Stop Motion Cooking – Seafood Yakisoba From Laundry Stuff ASMR 4K

This video will surely touch the feelings of many housewives. Housework was never easy, and they needed to be shared.

35 comments on “Stop Motion Cooking – Seafood Yakisoba From Laundry Stuff ASMR 4K”

  1. M3H POTATO LOVER says:


  2. Natalie Tommey says:

    earlyy yayayayayay

  3. David García says:

    Hola 👋

  4. M2gic M says:

    đm làm cang ngày cang xàm !

  5. Tonny Montana says:

    Amazing video

  6. 𝙑F𝙓📷وحش الخدع والافلام says:

    Hehehe lovely😊

  7. 謝東閔 says:


  8. aldiwalker pro says:

    OMG this is really just like my life of my mom give me a lot of home work in my house i really crazy.
    Ho ever just like me guys 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  9. ゆう says:


  10. Stop Motion Cooking says:

    Have you ever been in this situation? 😔😔😔


  11. angga azalia says:


  12. 김예린 says:

    뭐지…저기 왜 자몽소주가??

  13. Lisa Holmes says:

    This video really fascinated me

  14. Anahi Rivas says:

    Your videos relax me

  15. Otamare says:

    This needs more views!!

  16. 張醫生 Doctor Jans says:

    Bạn là diễn viên Việt Nam?

  17. ahmad fauzan says:

    Nidonesia like

  18. ahmad fauzan says:

    Nidonesia like

  19. ahmad fauzan says:

    Nidonesia like

  20. ahmad fauzan says:

    Nidonesia like

  21. kyeun9 says:

    자몽에 이슬..??

  22. ASMR LOFI ‘ says:

    Life as a mother😌

  23. Liliana H says:

    When in doubt, if it pisses you off

    e a t i t

  24. utyu- usagi says:

    3:00 若干だけど期待していた指カクカクあるwww

  25. utyu- usagi says:

    3:00 (最新作)

  26. Kalinka Ka says:


  27. Ffeseging says:


  28. Natt Tenshi says:

    Ah, the consumption of tide pods. How long it has been

  29. MaskuMasked says:

    When you have nothing to eat at home

  30. Zoe Aquino says:

    Tengo sueño ;w;

  31. Quan Can Cook says:


  32. Lipika Mondal says:


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