Sushi and Noodles Mukbang (Eat With Me) ASMR

Sushi and Noodles Mukbang (Eat With Me) ASMR by Natalie Nightwolf hello my gorgeous friends today I’m
going to do a mukbang I haven’t eaten much today I did have a couple thiers
had some hummus and carrots and three munchkins from Dunkin Donuts
what do one of my favorite ruching places it’s very reasonable pricing it’s
called sushi palace lumpy uh what is it lumpy uh wait what um well um
okay Google funny facts I can’t for you can say the word Google Google ok Google
doesn’t work I want to do it alone Thea I ordered spring rolls check huh what is
that I got spicy avocado roll which is yes Oh vegetable food on which I thought I got
the one without the ball yeah it’s a little messed up I don’t know what this
is this looks like tempura vegetables I didn’t think I ordered that look at how
cute this is Disney World love it so much
God just give me an it’ll give me one fucking noodle I got to take the pan off
the top I love these noodles these are honestly
like clouds these udon noodles there’s mm-hmm oh my god I love those that’s a
nightmare I’m gonna have to cheat her out of here cuz whatever mm-hmm
so these are spicy avocado rolls they’re really avvocato rules and there’s
something a little crunchy stuff in it and then on the top is spicy mayo this
is my favorite favorite favorite but I don’t have this that often because
usually what happens you try to be like kind of healthy but today obviously I’m
picking out it’s a Sunday night and you just kind of get this settled I
wanted to show you guys this I’m not ready to open it yet but it’s a Hello
Kitty soy sauce I still have a lot of soy sauce I don’t like open bold love
the cutest um because there well I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries
lately and I kind of wanted to talk about some of them just give me like
suggestions to talk about just documentaries because it’s fine I guess
yeah decide oh my god I guess I’ll try it I do I like dance when I eat mmm
that’s so good oh my god I’m so hungry this is so amazing I love
food so much holy shit that’s because my black lipstick is gonna get everywhere
and I like don’t care cuz I’m not hungry I was actually productive today and shot
videos which I’m like very happy about I’m really proud of myself for getting
so much accomplished today even though yesterday I did nothing
you know she woke up really hungover my friend came over on Friday night we’re not through havens like bars and
stuff took barkay to new haven and went to Cash’s it’s like a grilled cheese
place from Oh Jerry hmm how’d the cheese board and mac and
cheese so good but it was drunk and then woke up next to like mine electron
electron fireplace with my clothes on my jacket on my scarf on so Saturday
morning goats hungover and then like didn’t feel like doing anything and
hadn’t ahead of day off in a while so watch like lots and lots of
documentaries so I’m gonna talk about those mm-hmm mm-hmm
my god you don’t you love freakin love noodles
especially Don’s my favorite type of noodle what’s your favorite time I need
to leave that in the comment below mmm gosh this is so great sorry was gross but so yesterday yeah I
watched um the first documentary watched was about gays in Pakistan obviously
itself not very on open there you can actually like die and but there are gays
they are trying transsexuals or trans people or whatever the proper
terminology is it’s just kind of undercover and they’re kind of harassed
on the street they could be stoned to death raped with sticks not a good scene
well and this is again opposed to their
religion basically so cause a few people over there that are trying to kind of
deal with it and one couple that is like advocates and kind of open about it so
there are some openly gay people that are advocates for the community trying
to get things change but doesn’t seem like much progress and I started
watching one about Newtown the shooting the children that died here in
Connecticut and very emotional couldn’t really get through the whole thing
just so sad crazy scary unless another documentary about I think was called
lost for life it’s about kids that committed crimes that are in jail for
life and it kind of brought up the question whether any minors should ever
be sentenced for life made a toilet with a pearl I don’t know some people in
there didn’t seem to make it any progress though so I forgot what else
but I’ll also what’s your document about – his name even and it’s called
something I think was called b-side and was a documentary about this female
portrait photographer and it really actually inspired me today when after I
shot my videos which are like Tryon videos I try and clothes
I took some photographs on myself actually let me see what the woman’s
name is it was called the b-side Elsa Dorfman’s portrait photography so I
thought those are really good and like inspirational for me documentary because
um and that’s it so I have to say but like this is an eating show so the woman didn’t start taking
photographs until she was 28 how much training or anything like that and she
would take photos on a pole our that was called a 20 by 24 and would literally
print out 20 wait 24 photos it was called the b-side because she had all
the reject portraits that the family or the whoever she took a picture of did
not accept and so she has lots and lots and lots of those and um I just love
that idea I love the rejected for that she has the
rejected photos and what she said was that those photos probably are better
than the ones that the family did take because it just shows more of the person
at that time photos to me are like I guess video is my my main medium but
photography is haunting to me because it’s a literal moment captured in time
that you’re just left with so many unanswered questions to me that’s what
makes it great to me but it’s haunting to me it’s haunting it’s the word I
would say especially people dying you’re left for the photo of them and you’re
just like what happened before or after that photo like you just want more
information at least from a photo when video is less haunting maybe so that was
inspiring to me it’s just inspiring to take photos and not hurt photos weren’t
perfect or this or that it’s just like photography is fun I’m gonna take a
picture and to me there’s no bad pictures literally no bad pictures
you’re looking at a photo and you just don’t have the information because
somebody else took it and you don’t know what even if it’s a bad photo
foni you don’t know what it is it’s still haunting to me and it’s still so
mysterious something else so I’m inspired by photography wise hold on sorry I need to shut the fuck up cause
I’m talking too much but something else I’m inspired by photo wise this is a
short video that I saw recently it’s about this guy in New York City he takes
a digital one of the old-fashioned disposable cameras he takes photos in
New York City I think that’s a really cool thing I think that’s a great idea
Mike of like being able to see the full screen and like framing videos in photos
it’s like not a surprise I think a really fun photo project that I’m gonna
do soon is get a disposable camera and like maybe go to New York City or go
somewhere and take photos and like I think part of the fun of it is not being
completely sure because the guy didn’t even put it up to his eye he was just
like it just would be like I’ll see you interesting kind of scene unfold in it
just snap a photo of it so the other half of the fun of that and was getting
them developed and seeing what you got you know and to me that’s like wow
that’s so cool they’re so funny I don’t like people that are like oh the
shot and the frame and them you don’t need any of that to take a good photo
however like I said I think every photo is a good photo maybe I’ll get more into photography who
knows because I’m clearly fascinating she did so no dumb that I don’t know how
I got that I got that for free basically 20 Oh some that in the beginning but seemed it was a bit of a freebie
I love having like a little bit of everything together that’s why I wish
there was good buffets around here but there’s not been full breathing like a
really fat version right now does anybody else feel that way like when you
like eat a lot that feels like somebody’s kind of choking me a little
bit hmm sorry this whole video looks disgusting just a tie for okay I’m full
still ass baby no no no mmm
I hope you guys like this video if you do like it give it a thumbs up and leave
me a comment let me know that used not mine please also subscribe to my channel
if you haven’t already thank you so much again for watching I think I already
said that oh my Christmas tree I’m working on it
but isn’t this beautiful beautiful black Christmas tree and I’m gonna get a green
one you know I’m gonna decorate this one more I’m a little bummed I bought this
huge thing sorry final final thoughts but this
didn’t come with hooks and I’m gonna put all this on here I think these are great
Walmart they’re like three dollars I think not those looks pretty good
alright anyway love you bye

