Y’all ready let’s go let’s go hey my connectors welcome back to the channel If you’re new to the channel hit subscribe join the family ever like good food It’s the place to be come and have a look at your girl can’t see most of my connectors and welcome back to the channel So today I am just having a Subway sandwich. It’s Friday. I’m chillin. I’m gonna do a video today But since Mickey autumn with the subway, I was like I might as well ever call what? But I just put her um Cheesecake video up. Oh if you’re new to the channel, if you did, please hit just subscribe button answer notification bell So you’ll be notified when a new video is uploaded. Don’t forget to share like and leave me a comment. I truly appreciate it So yeah see, I already ate a On the way here And I am so hungry y’all Okay, see you always hungry Yeah sometime Happy Friday Hello, I have Starbucks alone passion tea Passion tea lemonade sweetened Courtesy of kit I Go look at his Starbucks points of money or whatever he have on their lap And every time I go now Here’s some coins on them. I’m starting to think he just put coins on that cuz he’d normally go buy Starbucks Whatever works, baby So having this Friday Y’all ready to be off work for the weekend something on I I did absolutely nothing today. I Literally, just chill And it felt good Mmm, thank you to everybody With the book suggestion Mm-hmm. I would appreciate it Then the book that I get I’ll give so a lot of y’all said Michelle Obama’s book They have to be her birthday, too So I was definitely one of the books I’m gonna arm Forget But God has some great suggestions and I thank you. Thank you. Mmm-hmm That’s a beautiful family This thing was so good John hungry No, even you would do subway like that Never have I ever done so wait mister. I don’t know I’ve done Jersey Mike’s Okay, that’s on the subway hmm, I Got Turkey And I get my toaster When he did a warm, whatever you call it, I Like it right now So thank you to everybody who watched Tiana’s cheese take video thus far let’s see. Okay. Well so goober Miss y’all would like If you’re gonna be cooking dessert and I would make a video a Lot of people own I’m sorry y’all Room hope They don’t want us hope it’s Friday, okay, we chillin they know rules and regulations today But uh laughs and say, oh I love you bad does she have a channel, huh She’s putting videos on my channel to see if she really wants to create her own channel Hey, you know once you make your own channel Me I put in daily work or either weekly or some scheduled work in order to grow it and be consistent So right now There’s no pressure, she didn’t just put up a video when she wants But she’s thinking about it Almost all the stuff that she’s doing So, where’s our favorite place to get subs is it Subway Jersey Mike’s Um What’s on the one Jimmy John’s Publix Mmm I feel around my mouth Publix is good, but sometime it hurts the roof of my mouth And I hate when I’ve been scraped up off the whole roof of my my own hurt so bad no hurt real bad is annoying So ya know What I Thought was a challenge going around What does it column this look like a little debate going on with it, too So however much of food cost Less how much has a chin? Oh, it’s hot. It’s called tip the beetle challenge So how much a billion that’s the amount of chip you would leave So The person is what the person who posted it Shit who says the dumbest challenge he’s ever seen so I love kung fu So the first I was like it’s an active on gratitude. It’s an act of kindness Why would that be the dumbest challenge we’ve ever seen? Hey you want to leave a big tip Alright go see what the argument was, right? When they were saying Instead of like leaving tips, it would be better if the business itself increased the person’s wages Well, okay I kind of get down Cuz I’m tips only gonna last for so long, you know, but they work every single day so Why not just increase the wages So I guess he’s saying stop tipping at restaurants in order to force the restaurants to increase people’s salary But I’m like what a day. I’ll never increase to people salary No, no, what’s happening buddy? Cause how can you make the restaurant Oh Another things that We said stop tipping and make those restaurants pay their workers Brought my in the meantime these people need money So he says he doesn’t that tip he or she I don’t know whose page to say they say they don’t tip So there’s some of y’all just not tip because you want to you want to force the restaurants to increase wages We tip No long so This person says I live in Detroit and I went to this restaurant sushi plays When it says the menu and the server explained they don’t they practice a no tipping policy Because they are paid livable wage and it’s factored into the operating cost And she said I’m glad someone got it, right finally So Now any of you waitresses or waiters or anything like that or has been waitresses bartenders or places where they use the tip Or there’s anybody working at a place where they have a no tipping policy Hmm oh Man somebody said No this Friday, we just chilling, okay Then somebody said this is crazy because my cousin came from the UK and she’s like a chill. What is that? Somebody that also saying pay your customers, I mean pay your employees don’t look for tips for Your patreon So what y’all think why are you feeling it would you tell I mean Do you believe that everybody should just stop tipping No, I can’t do that uh-huh and force the restaurants to increase the wages Someone provides good customer service No, not at retail store, what’s the difference So retail stores paid morning in restaurant workers But I don’t own the restaurant that’s true I don’t own the restaurant And I don’t know when they’re gonna change that policy, but the service that that person just provided to me I feel like I have to give them something extra Because of the low wages, yeah because there are low wages that they are ready to receive My book I don’t have some so that that’s an owner control What I can I just feel like it’s unfair for me not to give them something Who don’t do some of them make like two or three Alright I was talking about this debate that’s going around this challenge that’s going around calm. I don’t know if you heard about it It’s poem Hello-o chip the bill challenge. So whatever our bill is it’s the amount of money we come to leave for the till Now this man said that’s the dumbest thing here. I’d ever heard of Cuz he said he doesn’t tell because the restaurant should increase the wages for the employees And that should be factored until the wage People think that that’s what should happen but that’s not what’s happening right? So I think I should still – Yeah, look for their service now. I can’t do nothing about the restaurant won’t increase the wages You know, so that’s the new challenge that’s going around tip your bill Well, I know you do okay, we know you’d okay we know you Did I hear talking tram Let me tell you what he does. Like where every almost every trip. We going right? He’d be like hey, can you go to the banker whatever get some ones or five or whatever? He’ll even ask for ones. He has four fives right I Get ones And then he he hides from me what he giving the Pew guys know how much you can come away. He takes