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Today we’re going to talk about the magical ingredient called Koyo dofu Hello everybody! Today, we’re introducing you to a Japanese ingredient called Koyo Dofu, which simply is freeze-dried tofu. Koyo Dofu is a convenient ingredient that lasts a long time in the cupboard and requires no refrigeration. Which means it’s the perfect ingredient to have on hand. Now, Koyo dofu comes in various shapes and sizes But they’re all simply made out of soy beans Today we’re going to show you six different ways to use this versatile ingredient. If this is your first time to our channel We invite you to subscribe Especially if you enjoy these kind of videos. And guys, don’t forget to press that Bell icon, So you don’t miss any of our videos. First, We will start with the easiest way to use Koyo dofu Today, we are making simple miso soup and we are doing it the easy way first boil one serving of water, then add the instant dashi powder, and the koyo dofu This square dofu already comes cut into small pieces for easy cooking simmer for 1 to 2 minutes Turn off the heat, and add miso, and mix well until dissolved. Finally mixing the wakame seaweed, simmer for another minute and serve immediately. This is the easiest way to enjoy koyo dofu. It’s delicious and nutritious. Next we’ll be making some crispy koyo dofu sticks. They’re kinda like french fries, but healthier This time, we’re using the normal size squares of koyo dofu. Let’s reconstitute them by soaking them in a pot of hot water, leave them in there for 10 minutes. Drain and set aside to cool Next, squeeze out the excess liquid carefully without breaking them. Now we need to give them a little flavor. Today I’m gonna simmer them in a simple dashi broth made by mixing water with a tablespoon of instant dashi Simmer it for a couple of minutes, take them out and set aside until cool to touch Then drain the excess moisture out as much as you can, without breaking them. Next, we’ll cut them into strips like this: Just like we’re cutting potatoes Once that’s done, fry them in hot oil until crispy and golden brown. Drain well, because they soak up lots of oil Season with some salt, and enjoy with ketchup on the side Now, don’t expect them to taste the same as french fries. They’re also on the dry side, so you really need some kind of dip like ketchup. But they make a great substitute for those trying to cut out simple carbs . You’ll love the next one! We are making karaage. Karaage is Japanese style fried chicken And it’s everyone’s favorite! Of course today’s one is quite old version, and we don’t use chicken. After reconstituting the Koyo dofu, Drain well and tear into bite sized pieces Place them in a bowl or a plastic bag like this Add in soy sauce, sake, ginger juice, grated garlic and instant dashi powder And mix it to coat evenly. In a separate bowl: combine potato starch and flour and mix well. Now get a piece of marinated Koyo tofu, and squeeze out excess moisture But not all of it. You want it to be juicy so you want some moisture Coat the piece in the flour mixture until evenly coated Then fry it in hot oil until golden brown and crispy Don’t forget to drain the excess oil. Serve immediately. It’s so good! Next we’re making stuffed Koyo dofu It looks kind of fancy, but it’s super easy to make After reconstituting two blocks of tofu and draining them well Cut them in half and make a slit down the middle. In a bowl, combine some ground chicken and some mixed vegetables You can use any vegetables you like Today I’m showing you guys a very simple way if you don’t like this veggie combination just use whatever you like Season with salt and pepper and mix well Now fill in the tofu pouches with the chicken veggie mixture Now, don’t go too crazy, or they will explode on you Fill the pouches up with just enough mixture Combine: soy sauce, mirin, sake, instant dashi and water in a saucepan Place the koya dofu patches inside, and simmer until the chicken is fully cooked You may need to flip the koya dofu during cooking to make sure that both sides have been in the stock Once they are done transfer to a plate now this step is optional But if you like, you can make a simple sauce by adding in a mixture of potato starch and water to the stock Cooking over medium heat constantly stirring until it thickens up into a nice sauce Part over the stuff Koya du feu and eat them immediately This dish goes perfectly with a bowl of rice, miso soup and some tsukemono or pickled vegetables or even a side salad. The next one is a traditional Japanese dish called nimono. Shin’s mother made this using chicken in our past video; You can watch that video here, if you like. This is a koya dofu version. After reconstituting two blocks of koya dofu and draining well, cut each block into four. In a saucepan, combine: Water, soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and instant dashi powder Mix well – until dissolved. Adding the koya dofu, carrots and shiitake mushroom You don’t have to, but you can place a sheet of a foil on the top like this This will help the ingredient absorb the flavor more evenly Simmer over low heat until the carrots are soft. Transfer