Sushi Roll From Office Supplies ASMR 4K – How Cook

Are you curious about making sushi from stationery? See how our talented chefs solve this problem!

11 comments on “Sushi Roll From Office Supplies ASMR 4K – How Cook”

  1. Izabellu Bei says:

    Eu amo vcs♡♡

  2. Izabellu Bei says:

    Fui a primeira pessoa que comentou♡♡♡♡me notem porfavor manda coração pra mim porfavor tchau ♡♡♡♡♡♡


    PLEase upload. Cooking chicken salad from wooden toys,plz

  4. Qraxiiガチャライフ says:

    Why people have a toy knifes in their office bag lol?

  5. minte says:

    this video has 8.1k views; why does it only have 6 comments???

  6. I’m Zoe says:

    It’s sad people spend so much time on it but don’t even get a lot of views or LIKES

  7. Cahaya Cell12 says:


  8. How Cook says:

    Do you like sushi? Please leave us a comment! 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄

  9. Софья Неважно says:

    Я не знаю что написать по этому напишу like

  10. Ross Villalon says:

    Did anyone notice she cut a panda?? Like if u did

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