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  1. Cheryl K says:

    Everything looked so good!! Thanks for sharing this! Have a great day!

  2. David Leblond says:

    Votre accent français était parfait ! Merci pour vos videos !

  3. Carolyn Tay says:

    Satoshi's expressions are so ON POINT 😀 hahhaa so cute !

  4. Frederick König says:

    Baumkuchen is a German word.
    I am now imagining that you have been in Switzerland and there would be no chocolate bars in the shops because you had bought all – That would be a nightmare!

  5. Musou Tensei says:

    This looks all very good, didn't had Baumkuchen in quite a while but now I'm craving some, lol.

  6. Yanfei Xie says:

    Dayun~! I wanna travel to Hokkaido but I can't~!!!!!

  7. Svajūnė Antonovaitė says:

    amazing video sad i can't visit Hokkaido

  8. Tania Loves Japan says:

    I want to try some of those but you can have the shrimp ones okay 😉💗😻🐾 The Baumkuchen I love those and so addictive. I was able to order it in little individual bites from Jbox.com and yeah there are great straight from the freezer too.
    You know I was thinking if you go to Hokkaido again maybe you could do like a giveaway and maybe get like the white chocolate cookies and some of the others that you had gotten. That would be awesome. Just a suggestion. Oh and that Chocolate drink I have an Idea for it already in my head if I could get my hands on some. LOL

    Thank you so very much you guys for this awesome Food haul. Now I need some sweets. 🍫☕🍨❤💞🌈😍😻

  9. Margaret Ng says:

    Can these snacks be gotten in Tokyo?

  10. darian roscoe says:

    All of your haul items looked wonderful, but I'll say the chocolate potato chips had me salivating. Really enjoyed learning about new things. Looking forward to more!

  11. Ray Tokumoto says:

    jealous, all looks awesome!

  12. DAN R says:

    your videos are awesome. quick question are you guys a couple?

  13. RoyalxChild says:

    That white chocolate with peach tea pop rocks sounds really delicious! Thanks for making so many fun videos. Oh, and loved the cooking with mother too.

  14. Jona Vee Robles says:

    ughhhh your food hauuuuls ❤

  15. mitchzsoul says:

    You guys are wonderful 🙂 ❤️

  16. Gett Baladad says:

    I've been binge-watching on your videos yesterday because I enjoy your laid-back vibes and the food reviews and recipes. Satoshi-san was so funny when he momentarily spaced out at the amount of good food you guys have! This really makes me want to visit Hokkaido! Looking forward to your Sapporo vlogs!

  17. gardengal says:

    I've always wanted to go there ….

  18. Lee Nedlog says:

    Everything looks so good.

  19. Minoru 10 says:

    Hokkaido….. I want to go……

  20. Yoshiko Yeto says:

    This looks like the best dinner! I've got to admit I'm jealous of your Hokkaido food haul. Satoshi's food reverie was so sweetly charming.

  21. mvccarlos says:

    im familiar with royce chocolate and shiroi (did i say the name right). Someone gifted my parents the white chocolate sandwich of the latter. i believe when you said all of those are good. we love the desserts in japan bec it's not too sweet, just right.

  22. Tracy Tea says:

    Loved this haul! 🙂

  23. tamachan says:


  24. Isos says:

    This was a top quality food haul! These things don't even qualify as "snack", they seem things just come out from a pastry shop!
    I'm curious to see what other things you bought, keep 'em coming 😀

  25. FoodishBeauty says:

    Arrrhhh Baumkuchen.. I haven't had one for sooo long, they are super popular in Shanghai too, where they cook and serve it hot! Mike and I have been trying to reduce our animal product intake or even omit them all together though… So far, dairy and egg products have proven to be the hardest to give up/avoid.. This video is evidence itself lol. Wonderful and super interesting videos as always my friends!! 👌👍👍

  26. Letisha Luster says:

    those chocolate covered chips doe. I've seen them but wondered how they tasted. next time I'm going to try them. y'all be making me hungry. lol why could Japan be closer.

  27. Vanessavanni23 says:

    Looks yummy. Thanks for the Video.^^

  28. Dawn Faialaga says:

    They have the pop rocks in chocolate also in New Zealand.L& P bar.

  29. Christina Kim says:

    Holy moly you guys brought back tonsssss of food lol!!!! Maalu almond and chocolate and choco puff pastry I think is my favorite… Satoshi swept away 😂😂😂 and these packaging looks like some jewelry package!!!! Japan killing it with packaging!! And the chocolate drink omg ❤️❤️❤️ oo can't wait to watch yakisoba video!! Ooo and I'm gonna buy some of the snack online thank you for the online link! Love to y'all!!

  30. Elizabeth R says:

    everything looks delicious!

  31. Kae Winters says:


    …sorry, couldn't resist.

  32. Miyuki Suzuki says:

    北海道の者です。この1ヶ月で急に暖かくなり とってもいい季節になりましたよ~♪本当にまた来てくださいね~!

