Sushi Roll – Let’s Play! Series Ep. 1 🎲

OK Let’s play Sushi Roll S: Do you know how to play?
N: No S: OK, let me explain the rules S: As there’s only 2 of us
We will each have 1 player board S: The player board tells you the score S: and then, we will each have one of this
Conveyor belt S: We will shuffle and I will give out later S: and then, the one with the red outline
is the starting player S: So because we have 2 players, S: we will actually be drawing 8 dice each from the bag N: OK S: (and then) each turn S: we will roll the die, decide whether you
want to use re-roll token or not S: put them on the conveyor belt S: (and then) the person with the red outline one will actually start first S: so you get to pick what you want and you put inside this table S: so after that, once everybody have done that
you can move S: what’s one other thing, you can do on your turn is you get to play S: one of this re-roll S: or the S:swap token S: so re-roll mean you literally just re-roll
the dice one more time S: then the moment you use, you return it to the pile S: Swap token is before someone picks S: you can actually say:
OK, I want to swap one dice for anther dice S: you can swap any dice S: and the person cannot say no S: of course if the person also have a swap tile (token) S: the person can swap back, ya S: So we will each start with S: 3 re-roll tokens S: and 2 swap tokens S: So what happens is we will play with 8 die until S: everybody selected all 8 die S: then, we will do the first round of scoring S: there’s 3 rounds in each game S: and then, at the end of the game, there will be a master scoring S: so, let me just explain some of the dice S: Maki is straight forward S:the number of Makis you select S: is literally what you actually get S: This one is uhhh S: What dice is this
N: Gyoza? S: this is the appetiser dice,
so far appetiser dice, you will get to pick S: between Gyoza S: Tempura S: and this green little things that I have no idea what it is S: but anyway S: the Gyoza is actually 1 dice is 2, (2 dice) 4, (3 dice) 8 S: the Tempura is (1 dice) 1, (2 dice) 5, (3 dice) 10 S: and then this last one is 0 for 1 dice, (2 dice) 6 and S: if you have 13 of it, no, 3 of it you get 13 points N: OK S: OK, other than this 2, the next one is the Nigiri dice, straight forward S: there is uhh.. S: there’s the Tamago S: the Salmon and the Squid S: Ya, so you will get 1 point, 2 points, 3 points depending on what it is S: Other than that, you have the pink die S: which is the Pudding Dice S: so what happen is once you get it,
you will then get the pudding token S: so the pudding actually only counts at S: the end of the whole game
which means, at the end of 3 rounds full rounds, S: then we will come and compare the pudding token S: so the person with the most pudding has 6 points S: the one with the least, you get minus 6 points,
so you can lose to this S: so the one other dice is the Special dice S: on this dice you get Wasabi, S: same for how it works in Sushi Go S: Wasabi just doubles *WRONG* S: the point of S: any Nigiri you put on top S: You can get menu also. When you select menu S: you just take the re-roll token and
you can also get chopsticks S: then you just get chopsticks S: so that’s all the dice S: Any Questions? N: How do I win? S: You win when you get the most points S: Anyway, we just play along,
if there are any questions can ask! S: OK S: so let’s just see who starts first N: Uh, actually you can start first,
I don’t mind S: Ok, so I will start first
So you put it in front of you S: and then you have to place your token next to you S: next to your player board S: OK, so.. what happen is that S: I will pick 8 dice first. You pick it at random S: which means that there is chance to you can pick 8 appetiser dice N: OK
S: but it’s random *inaudible mumbling* S: so many pudding S: OK, since I start first, I’ll go first S: so basically, this is my roll S: ok, your turn to roll S: you have to roll for it first N: so I just put them here
S: ya, you just put them there, depending on what you want S: come on, chop chop (collaquial Singlish) S: like that, we can play all day N: OK
S: OK, so now I will start first S: Do I want to swap with you?
NO.. S: Do I want to re-roll?
No… so I’ll pick first S: I’ll pick the 3 pudding N: Oh man, I don’t have any pudding S: But you’ll get it next turn, the conveyor belt goes to you S: which one do you want to pick?
N: Oh, OK.. Hang on… N: I should take the… N: Wait, there are the points? S: Yeah S: so one dice is like 2 point, if you are talking about the gyoza N: then the menu?
S: the menu nothing.. there is no points for menu S: oh ya.. at the end of the game.. S: every 2 menu S: like every 2.. either swap or re-roll S: the chopsticks or the menu card (token),
