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ASMR SPICY SEAFOOD *RECIPE* 매콤달콤 해물찜 먹방(꽃게,새우,블랙타이거새우,주꾸미 그리고 떡볶이)소스레시피MUKBANG

Green onion chopped garlic red pepper powder Sugar Soy sauce Sesame Korean GOCHUJANG(red pepper paste) Korean Soju( distilled spirits) Hello ^^ Today I prepared steamed spicy seafood. I’ll try the baby octopus first ~ It’s chewy and delicious. The seasoning is spicy and sweet. The sauce recipe is at the beginning of the video Tiger […]

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ASMR Enoki mushroom *SAUCE RECIPE* Spicy seafood octopus 주꾸미, 팽이버섯, 바다포도 먹방 *레시피* MUKBANG

chopped garlic green onion Korean gochujang Sesame ginger powder Sugar powdered Korean red pepper Mix onion, garlic, sugar, ginger powder, gochujang, red pepper powder and sesame seeds Sesame vinegar Sugar Kochujang Add vinegar, sugar, kochujang, and sesame to make the dipping sauce Hello Today I prepared spicy enoki mushrooms, octopus and sea grapes Boiled octopus […]

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