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Trying Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant!

Hi, everyone! This is Chien Chien Today, I’m here at the famous sushi chain Sushiro, Oyafukodori It takes a 3 to 4 minute walk from Tenjin Sation About 20 minutes from airport by train Let’s go inside! The store is based around a color light orange It’s very Japanese It says it’s available in Japanese, […]

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I think 80% of the Japanese population has never had Junsai (Water Shield) before. Hello, this is Taniyan. I deleted the video I took before the sushi eating challenge by accident, so I’m retaking it again. I did the sushi eating challenge at Genki Sushi Kuro-chan at Hakata bus terminal 8th floor. With Genki Sushi […]

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