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Edible Odysseys vol.18 with one more vegan ramen!

Back to Tokyo and this is my first ‘edible’ trip to vegan ramen one more vegan ramen place in Tokyo that I will check out yes, there was one at Shimokitazawa it’s really delicious, you should check it out so now we are going to halal/vegan ramen I have spicy. You have normal. still, this […]

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Edible Odysseys vol.8 with Vegan Ramen

We are at Shimokitzawa It’s one of my favorite areas in Tokyo I would love to live here and as all we know Actually, it’s even your primal knowledge that there is no such a thing as vegan ramen I am kind of vegan/vegetarian person So here we are in Chabuzen vegan place Where you […]

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Sushi rolls. СУШИ РОЛЛ. Готовим ДОМА.

Sushi roll us You need: rice for sushi 500 grams of cold water 1.5 times the amount of rice, algae Nori sheets 6, rice vinegar 50 ml 70 grams sugar, 10 grams of salt, cheese “Philadelphia” 175 grams, one cucumber, one avocado, salmon fish 200 grams, wasabi, pickled ginger, soy sauce taste. Same need bamboo […]

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