SUSHI-Flavored Gelato: An Iron Chef America Throwback | Food Network

[music playing] I guess that makes that
kind of a sushi gelato? That is not human. Human beings can’t do that. Don’t try this at home, kids. This man’s a master
with garnishes. [music playing]

4 comments on “SUSHI-Flavored Gelato: An Iron Chef America Throwback | Food Network”

  1. Annie Rudolph says:

    what the hayle

  2. lharchmage says:

    No offense to others taste. Becase hey whatever floats your boat(joke intended get it sushi boat) But this sounds absolutely Gross and disgusting. Only my opinion

  3. Guava Juices says:


  4. PhantomObserver says:

    Well, both Alton Brown and Bobby Flay said they tried it. Brown said it was the worst thing he'd ever sampled on ICA, while Flay thought it tasted okay.

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