Sushi in JAPAN – vlog 4

you know that feeling when you look at
something and then this something look back at you and you kind of like get
this connection today I had this I came to the city to take some pictures, some, record some videos and when I was going back home I look at this sushi
restaurant and the sushi restaurant looked back at me and you know we had
this strong connection and then I just couldn’t hold, I had to, then I said
like I have to stop and I have to eat sushi so the traffic was awful anyway, so you know, I guess I will just stop and eat sushi this is my favorite restaurant around
this area because it’s cheap and it’s good and you want it yourself and that’s it Yoshi, language English waiting ticket one counter number one here I am on the table so what am I going to order start with.. maguro / Tuna annnddd this is pretty good this voice is really annoying salmon I don’t know this one two, yes I think this one is duck unagi yep, that’s. Now I need to wait oh, that was fast I was not even supposed to come here today actually I was not even supposed to come to the city today but who cares. Today I woke up like I wanted to move
so I moved came to the city and going back home I saw all this traffic, crazy traffic, so.. why not have some sushi and I got this connection with this shop so let’s have some sushi yeah, kind fun here in the south
they have this where is it?
Kyushu style shoyu it’s a little bit sweet and it’s great, I just love it oh, that’s my maguro (tuna) I love tea Yoshi, now everything is here
so… let’s eat! oh by the way please like this video,
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back home. Let’s go I almost forgot
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bye. this is my favorite California it’s the best this is, this is the best

4 comments on “Sushi in JAPAN – vlog 4”

  1. Que Mario ? No Japão says:

    Nice video !
    I love sushi but my my favorite is youbei!
    See you!

  2. Kela Magalhães says:

    I want to go to a restaurant like this ❤️
    I wish I could go to Japan

  3. Morgado S. says:

    Oi, comeu pouco né kkkkkk
    Vlw pelo vídeo, abraços!

  4. Yoyo no bouken says:

    If you want to eat sushi, eat sushi, period. 😁

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