octopus Abalone Tasty Solen Shellfish Remove the abalone mouth. Steaming them at once makes it more chewy and delicious Red Pepper paste Red Pepper powder garlic Seasoning Sugar Starch Syrup soy sauce Black Olives Corn Hello. Today I will try some Steam seafood^^ Was difficult to cook. Will start with having a beer^^ Wow so refreshing^^Shellfish^^ Small Octopus^^ Ink in the head is so delicious. Really savory. Soju with seafood^^ This is the best. I am happy♥ Abalone^^ Awesome^^ Tasty solen^^ Have washed the shellfish thoroughly but can chew some dirt Shellfish is really fat Very chewy and delicious^^ I really like black olive^^ This giant squid is really big Ink taste really good Will cut some squid Soju tastes really good today. Good dishes really helps it out Corn^^ Sweet and Spicy..Good^^ This time soju and beer mix^^ I love all my subscribers♥


  1. Kevinna Davis says:

    卯あれ祖ぅckyとはヴぇてゃt!! I tried mah best on Japanese

  2. showly rifat says:

    Great Girl looking goooodddd 😊😊😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Choi Si-온 says:

    맛있어 보여염😙

  4. Juicy Jones says:

    🥰🥰🤤🤤 I know you was feeling it drinking that Soju and beer🤤😋 everything looked delicious and I WANT SOME😩😩🤦🏾‍♀️
    You’re my best🥰🥰💋

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  6. 심심승근 심슨 says:

    누나 열심히 해줘❤😭 화이팅💕-^^-ㅠㅠ

  7. Septiani Nur Latipah says:

    The best your video i like you😍😍

  8. 배블리[BaevelyMUKBANG] says:

    핡 저는 해물찜 다 만들어놓고 언니같은 비주얼이 안나와서(요리고자) 결국 배달시켜먹은 슬픈 일화가ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  10. 황성희 says:

    전복 더듬이 내놓고 뒤집어서 기어다니는거 처음봤어요~^^

  11. Gaga ASMR says:

    want to eat😋❤️
    I want to eat together 😋❤️

  12. DrOpPed Out Gaming says:

    That sure looks tasty

  13. SongByrd ASMR says:

    I always like how beautiful the shells are. Nice work!

  14. Radhika Panda says:

    Lv u dear😘😘💕💕

  15. random but cute person says:

    I love this!💕
    But please don't put speed.
    Luv you though

  16. 여방삼순 says:

    매콤하고 푸짐한 해물찜 맛있겠다🌶🦀🦐🦑🐙👍

  17. Maretta ASMR says:

    I live in a seaside town in Italy This is called Fish Soup .. A show will be very good🥰🥰

  18. عَلَوُشّـ يـےآروُحيـے says:

    meeozk 👈🕺🕺🕺

  19. Madhu Sudha says:

    I dislike your vedio bcz I hate octopus you only eat noodles plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzz I'm ur bigg fan bcz your noodles eating style awesome

  20. Rakel Kasapoglu says:

    This is no hate comment but i really don't like it when you wait to chew before wiping your mouth I CAN'T!!!

  21. りこ says:


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  23. Melida Quevedo says:

    OMG i love videos 😍😘


    I like the video and you look so cute

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    Yumm yumm seafood yummy by Great Girl Asmr..😍

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    이 먹방은 진짜네요
    쐬쥬에 해물찜~~ @[email protected]!

  29. nilika sema says:

    Luv ur videos ❤

  30. Jim Kòi says:

    Nice fresh sea food 😍😍

  31. Rooster Flames says:

    wow abalone yummy

  32. 혜구 says:

    저 소주잔에 소주따르는 꼴꼴꼴소리가 너무좋아요……

  33. Jana Tolentino says:

    you're lips so cute ….😍😍 and your cheeks … i think your pretty

  34. 이슬_ says:

    흐아 밥 먹었는데 다시 배고파졌어요..ㅠㅠ

  35. CheKawah says:

    Well, new subscriber here 🤺
    I fell in love watching her eat.
    Big bites and very satisfying to watch 🥰😍

  36. 반짝반짝 says:

    크~* 오늘은 쏘맥!🍻
    (소주비율이 훨씬 높지만요;;)
    안주가 너무 휼륭해요~ 🤤🤤

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    너무맛있게 드시고.. 다양한음식도 편식없이 잘드시는 모습이 보기좋아요♥♥
    도대체 못드시는 음식은 뭔가요?♥♥♥♥♥♥
    오늘도 영상 너무잘봤어요💗💗

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  39. Survival skills primitive says:

    Hearing you eat makes me hungry in the middle of the night

  40. 윤부인 says:

    맛있겠다 ㅠㅠ
    언니 목소리라도 듣고싶어용

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    갑자기 너무 궁금해졌는데….역대 제일 매웠던 음식이나 소스 어떤거에용? 영상 찍으신 것 중에서요! 살면서 제가 본 여자분 중 최고이셔서요👍😙😆

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    Tinta gurita memang enak, tapi tidak sama tai nya juga dong 😅

  48. Georgina Ybarbo says:

    Great video. You are my favorite ASMR artist.

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    Love your market videos n cooking 😍 taste of Korea 😘

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    Looks yummy 😋

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    Food VS lipstick🤤

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    You have a big mouth

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    I like that u put the subtitles at the center. It more easy to read while watch.

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    Beautiful color, but it looks spicy 🔥🔥🔥
    GREAT VIDEO 👏🏾👍🏾💪🏾👑⭐🏆‼

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    You are beautiful girl very good 👏👏👏👏👏👏💖

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    The voice so small!!!!!

  86. Leesa King says:

    Food does look amazing but please be kind to the lil creatures while cooking them makes me sad I don’t eat meat so I’m not a lover of the cooking technique don’t it hurt your feelings lil to put them alive in the boiling water and this isn’t bout culture it’s bout heart 😞I love you just not the cooking techniques

  87. sweet bubble says:

    it looks delicious!! I love your videos👏🏼👏🏼. Greetings from Chile 🇨🇱

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  95. Tanner Tanner says:

    Great video of you I responded back to you as soon as I saw your post.

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    The octopuses are like "nope im outta here!"

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    I hope I can’t eat that with you

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