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Is Japanese food REALLY that good? What foods do foreigners recommend?

Shrimp Whopper, and you would never ever find that anywhere else. It’s fresh always, in japan. – Kalake – Oh..? – Karage! – Right! Hey guys, it’s Cathy Cat! Today we’re going to ask foreigners about Japanese food. There might be some nice food recommendations in there for you So be sure to watch it […]

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[Japanese Food] Trying ONIGIRI + UMEBOSHI for the First Time!!

Hey guys! This is my new friend Anisha! She has a channel called Rickshawali I will link it down below so go check her out, she’s really funny and awesome!! And she’s here in Japan, for the first time We had lots of fun in Harajuku earlier And she hasn’t really tried much Japanese food, […]

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How to make the BEST Japanese TAKOYAKI EVER! Japan Food Challenge Successful

Soft and juicy. Wow. Mentioning that, while we’re.. That’s that. Nice and juicy. Oh my god. It’s already recording. This is the Cathy Cat camera right now. Hello, that’s Endigo’s face. Let’s take a look inside his nose. Hello. Find anything interesting? And then there’s Maya. Hi. Let me hide inside your hair. Oh the […]

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