two of it is 1 point S: there, it’s at the bottom S: it’s mentioned there N: OK, I’ll just take the tempura
S: OK S: the conveyor belt moves S: and it’s now my turn again *actually not* N: So you re-roll?
S: Ya N: Oh OK..
S: You always re-roll N: Ah, I thought I will get to pick from here S: No, you don’t get to pick from there S: OK, so this is mine and then yours
*signalling N’s turn* S: I already know what you’re gonna pick N: Haha
S: you’re gonna pick that one? N: Maybe.. N: So.. I get to choose first right? S: Ya, do you want to re-roll or swap? N: Wait, let me think N: I should just get this S: No.. you want to do the swap or re-roll first? S: you have to decide on that first N: Swap means I swap the entire conveyor belt
S: No, you swap one dice for a dice S: that means you don’t get to re-roll that S: Re-roll (means) you re-roll everything (on your belt) N: it’s ok, I’ll just get this S: the pudding?
N: Yeap N: why is my (dice) here? S: eh, you never ask me if I want to swap with you? N: what?! you mean I have to ask you first S: of course S: No, I don’t want to swap N: it’s just a waste of time S: OK, I’m gonna take the Maki S: OK N: Okay.. S: Okay, let’s just do this S: it’s faster… OK… N: Oh, what’s this?
S: that’s a chopstick N: No, it’s not
S: Ok, that’s a menu S: Oh, there’s a difference between the 1 menu and the 2 menu N: is there 1 menu?
S: there, you have 2 chopsticks S: versus 1 chopstick, so you get to take 2 chopsticks token N: you mean if i take this, I’ll can get 2? S: ah (yes), you get it immediately S: Ok, I will…
N: it’s your turn S: so.. do I want to swap with you?
N: you have 2 chopsticks there too.. N: no you don’t
*S contemplating with life* S: None of us are going for any immediate points
but you have 1 point already S: you got the tempura
*aims at tempura dice* N: that’s an immediate point?
S: I mean at the end of the round S: we will count that as a point S: Ok.. I shall pick S: The pudding! S: since this is 3 pudding N: What’s this again?
S: This is N: 0, 6, 13 means?
S: means if you have 1 dice it’s 0 points S: if you have 2 die it’s 6 points, you have 3 die it’s 13 points N: Ohhhhh.. S: *thinking to himself* yeah.. never mind not important. hahaha.. N: wait. I should take this because it’s 3 points S: OK, 3 points
N&S: Ok… S: You go first *N thinking aloud* N: I know what you are going to get S: well, how (do) you know? N: I just know it S: I don’t even know what I am going to get N: I know what you are going to get S: what am i going to get? S: Do you want to swap? *N thinking aloud again* S: *sings* you know you want this S: *sings* it’s calling for you S: this is a tempura with a little face *S & N both laughs* N: I am going to swap N: wait wait.. if i use re-roll means I re-roll, not you? S: No, of course it’s not me
N: OK, i will swap S: Can you throw away your swap token, what are you swapping for? S: what dice for what dice
N: are you telling me you are not going to swap S: *stutter* you use you get to swap N: so it means I can take it S: you can take it in S: and then it is my turn to decide whether I want to use swap or not N: so I can straightaway use it right? S: No.. N: I still have to wait for your decision? S: yeah, of course N: whuttt? S: Yeap N: what… S: you can then keep using (swap) it also, then you can swap it back again N: but because I start first, I will run out of the swap first what S: oh well S: too bad, so you gonna use, what you gonna swap? N: No wait! N: ok, swap swap swap S: *being impatient* N: I’m gonna take this one N: No, I know N: It’s either this or this N: Ok, I will take N: I think we’re going to fight, no I don’t think you are, ok. S: then what are you gonna give me? N: I’m gonna give you… N: this one S: OK. S: *contemplating* S: you swap that means you’ll take that S: hmmmm N: No, I never say that S: *still contemplating* S: you know what, you pick first N: *exclaimed excitedly* Really? S: Ya
N: Okay I shall use this S: Ok.. I’m gonna take S: I’ll take the chopstick cards S: which means that I will get.. S: 2 CHOPSTICKS! S: OK S: Please conveyor belt the dice over to me N: (and then) you start first S: I’ll roll first N: Why do I keep getting the menu? N: there’s no point for it right S: (or actually) Sorry, I think (apparently) when you take the pudding dice S: you get to take the pudding token immediately S: so then you can always keep count and not S: get blindsided at the end S: why don’t you take the 3 pudding? N: Oh, there is? S: Ya N: Wah, I never noticed N: OK, you go and choose first, hurry up S: OK S: *humming excitedly* S: I’ll take the Maki S: *excited tone* No more Maki Dice! S: which means I will definitely get the most… N: For this round? S: Ya S: Coz there’s no more Maki dice
