Stop Motion Cooking – Make Sushi From A Nintendo Game Consoles ASMR 4K

If you’re a gamer, I guarantee you’ll be shocked to see this video. Be sure to wear headphones to experience the full sound ASMR of us!

52 comments on “Stop Motion Cooking – Make Sushi From A Nintendo Game Consoles ASMR 4K”

  1. BlueSheep218 says:


  2. Gulzar status changed says:

    2 like 1comnt

  3. Parul Patel says:


  4. 모션TV says:

    Nice !!! I always enjoy your video. I like it

  5. tamara leonie says:

    I'm crying in pain the DS deserves it to be treated better. 😭😭😭😭Still good Video

  6. Oman Hermansyah says:

    HEY HOW ARE you

  7. Andrew B says:

    The poor DS

  8. Julia Asano says:

    I feel bad for the guy more than the DS. 🤣🤣

  9. Stop Motion Cooking says:

    One more blockbuster makes the gamer feel heartbreaking. Let us know what you think about this video! 😂 😂 😂

  10. Montaha Binta says:


  11. Hazeyy iOS says:

    Shoulda given me the DS

  12. Katherine Rasmussen says:

    I think the pokemon living inside the pokeball is dead now. RIP

  13. Sad Cube says:

    Hes Kluna Tilk

  14. Crazy Stop Motion Cooking says:

    very satisfied

  15. Lisa Holmes says:

    I could not help but laugh when watching your video 😅 😅 😅

  16. Dezbluerose says:

    why must you do this to me. this hurt me so much DD:
    great job on the video XD


    wow, nds vào sushi

  18. Jennifer Hudson says:

    My two favorite things: Nintendo and Food all in one amazing video😁💖

  19. Princess Carlshey Camacho says:

    I do really love watching your site. 😍😍😍

  20. Diamond Girl says:

    Me: *watching the video
    My heart: *dies

  21. 11 96 says:

    me:oh nonononononooo WhAt aRe yOu DoiNg

  22. Олег Смирнов says:

    Dein Video ist großartig, ich bin immer gespannt, wie du dieses Video machst

  23. Nelly Doyley says:

    Oh my heart. I’ve had my Nintendo over a decade and it’s still in very good condition. Sometimes I play it and the nostalgia is real every time. Poor Nintendo 😂 great video 👍🏽

  24. Arnav Sharma says:

    Can u make tutorial
    Btw love frm india !

  25. Dona Lyn says:

    Noooooooooooo. The pain

  26. Pipidoo Experiments says:

    Amazing! ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️

  27. EEK Turk says:

    Getting a switch and destroying older systems…

  28. Maple Syrupxx says:

    All the other people are concern about the ds while im here paranoid by the fact that she didnt properly close and lock her front door

  29. 怜李御影 says:


  30. Liuetenant_Blxck says:

    Lmao it just remembered me on the team plasma theme from Pokémon black and white

  31. 1D Took The Chonce says:

    I love the twists at the end XD

  32. cars fan 69 says:


  33. Luciano Olivera says:

    That poor nintendo DS 😢

  34. דניאל ארצי says:

    My heart die
    Nooo the nintendo
    But looks testy

  35. I'mToxicVFX says:

    this video make me cry 🙁

  36. TheRainy Gamer245 says:

    When you cut the DS was cut in half I cried a little.

  37. Chiara O. says:

    I really hope that nintendo was already broken cause that kinda hurt

  38. Blue says:

    You've gone to far

  39. Grimm_Kitsune says:

    Nooo the 3ds and ds deserve so much better .

  40. Liam Fiordalisi says:

    i like eating during these
    i dont know why
    i am eating spaget

  41. Tobi says:

    When u got female voice but men Handys😂

  42. Elizabeth Bonaventura says:

    Omg, my heart. I could physically feel the pain of the consoles being cooked.

  43. sans says:

    me: crying in the club rn

  44. Diavolo Best Nightmare says:

    eat nintendo with nintendo

  45. bubblegum bitch. says:

    This is the most disappointing stop-motion sushi video I've ever seen.

  46. Islam is power. says:

    Ha ha fault vedio

  47. Олександр Василенко says:


  48. PotatoCorp Games says:

    Wait do these guy actually break the consoles because if they do them I am kinda sad

  49. Tanner Drummond says:

    I'm sure that this is fake

  50. Butter Scotch says:

    (Nice vid)

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