oh honey Jesus your girl honey and tango beating sushi rolls so let’s dig in because I’m so hungry so today I got seven different roles and some of them you’re supposed to drizzle this eel sauce on top so I’m gonna tangle teezer gentle gentle gentle okay okay this one is yellowtail with avocado and some shrimp I know some of you guys are really happy that this is not another noodle video and I’m happy because I needed some sushi fresh fish in my system let’s try this one the wasabi isn’t wasabi enough it doesn’t have that kick this one has some thick rolls and spicy tuna shrimp cucumber don’t get in my soy sauce what kind of roles do you guys like my favorite is anything with salmon or spicy tuna so did you guys notice it something missing on my face can you guys see it now comment down below hmm rainbow roll and I have some diet coke care so I’ve decided to go braless this one has avocado and some eel hmmm and this one is the Anaheim pepper roll so it has that Anaheim chili pepper in here to try this mmm it’s like cooked tuna with pepper I do have pretty full brows but I shaved it all off because I wanted the arch gone and it only took like 30 seconds to do each brow right but now that I don’t have a little line to follow I have to actually draw it and I’m not at artiste this was sabe it is not wasabi look at the color too hmm I’ll say yeah right I am wasabi whoo okay sorry let’s see I think my favorite out of these are this one the one with the spicy tuna on top [Music] so yesterday I went to the Hello Kitty Grand Cafe and Irvine with my brother and I went to the afternoon tea and I was so cute so pink and of course I have to get some of their merch this really big tumbler Cheers do you know what I want to try I want to try any one of each all at once do you guys think I can do it just try lining them up challenge accepted it’s like a whole roll thank put wasabi on um do I think I can put 3 rolls each let’s try honey eat me ready [Music] [Music] so yesterday I was brushing xeno and usually when I bring the brush right on top of it not even brushing him he goes yeah but not yesterday I think he’s all grown up now he was just enjoying it he’s like oh yeah mamma brush me you be such a good boy buddy hmm you know one other weird thing is Nina he’s really odd when we go out for walks instead of doing business on like flat ground she’ll always go inside a bush where after I have to clean up right and I have to step inside this bush at night and I have to think like oh my god is a spider gonna crawl on me or is there gonna be a rabbit or snake something crawling on me I think though Xena enjoys bullying me because every time we get ready to go for walks she always pushes me really hard and I thought yeah she does that every time I know it’s probably because she’s excited but she’s so strong she could knock me down if there’s no wall behind me Xena sore should the no brown honey make a comeback [Music] and they are so interesting how much of a difference eyebrows make last role thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please go to hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already and to become a hinny beat and like this video if you guys liked it and i’ll see you guys in my next video bye [Music]


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