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ASMR 모듬초밥🍣리얼사운드 먹방 참치 광어 연어 등 10종류 이상 우동까지?! 꿀조합 Sushi REAL SOUND MUKBANG Eating Show SUB ซูชิ 寿司

I’m going to cook kimchi udon with today’s menu sushi 🙂 Please boil water first Then throw the udon liquid soup !! I’ll add red pepper powder to boil Then rinse in the important water and add the chopped kimchi 🙂 I’ll put udon soup Finally put udon noodle! It’s so delicious ~ ?! Salty […]

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SUB)두툼한 대방어 가마살부터 뱃살까지 부위별로 먹방 쌈싸먹고 초밥 만들어먹기 리얼사운드 Yellowtail Fish Mukbang ASMR

Hello, it’s Boki! Today, I’m having different parts of yellowtail sashimi! chutoro, kamatoro, body, toro, otoro are what I prepared today And I made big sized yellowtail nigiri sushi on the side Let’s pour the Coke first! (Soy sauce shower for the pickled ginger~XD) Toro first (A bite for my lucki charms) (Rich oil spilling […]

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Mukbang ASMR대만 대왕연어초밥 연어대뱃살 리얼사운드 역대급사운드 연어먹방 연어사시미 great king Giant Salmon sushi mukbang 鮭寿司 サケ 鰱魚

Hello everyone I’m YunBlanc😎 What is my 10th meal today? Big salmon sushi, salmon sashimi My first video was a big salmon sushi It tasted bad I did too It’s really delicious sushi So I prepared again Today I’m going to eat salmon sashimi At that time, I ate only big salmon sushi, but I […]

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