  33. TabiEats says:

    Ever since I was a kid, we came to visit my grandparents almost every year so it never seemed odd to us. I think it was more the other way around as I always thought there was too much food on our plate in Hawaii. haha. Like whenever I go to the theater there, I wish they had a smaller sized soda cup rather than the huge ones they have. I can never finish it all anyway.

  34. RoseFireLite says:

    I LOVE food haul Fridays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please don't stop doing videos!!! EVER!!!!!
    I love how you guys balance each other out!!!!!!
    Can't wait for Hawaii!

  35. JunJun06 says:

    OMG! Everything looks so delicious! I've already tried the Shiroi Koibito. I bought it from the Departure Hall in Narita Airport when I went to Tokyo. I tried both their original one and milk chocolate one. It was so delicious. I hope to go Hokkaido someday and pick up all those awesome treats! By the way, Shinichi-san, I just love your jacket. It's so cute. Lol. Is that the design of it?

  36. UUtv says:

    Looks like the cheese, curry onion flavor chips were not a winner:) Japanese snacks are awesome…I actually like that the packs are small. Keeps me from gorging on more than I need to. The maalu looked awesome. Actually sounds looks Hawaiian..Ma'alu. Thanks for making me hungry…

  37. JoyMac13 says:

    All those yummy snacks are making me hungry. Love how Satoshi had an orgasmic out of body experience @ 8:52 ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Carlyn Lauder says:

    the matcha candy would be my choice!!!

  39. Chris Johnson says:

    Fun video, thanks!

  40. Shisa says:

    Yeah you pronounced it correctly ! Langue de chat :p

  41. Melissa Trần Cát Minh says:

    Oh my, it looks amazing!!! I might go to Hokkaido this summer so can you tell me where did you guys get all of this snacks and sweets? Thank you

  42. bcgrote says:

    Wow, what a plethora of beautiful treats! Bralady is so nice, I'm sure she took you to great places.

    I wonder if that chocolate drink is rich enough to whip like cream? Otherwise maybe a custard?
    I liked the 3 pack of the wafer with fruit and chocolates, the looked decadent and delicate.

  43. Aricca Krista says:

    can i try all of that pls? I LOVE JAPAN! <3 i am from the Philippines 🙂

  44. Deanna 808 says:

    Awesome! If I had to choose only one, I'd go with the dark, or milk or white chocolate "cookie bars" with the blueberry filling!

  45. Motovlog says:

    Thank you! Great job!
    It was a great video with a sense of realism.

  46. IKIN L. says:

    Satoshi being swept away is so cute hahaha i wanna experience that with food as well.

  47. Lisa Kuo says:

    When I was 11, my uncle once gifted me with an entire tin of Ishiya White Lover cookies, and even as an adult, I still remember everything about that food memory. The texture, the flavor of the fat from the butter and chocolate, the flavor of the cookie. Definitely changed my life. I even remember the rip of the wrapper. Too amazing. Thanks for doing that review, it brought back a lot of joy.

  48. Soushi Miketsukami says:

    Say something in French more please on video, you guys sounds so sexy! (I'm a girl)

  49. sixthseal says:

    LeTAO is Otaru backwards? I never knew that until I watched your video. I had their Double Fromage Cheesecake in Otaru too. It was really good.

  50. ar15.blakeson takeout says:

    long this long video. I get to see so much!!! thank you

  51. RetroDackel says:

    I tried the "shiroi koibito" original with white chocolate as well when I was in Japan back in 2009. I will never forget the amazing lovely taste, best white chocolate experience in my life 🙂

  52. jessica lynam says:

    I love food eating videos an trying new foods amazing

  53. Terry Yaki says:

    I'm always amazed about, how fancy "Baumkuchen / tree cake" is in Japan 🙂 In fact, it is german and there are tons of varieties available here. I tried some of the japanese versions during my tokio trip – It's sweeter than the german one and it comes often with a kind of vanilla or syrupy taste, sometimes coated with something, mostly kinda similar in taste, but most of time in a good quality. Had one that said, that there is cheese filled inside and i thought, it's probably a regular cream cheese… BUT it was kinda real cheese and also tasted like that, wich was a… weird and unexpected taste in some way… Anyway, when some of you out there visiting Germany, maybe at the end of nevember or in december, try the "Baumkuchen" at the Christmas markets/fairs – you'll be not disappointed 🙂

  54. Steven Sy says:

    Cool Hoodie! I going to have to make my own pant splattered hoodie now.

  55. barbj672000 says:

    That would be such a great name for a band, "The Crunchy Multidimensional Chocolate Milkshakes!" LOL!!! 😀

  56. ice ragnarok says:

    Wow all the snacks were opened at one go? Wonder how to finish all of them. Or is there a way to store them so they keep fresh

  57. Nora W says:

    Love your channel, love you guys ❤️

  58. Elizabeth Sophie Kasibulu says:

    Hi Shinichi and Satoshi 🙂 I was wondering why you passionately objected (11:03) to taking the local train to Hokkaido? It sounds like a story I must hear 🙂
    By the way, your review of these Hokkaido treats is marketing at its best and these companies should pay you for promoting their sweets 😀 I'd fly to Japan just to visit Hokkaido and buy these treats.