another It’s not a bad thing y’all don’t think I’m being frugal anything like that I just be like Wait with money got a hat what you giving to people? He don’t want me to steal want me to ask want me to know he tell me that ain’t none of your concern In person All right, he’ll if when I turn my back oh, thank you so much. I really appreciate it Don’t some of the stories but some of the ways we’ve been take good Know we’ve been we’ve been taken care of. I need it But I’m serious. I’ll be like getting my purse ID to call something then all of a sudden I say hit kidding to me Just join a fraternity and ain’t on that buddy Are y’all steppin my goodness I mean geez My name just just say for instance if we get out the car and you know We try to find out which way we go to, you know, get on the ship or take the luggage or whatever In the beginning people just be like hey, how you doing? Just stick your luggage over here. Keep it going Just this past week. We were on the crew. So kick gave them a chill. I mean the minute I run it All right, you wanna jump hop on the stairs? Take that left jump on the dish That’s a shortcut. If you go that way, I’ll come over y’all series now But it just be funny, but no, it’s some really nice people you meet and you really want to say, thank you you know for your services, especially like on Cruises and stuff like that or in it. Well, especially on cruises cuz they don’t get paid. They work every single day. I Feel so bad sometimes and I’d be like, oh, I’m tired. I don’t want to do this. Alright if they wake up every single day For six months at a time So we definitely try to give more than just our required gratuities May yeah, so I can’t hold it against people Because what we should be doing in our country zone I say tilt You just never know That could be a make up break tip like somebody needed it to pay their mortgage or help pay the rent or get their car fixed or Get home with anything So, yeah, don’t let me know Well, yeah, he’s right Tia already been doing that for help us so it’s not really a challenge You know if I get bad customer service ain’t it? Ain’t give me anger until we got natural attitude You barely want to answer somebody question I’m not teaching tonight won’t say a word but hanging than tipping This is extremely this you just extremely rude That’s so rare yes rare. Well, we’ve never like experienced not like that Wow That was good y’all was good too I think because we hadn’t had it in years Yeah, we’ve home well so Y’all can’t say Casey you eat her food today I’m gonna have to it in nobody been greedy Come on so like I said, I just family eat Up I’m gonna do a video. I’m like cuz we eating You have turned the lights on when you gotta stop no place no nothing Nothing Masum dudes are that we eat with child, but we ate all the cheese paper Mom well Last up on my jam. Oh Why are you touching your chin in look at me? Watch how you leave it in and people a number. Oh, that’s um, oh, no, just thank you all Right, all right, that’s the job so much love peace and blessings to each and every one of you and until the next video Continue making connections with endless possibilities. I love y’all Bye y’all Welcome to the after party. So yes y’all Oh Kiki Someone named Kiki, not you Someone that loves me unlike you I tell you I love you every day Do you do you actually do and I say so sweet when you say to me But yeah, Yahoo yeah, I’ll go talk about who said it was a They doing a pro bono for Kiki. They didn’t wanna make sure she gets Try to end look right? Yes, I 5 because I didn’t show up that day. But yesterday it was a quarter to 7, so I went late yesterday So that’s why I put up key on a video today She Literally said tomorrow morning Right, but it went up. It was a post before 7:00 That is not cheating Ha y’all, that was good Dog, that would have been good. I had a cheese cake right now. You shouldn’t hate it. I Gave you multiple opportunities to eat the last like you’re right you were obviously And what if her videos before my cheesecake video went up and she did it and so I ate it Right. No Olga. I Do not how to protect your peace y’all protect your peace Stay focus. Plus the cake was made on her birthday. She coulda birthday Is my birth. Hey, it was not made on my birth. I got back Monday and it was there So yeah, that was good job just chill which i’ll doing this weekend Me Kiana’s winky on are supposed to do a cooking video since we ran out of time when it but when I left We bought all the little stuff I was gonna show y’all how I cook It was gonna be anything I was gonna show y’all how I cook and she’s gonna show you how she cooks And you’ll see the difference of why we can’t be in the kitchen together That yeast gave me Some real quick cuz we chillin this Friday tell me how just chillin with me. So it was gonna do a cooking, uh, rules I make um Oh, yeah, we was gonna make pizza So he had bought the dough from Publix And you supposed to lead to do I like your eyes? Maybe as I saw yeah Yeast in that dough it, you know it Expanded I say normal. I know it’s normal baby. But I just thought about how am I expanding my body? I’m like, I’m already worse I’m already thickest. Okay in the way that yeast probably would have swole up in me. I Did you turn me off I know you bake it baby. I’m just saying the way that I was just like oh my god. I made me sleep tonight Nothing swell up in me later. I Was like now I don’t worry about it, but we still going to a cooking video y’all Just something fun something different, you know Girl we want to make another bid. I already got a bit going Back Biggs fit that I was being Post every day at the same time since you think it’s so easy every day every four seven days in a row at least Cuz that’s my challenge you got a post every single day at the same time every single day for seven days If you win how will you fit you won’t give me bad island You would treat me to ferric Freddy’s okay, I’ll treat you friends. Alright, so when we thought Okay, Daniel Johnny oh damn b12 bed. Now I’m down fight on so I lost fight all this but I won’t lose my mouth I love you Kiki, boo boo, but I’m not buddy Luke Yesterday friend thing I Got your Kiki don’t worry about I had slipped up Idol of mine up the technical difficulties Oh What else you oh, yes, somebody requested a Q&A another Q&A. Absolutely I will um Do another Q&A now I have no problem there Cuz I know a lot of people do ask me questions sometimes and I’m trying I’m trying to y’all this I’m trying to implement this whole bedtime thing by going to bed at a certain time and getting up in a certain times I know you and your daddy like soldiers or robots Don’t like robots what I’m trying to implement it. Yeah, but I still be up like this. Oh That’s easy Go to bed at ten eleven wake up at six or seven. I know that’s that was don’t man any naps Alright, also you have to take at least like ten to twenty minutes without your phone, you know, don’t look at your phone In and then just go to bed Don’t look at your phone and go to be No, I went walking in my head and I was tired of hit without I Went walking in my head and I’m saying Who I am is zoasty Now, let me stop I’m gonna stop it. Welcome again. All right, let me go upload this video. I love you all back

