SUB)ASMR RAW TUNA 통참치 먹방 배꼽살 뱃살 マグロ ปลาทูน่า Real sound Mukbang

Hello It’s me Onhwa. Today’s menu is Tuna. Please like this Video and Subscribe. Here is soy sauce and wasabi. There are radish sprouts and pickled ginger. The drink is lemon sparkling water. Wow ~ !! It’s really delicious Funny face 🙂 Funny but finally done This day is coming to me! I’m happy! I’ll cut it. Kimchi, nori, sushi and belly meat tuna belly fat Let’s eat my favorite belly meat. Pause (Crying Cat) It’s really greasy ~~~~ It’s really tasty Tuna Sushi Selected Kimchi It’s really tasty. It goes well with kimchi. Tuna belly The texture is soft Oh, no. Finally appeared the end plate king It is chewy and greasy. Yum Yum It was the best Bye Bye

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