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ASMR MUKBANG 대왕 가리비, 문어, 새우, 전복 등 다양한 해물을 넣은 해물찜 밥도둑 먹방 SEAFOOD STEAMED OCTORPUS EATING SHOW Hải sản

Completion ~~~~~ Today I prepared spicy seafood steamed at home We have octopus, shrimp, hermit, squid, abalone, red scallops, oysters and giant scallops. I will eat really good food today! First, I’ll eat jjakkumi first It’s really delicious! abalone The red scallops on the cabbage wrap I’m going to eat this octopus I’ll eat shrimp […]

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[왕쥬] 오늘은 날로 먹겠습니다. 모둠 회 먹방!!!!!

I’ll enjoy it~! First of all, I’ll try sashimi. Hmm~ This is it! Oh, this is it! Good, good. I wanted to drink soju, but I’ll bring soju next time. Let me eat octopus before it die? Hey, what’s wrong with you guys? The octopus… I’ll dip it in the oil with the cucumber Mmm~~~! […]

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