Sushi 회전 초밥 먹기 , 연어, 소고기, 새우

When I ask what I want to eat, I always say sushi. Conveyor-belt sushi is fun because I can eat what I want.

12:30 p.m. on Friday night.

My dad told me that I was still awake.
If you sleep now, you’ll have 100 subscribers in the morning.

He gave me three reasons. 1)Daddy called CNN.
-I don’t know what CNN is.

2)Daddy also asked his friends to subscribe.
-He doesn’t have a friend.

3) Just the feeling.
-Dad’s feeling has never been right. I had a crazy reason, but I decided to believe it.
I’m up.
There are still 84…

I said I want to eat sushi.
He took me away without saying anything.
I think it will be really delicious. beef sushi lightly cooked salmon sushi This is salmon sushi. What’s different from the one in front? Beef Sushi and Vegetables lightly cooked shrimp sushi Jjung says it’s nice to be here after a long time. But I feel a little tired. Thinking Sinu says I’m excited ~ It’s only five plates right now. Shall we stack it up? Where’s the salmon? Salmon ~ Here you are. This house is good at soup. This time, crab sushi. Merong~

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