N: Oh No! N: what the heck? there are only 3? S: Yeah, I mean it (drawing from the bag) is random
N: Oh ya hor.. S: It’s random N: Ok, never mind, it’s ok S: the pudding dice is not so useful anymore N: so I shall take
S: this one also not useful anymore N: what’s this? S: this is your N: *interrupts* if i take again S: Ya, that’s 6 points la N: Ok, I shall take this N: Ok..
S: Kay N: *hums a melody to move the conveyor belt* N: No N: Oh, you have chopsticks N: Okay, I’m gonna take this S: Wait wait wait! N: Wait? why? S: I’m gonna SWAP! N: I start first! S: Do you want to swap *points at N* N: No
S: I’m gonna swap N: *cries* S: Nah (there), I’m (gonna) give you
N: Noooooooo! S: I give you this S: No, I give you the 1 chopsticks S: For the face N: *tsk* S: *hums a melody of realisation* N: you’re trying to use up my swap right? S: well, look at how many swaps I have~ N: it’s ok, I’ll take this S: which one did you take? N: the wasabi S: ya, (do) you know what the wasabi does? N: uhhh.. next nigiri times 3 S: ya, there’s no more nigiri in this round (already) N: **** N: then why do I want to take the menu for? S: so..
N: *interrupts* ok never mind, I’ll just take chopsticks S: you can take one chopsticks (token) immediately N: Ok S: and.. I shall take N: *tsk*
S: this… S: *laughs* S: *laughs*
S: I swapped but then I don’t even want to take it N: *rolls eye* waste time S: Yeap, ok N: Ok
S: Nah (there) N: *hums a conveyor belt melody again* S: Ok N: Chopsticks.. ah, I just take chopsticks N: Oh wait, it’s your turn S: Yeap S: I’m gonna swap
N: how many times can you counter swap? S: you can swap until you have no more tokens N: **** *using evil tone* damn you.. S: I’m gonna use my swap, nah (there), give you the wasabi N: *using evil tone* damn you..
S: for this S: *takes deep breath* N: *stutters* why you don’t want to take the chopsticks leh S: I don’t want the chopsticks lar. S: Why you (asking) why?
N: what’s the chopsticks for again? S: Chopsticks you get to swap lar S: do you want to swap? S: you don’t want (then) I get to pick (already) N: wait N: wait S: *rolling eyes* TWO ETERNITIES LATER…
N: Ok never mind N: I’ll just take this S: Eh, I take first
*indicating that it’s his turn* N: *impatient* Eh, hurry up lar! S: I ask you (do you) want to swap (a)not..
*mimicking N* I just take first S: I take this N: Tadah
S: Okay so you take 2 chopsticks (token) N: Kay
S: since it’s the same dice N: there’s no point right N: eh, what if I take menu S: *indicating to N* you roll first S: 2 chopsticks S: 2 menu N: what’s the menu for again? S: menu is (you) get to re-roll N: Orh S: How? N: what (do) you want me to do? S: you have to pick lar, you want to pick or not N: you want to swap or not S: I don’t want to *realising it’s not his turn*
You swap first what N: Oh okay la, don’t swap ah, just take S: so you put it in, I put mine in S: Okay, so then you have the end of 1 round N: Okay, so what? S: so now we will calculate the scores for 1 round S: this one is 1 point S: 1 point S: uh, this has no point, S: you collected these S: you have 3 points, 3 points and you have another 3 points for this S: so 9 plus 1, 10 points S: so you get a 10 (point) token S: Kay, so i have 4 points S: I have the most (maki) so 6 points S: so I also have 10 points N: *laugh wryly* N: Ok
S: after 1 round, we are neck to neck S: Okay because I started the last round,
you get to start (first) N: ok so
S: *interrupts* so now all the die (is) thrown in S: (and then) you get to pick first *chipmunk voice change for S & N for the rest of the video* N: he saw the pudding N: EH!?!? WAIT S: Why?
N: can we go back? S: No, I roll (the dice) already, too bad..
N: **** S: I don’t even know you rolled (before) already S: huh, do we have to check the video footage or.. S: no no no no NO! N: **** *whines* damn~ N: *in a regretful tone* Ah~~~ Ah! *back in normal voice*
S: One other rule, while you are thinking ah S: ok when you have a wasabi, when you take a nigiri S: you have to put the nigiri on top of the wasabi N: uh huh..
S:it’s to prove that that’s the nigiri you use
(on the wasabi) S: and it must be the next one N: oh okay..
S: you cannot take one (nigiri) and put aside, then the other one you put on it S: you have to put the next one
N: ah.. *impatiently* okay fine *back to chipmunk voice*

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  1. Linda Fong says:

    LOLOLOL both of you are just hilarious la!!!

  2. nahailyenvanakkor says:

    I'm not sure about the constant re-rolling, it looks like it slows the game down a bit. I understand it brings uncertainty, but how much does that add to the game…?

    Anyway, I'm tempted to get this at some point, do you think it works well as a 2 player game?

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