Hey Guys!~ We are in Sydney and we’re going to eat some Sushi! We have been waiting so many months for this right? Because in Korea, there isn’t like good, cheap sushi and we are at a sushi restaurant that our friend works at. I am so excited, I am so hungry, and we’re going to show you the sushi we’re going to eat! This is what our friend made for us ~ And we have some more sashimi here~ Wowwww! We ate it all … like really, really demolished it! Oh! They just gave us more food~ I really, really, really like the grilled salmon, so I just got a bunch more~ Look at this!

19 comments on “SUSHI MADE FOR US!”

  1. MKH says:

    There is quite a difference between sushi in Australia and sushi in Korea… in Korea you are often given frozen salmon (not a fan)… although Korea is so close to Japan, it's harder to get good sushi… at least the type that we like. Sushi in Sydney has a big range of quality, but our friend is head chef at this place and the sushi is good and fresh. It's also great to have a chef make it exactly how you like it!
    We have another friend who is Japanese and a top sushi chef in Seoul – but his restaurant is pretty expensive (he has served big stars like G-Dragon before). So great sushi is available in Korea, but a bit out of our price range. I think there are more sushi places opening up in Seoul – but Seoul is not all of Korea.

  2. Club Soda says:

    When Nichola speaks, I listen.

  3. 이정화 says:

    오늘점심은 스시로!

  4. 이정화 says:

    동명상 감사,

  5. 9급공무원새내기 says:

    다좋은데 젓가락질 제발 ㅠ 난왤케 신경쓰이지 ㅋㅋㅋ

  6. Matthew Schell says:

    I love sushi. It's one of the ugliest animals but I do love eel. Spicy tuna is good too.

  7. Jonathan David says:

    where abouts is the restuarant? some of the plates looks way better than the one i normally go to especially the sashimi one

  8. polychronio says:

    you have beautiful eyes wew…

  9. Heidi Hudgins says:

    Omg that looks AMAZING!!!!!!

  10. Shreya Nand says:

    It looks so good! Can I join you guys haha, hope you enjoyed it!

  11. ayse nur says:

    I don't understand this sushi thing. I tried it once and I was almost throwing up

  12. Grace Anderson says:

    I want to go there now 😮

  13. Fancy Nancy TV says:

    whoa that's some good looking sushi…we only have the crappy roll stuff here hahaha

  14. Catalina Park says:

    That looks delicious!

  15. jeong henry says:


  16. Kiirstin Leigh says:

    since we've never been to australia i'm not gonna hate, BUT we do have some super duper yummy sushi here in california. so… about that trip out here… hehe

  17. 민다니앨라 says:

    Sindey mashineun sushi creo que lo leí bien :') voy progresando con el hangul

  18. astroboy3507 says:

    Bondi junction great area!!!!!!

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