SUSHI – EP 6 with English Subtitles

Hello everybody, welcom e back to ANJU’S SPICE GARDEN!! Today, we are going out for dinner at a Sushi restaurant I’m sure everyone knows what sushi is but for those that are not familiar Sushi is raw fish, freshly caught raw fish, uncooked! Dave is a sushi fanatic!! I did not like it in the beginning but now I do! The restaurant’s name is Kaze, in Bethpage, NY. Sushi is a Japanese dish. Let’s go inside!! OK so we are now inside, we got a nice table. The ambiance inside is nice and cozy let’s take a look at the menu I took a few pictures of the menu to share with you all. I will also mention what we ordered OK… So what we ordered was the “SUSHI FOR 2”, we skipped the appetizers and went straight for the entree We ordered a couple of drinks. I ordered the virgin pina colada and Dave ordered the “scorpion bowl” so our drinks have arrived!! Dave’s drink has some flames coming from the top!! not sure what it is, let’s find out!! What the heck is this??? THIS IS ORANGE FIRE!!!! We really don’t know what it is, but let’s try it.!! The soup and salad has arrived, let’s ask Dave what this is called? This is Miso soup!! Okay, MISO SOUP!! What is the white stuff floating around? TOFU!! OK! OK our main course is here! Let’s ask Dave to explain what this is.. Hey guys, we finished all the food! Somebody is very happy!! I could not eat everything but its ok, it was great Its a nice place, the staff was very friendly, they even gave us a gift card for next visit!! Sushi is great! Its healthy but it is an acquired taste. Everyone should TRY at least once!!!!! Okay guys. Thank you for watching If you enjoyed this video, please SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT AND LIKE. SEE YOU ALL VERY SOON!!! TESLA TEST DRIVE COMING SOON!!!

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