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Japanese Garden Candy Kit

I got comments from Japanese people who said it’s difficult to understand when I only speak English so I’ll speak Japanese here and there! My wife found a Japanese garden candy kit and I want to try making it so that’s what we’ll do now! There are a lot of candy kits like this, aren’t […]

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So this is the place we are about to go eat (at.) Shinseikai Kushikatsu. It looks like it is a chain restaurant. You see that kanji to the rrrright there. That’s mean Honten which is main store. This is like the main branch of this chain. All sorts of goodies on here! 😀 Pretty excited. […]

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[ Japanese Quiz ] 30 Japanese Foods – How Many Do You Know?

curry rice fried chicken Japanese omelet edamame pan-fried dumplings ramen udon cold soba noodles cold ramen chicken and egg rice bowl grilled eel over rice takoyaki (octopus balls) yakisoba bun okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) raw egg over rice (with soy sauce) miso soup hamburger steak natto (fermented soy beans) oden (a type of Japanese hot […]

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