Sushi pack/Family guy-Uni wants ice cream

I want some ice cream no Peter you
finish your food you hey you get back here right now mister nope don’t you get
down from that chair you’re in big trouble you you put that ice cream back
right now I mean it I am NOT getting around I am NOT gonna say it again if
you put that ice cream in your mouth you’re gonna be in big trouble young man I hate you I hate you I want my mommy! Well I’m the best you got

2 comments on “Sushi pack/Family guy-Uni wants ice cream”

  1. Conner The Sushi Packer says:

    Reminds me of Kramer Vs Kramer.

  2. Jae Huber says:

    my version is april wants ice cream but chief gluteus said no hahahahahah

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