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해물라면 라면밥 파김치 겉절이 리얼사운드먹방/SEAFOOD RAMEN OCTOPUS SHRIMP MUSSEL Mukbang Eating Show 海鮮ラーメン mì hải sản拉面

My cousin caught octupus for me! Today’s ingredients! Stir-fry garlic and spring onion! Bacon… Sliced onion, carrots and red chili powder! Put seafood, vegetable mix, soup base and water! Put ramen noodles! Abalone needs to be cooked quickly, so put it at the end! Spicy Seafood Ramen is ready! Hi, everyone! Today’s menu is Seafood […]

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(Eng Sub) [Mukbang m14] Japanese Style Ramen + Draft Beer (feat.Duke in Korea)

Hello, I’m Duke in Korea. I’m here to eat Japanese-style ramen. (for hangover resolution) This restaurant specializes in Japanese style Ramen. It’s a Ramen restaurant that I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time because of its high level of word-of-mouth and online ratings. But it turned out that it was a franchise restaurant. […]

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