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    You always want to be a blessing to someone. It'll come back ten times more๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  92. Benjamin Cameron says:

    I don't tip bad has to be outstanding service for me to tip. And then sometimes you just don't have extra to tip. I do believe its the responsibility of the business to pay their worth. I don't feel bad when i don't tip…it's a personal choice.

  93. Tay's World says:

    Subway is one of my top favorite spots๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  94. Denali Crosson says:

    Your sandwich looks nothing like the photo ahab.. still looks good tho

  95. its Shaneria says:

    I love subway sandwiches , they're my favorite โค

  96. Rleen G says:

    We Tip every time! My husband and I used to work as servers when we were younger and we relied on tips! always 15% or more. More if our server were efficient, friendly and quick! Unless like you said that the restaurant has a policy not to tip the servers. It would hurt if the bill was $200 and it was a group and not even give you a tip! It would feel like you were a horrible server! But always always take care of your customer just like you want to be taken care of.

  97. Sharon Grier says:

    Hi KC, I love Publix the most then Subway next. I believe in tipping. I know restaurants need to pay more but I feel tipping is a form of gratitude for good service even if there are paid a decent salary. Yes girl I think you really enjoyed that sandwich. Luv y'all Ms Sharon

  98. Tanya Brooks says:

    Hi KC my beautiful sista. I want a piece of ur delicious sandwich it looks good. Bless u beautiful โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ

  99. Djsworld101 says:

    Im Eatting subway as we speak!!..lmao

  100. Almether Ford says:

    Hi kc ๐Ÿ™‹love sent to all ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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