Sushi Yoshizumi: The Best Edomae Sushi in the SF Bay Area

So if you’re in San Francisco Bay Area and
you’re looking for some authentic sushi.. where would you go? Well, it turns out
there’s one place here the Bay Area that is serving some legitamately authentic sushi and it’s called Yoshizumi. To me, Chef Yoshi isn’t just a chef but
he’s a craftsman and an artist. He sources all of his fish from Toyo
supermarket in Tokyo and he’s able to get his hands on fish that you just
don’t find in a typical California sushi restaurant. You have a choice of the
regular menu or the extended menu with some more premium cuts of fish. I suggest requesting the extended menu right away as soon as you book because it’s limited to about six heads a night. Now I love the fact that he incorporates
elements from other famous Tokyo sushi shops into the meal. One example is the Saba sushi. Inspired by Sushi Saito and absolutely amazing…! I’m a huge fan of Chef Yoshi’s rice
preparation. The rice has a nice strong sour taste profile with a really well refined and smooth aftertaste. It’s also served at just the right temperature when it’s paired with the carefully sliced fish. Want to know my favorite thing
about Yoshizumi? the fish menu changes according to seasons …so there’s always a
good reason to come back for another incredible omakase meal! If you’re looking for great sushi in the South Bay, area don’t bother going anywhere else …just go to Yoshizumi!

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    What's your favorite sushi join in the SF Bay Area?

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