delicious.
    And i think i hared you licked your finger😂

  93. TWICE ONCE says:


  94. チャミク says:


  95. Max . says:

    This makes me hungry. Oh yeah, and I LOVE how you squish the real food!

  96. スカイダークferren says:

    That like real

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