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  1. OG MR. Molina says:


  2. harley fyfe says:

    Morning how was your weekend

  3. Knighthokie23 says:

    Morning, Natalie. You look good in red dress with black lipstick. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Is that Chinese food? You make me hungry now!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I like General Tso! Speaking of which, your weekend went well, I trust, yes?

  4. Giuliano Sartori says:

    Very dark eyes and lip make up…

  5. Saurabh Bist says:

    sexy as always

  6. Michael Walton says:

    I love to watch you eat! ๐Ÿ˜‹ It's ok to slurp when you eat noodles!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

  7. Eric says:

    Your makeup looks beautiful. Any plans for Thanksgiving?

  8. Jeny D says:

    Lumpia! Itโ€™s like an egg roll- from the Philippines I believe. ๐Ÿ’œ I love your mukbangs!

  9. Daniel Vaught says:

    Hmmmm very good Mukbang video Natalie was a awhile before I got around to watching your blog want you to know that I got your notification and stopped by and watched some now and watched later just to see you by the way you looked so lovely the outfit get your eat on and drink on while your having a meal eat and talk ; I mean what good is a dinner or lunch with out a good conversation I'll enjoy the conversation with you a beautiful lady like yourself as long as it is interesting and your so beautiful that helps too see you next video Natty.great decorations everything so bright and sparkly! xxoโ˜บ๐Ÿ˜šโคโš˜

  10. Joshua Marquez says:

    To be honest I think this video was a asmr video in disguise lol โ™ฅ๏ธ, I enjoy this episode Natalie

  11. T K says:

    totally mis read th title..๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Michael Gill says:

    Hello my Gorgeous Doll long time no see how've you been ?

  13. siskokidd says:

    Cool photo talk. A few years back I began buying pictures and negatives I'd find at antique shops or estate sales. Some amazing stuff that I absolutely love, shot in the 50's and up through the 80's. There was one woman who passed near me. I ended up with her high school photo book – birthday parties, Sweet 16 Dance and other early 60's gold. While looking through her stuff, I realized her photo collection had been scanned at some point, and copies made onto CD. Her family likely has those CD copies, but I ended up with the originals. Some of them anyway. Her name was Charlene.

  14. ramivalencia says:

    Luv ya, Natalie. And I rarely use the "L" word. But in this case, you deserve it ๐Ÿ˜‰.

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