to a plate and garnish with something green like these boiled snow peas This is a very home-y dish and is loved by all Japanese. Finally, we’re using koya dofu for something non-traditional! We’re making a sandwich; no bread required! First you want to reconstitute and drain one block of Koya dofu Then add some flavor in it like we did with the koya dofu sticks Again make sure to drain off the excess liquid Cut it right down the middle carefully, to give you two slices. This is optional, but I like to season them with salt and pepper Heat them on a frying pan over medium low heat Making sure not to burn them however you want to cook the slices until they are dry and kind of crispy Once they are done transfer to a plate Spread on your favorite condiments and top with fillings of choice Put the second slice of Koya dofu on top and enjoy. This is especially good for those who are trying to avoid gluten It’s not the same as normal bread, but it’s a good substitute. Yep. We did it again We made an entire meal out of one ingredient! You ready to dig in? Yes. I’m very ready, (both) Itadakimasu! First, I’m gonna start with my miso soup. Oh good idea! You might as well drink it while it’s hot. how is it? very comforting. Comforting, yeah! You know this is the easiest way to use those small pieces of koya dofu They sell it at any supermarket, and they’re so useful, and you can add it to any type of soup It doesn’t have to be miso soup. And this wakame and Koya dofu matches very well. Good combination Yeah, I’m gonna try my french fries aka Deep-fried koya tofu sticks You did pretty well! The appearance is quite similar to potato, right? Mm-hmm, ooh it’s so good! I used to make this when I used to be on a low-carb diet a long long time ago Mm-hmm it matches with this ketchup It does, you actually need some kind of dip because these are actually kind of dry make sure you simmer in dashi before deep frying yeah, that’s very important because You know once again? These are totally flavorless, so you want to give it some kind of flavor. Please eat the karaage. Ohhhh Japanese fried chicken! We love this! Now this is so…actually, I’ve never tried deep-fried Koya dofu karaage That looks so good. It looks just like chicken (surprised) Huh? Oh! Well! That is, DELICIOUS! Oh and it’s juicy! mmm, mmmmm! Oh! That’s good! So I made a joke, but this is good! Before coating with the flour mixture. I drained the marinade But not completely. Mmm! No wonder has so much flavor. It’s really good I can taste the ginger and the garlic it is so delicious Oh, I I don’t miss meat at all! Very very looking forward to this! This one. What? This one? The stuffed koya dofu. Yeah well I have a feeling you’re going to like this Here you go, and I will have a piece as well. My mother used to make this for me when I was younger Yeah, I think this is one of the few ways that we had koya dofu at home. Yeah, Itadakimasu! Mmm Oishii! So flavorful and juicy too Mmmm. It is very easy to make. super easy right? I wish I had a bowl of rice though. I need a bowl of rice right now hmm Maybe we can fill this with gyoza filling. That’s true! Kind of like a low carb gyoza! Now can I try your Nimono? Your simmered vegetables? (Yes of Course.) Oh, I love how you cut the carrots (laughs) I cut it with a cookie-cutter. Cookie cutter? Ohhh cheeating!! (laughs) So this is the simmered Koya dofu in the beautiful broth, Now you use my mother’s recipe right? For the Nimono? (yes, yes) Right my mother makes like the best nimono ever if you guys Want to try that one out with chicken check it out. You can click right up there Mmm. Oh that is yummy yummy mmm Your mother’s nimono recipe is great. That is so good guys. Oh my god This also makes me want a hot bowl of rice right now Finally, we have a koya dofu sandwich Basically a sandwich made out of not bread But the koya dofu slices. This is interesting Yes, and it is a very small sandwich I have to say… So you probably need like two of these to fill you up but Koyo dofu is pretty dense… and you know they are pretty filling. so here we go. I just cut this in half (thank you… mmm) Yeah, once again. You can use your favorite condiments and your favorite ingredients You know whatever: tuna salad, egg salad, ham and cheese… This one is… today, we’re eating a beef Kinda like a pastrami beef Not really pastrami.. beef slices, beef deli slices from a Japanese supermarket (both) Itadakimasu! Mmmm Mmm That’s not bad! (Taste like bread) Yeah! It’s kinda like bread! It’s kind of a dry sandwich, so you definitely need to spread something on Mmm. That’s not bad at all MmMm! You see how versatile this ingredient is? Koya dofu is an amazing ingredient And you can purchase this at any supermarket here in Japan so if you’re visiting Japan Definitely pick it up and try it out for yourself hope you guys enjoyed learning about Koya Dofu One of the most versatile and nutritious ingredients in Japanese cooking If you’ve missed our first video in this series make sure to check it out because it is a good one We don’t want you guys missing out. Thanks for liking and commenting! Until next time – take care! Bye bye!!

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