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SUB)햄 가득 푸짐한 부대찌개 먹방 🍜 라면&당면사리 잔뜩 먹고 밥까지 비벼서 마무리 (feat.계란말이) budae jjigae&Rolled Omelet mukbang ASMR

Hello, it’s Boki! I just woke up before filming, so my face is really puffy. I checked the mirror, and my stomach was asking for some good soup so we’re having budae jjigae!* *Korean Army Stew There’s ramen noodles in the stew, and glass noodles underneath. We also have egg rolls. Here are the side […]

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집밥꿀메뉴 제육볶음 크게 쌈싸서 된장찌개 냉이무침 호로록 리얼사운드먹방/KOREAN HOME FOOD SPICY STIR-FRIED PORK Makanan rumah Mukbang

There’s a kitty! (Totally ignoring) Green green The color green is good for your eyes I bought Korean pork The color is so pretty (Ingredients for seasoning : Water, Red Pepper Powder, Oligosaccharide + Plum Juice, Sugar, Red Pepper Paste, Ginger Powder, Soy Sauce, Crushed Garlic Water Soy Sauce Red Pepper Powder A bit of […]

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Hi, today I will be eating famous food from the movie “Parasite” Chapaguri – Jjpagetti + Neoguri Neoguri-spicy noodle-came out with new title saying three times more… stronger? spicier? what was it? it’s like fiercer? yeah they branched out new flavor “3x fiercer Neoguri” so, I mixed them with it total, two packs of Black […]

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