  59. jen garrido says:

    I really love watching your videos.

  60. André Jones says:

    You guys eating all those chips makes me want to make Dorilocos so bad!

  61. ankr3w1 says:

    100,000 very soon! i just subcribed yesterday and i already love this channel and its gone up in subcribers by like 100 in mere hours.keep up the great work guys!

  62. ShadowSpear says:

    Awesome! Thank you for the review, Shinichi and Satoshi! I hope to try these when I go to Hokkaido in two months for the winter festivals!

  63. beavertown2006 says:

    The chocolate chips are really delicious and dangerously addictive as you said. 10 out of 5 stars.

  64. kitabootforever says:

    The snacks are so luxurious! I want to taste them! lol

  65. kuki six says:

    I've bought the 白色恋人 cookies before after a holday in Japan. Very expensive but very delicious! And very sweet Eaten Baumkuchen that someone brought from Japan as well, very sweet too.

  66. Hezza says:

    You guys pronounced "Langue de chat" really well! It actually means "cat's tongue" if translated literally

  67. TuckerSP2011 says:

    It all looks so good! You can use that chocolate milk to make pancakes or a sauce.

  68. Hawaiian Styleee says:

    Very informative and helpful videos. Love your mom's recipe's, too! I'm going to make Hokkaido part of my trip in July for sure! 🌺aloha!

  69. JÖYの貓 says:

    I need everything!!!!

  70. Partycat says:

    the Lay's potato chip company did a chocolate chip and it was so bad and oily

  71. phia3287 says:

    I prefer Tokyo milk cheese than shiroi

  72. Diana Lynn says:

    Omg I've had lays chocolate potato chips and never ate them again!! Lol!!

  73. Bonnie steel says:

    what exactly is curry? we don't have that in Texas. is it like stew?

  74. Devon Aoki says:

    Satoshi is so cute when he swept away by the chocolate, I'm sorry for calling you cute haha
    I'm going to Hokaido next year although I really want to go back to Kyoto

  75. Elsa&lisa says:

    Langue du chat . Cats tongue. Because they are crispy but scratchy like a cats tongue. 🙀

  76. Freedomthinker forever says:

    langue de chats means cats tongue because it is shaped like a cats tongue

  77. Blueberry Fundip FFXIV says:

    Lmfao "white lover"… I have one of those hehe

  78. 葉國樑 says:


  79. Sakja says:

    If I lived in Japan, I would live in Hokkaido.

  80. Olive O'Sudden says:

    What is 'soda' flavour? Seeing feuilletine on that LeTAO Premier maalu package brought me back to my days in pastry college. Feuilletine is magical. Truly the ultimate in sweet 'sakuto' taste. 🙂

  81. Hiro Mamoru says:

    Hey I think Satoshi read the Yoshimi bag wrong he said it was shrimp but it says curry

  82. neropa singh says:

    I love you guys❤️❤️❤️❤️Santoshi is a sweetheart

  83. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    Hello again Satoshi Kun! Chocolate chips so good! Maine the state that I live in is a potato State and some of the shops have Maine potatoes made into potato chips and dipped in chocolate and they are I would imagine as good as you have. 🙂 Chocolate chips so good! Main the state that I live in is a potato State and some of the shops have main potatoes made into potato chips and dip in chocolate and they are I would imagine is good as you have. 🙂

  84. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    You should try our cheese and onion potato chips made in Maine. You should try our cheese and onion potato chips made in Maine. B a u m kuken is German and is a special treat at Christmas time.

  85. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    Pop Rocks came out with a chocolate bar a very long time ago.

  86. Mark De Muro says:


  87. Mark De Muro says:


  88. Mark De Muro says:


  89. Mark De Muro says:


  90. Mark De Muro says:


  91. Mark De Muro says:

    YUMMY 😋

  92. Mark De Muro says:


  93. Nixx0912 says:

    Baumkuchen is basically same as our Sekacz, one of my favourite traets when I was a kid.

  94. CJ.For.The.Music says:

    The history of the production of baumkuchen in Japan (especially Ninoshima in Hiroshima) is just amazing…(Karl Juchheim’s legacy lives on…such a life story involving this delicious cake he worked so hard to make a success…)

  95. Sibernethy says:

    11:57 When I lived in England, we had a way of making use of broken cookies or ones that got damaged in production. We call it the Broken Biscuit Assortment and they come in 1-2kg boxes and I think it's a great way to use cookies that would have been wasted otherwise, and you find some nice ones in there!

  96. Ellen Yates says:

    Hello you guys are wonderful. I really love watching you

  97. Kota Ishijima says:


  98. Rowena Siguenza says:

    I love Hokkaido just like I love you both guys, I'll start watching all your videos now

  99. L19D86 says:

    darn, now i want to cover my chips in chocolate =)

  100. Kristen225 says:

    I look forward to the day when I can visit Japan. I've seen so many videos on it, it looks amazing!!!

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