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열라면 + 틈새라면 열틈라면 매운왕교자 리얼사운드먹방/THE SPICIEST NOODLES SOUP IN KOREA🔥SPICY DUMPLINGS Mukbang Eating Show

Hey, I’m here Teumsae ramen(The spiciest ramen noodles soup in Korea) & Yeol ramen (Spicy ramen) left together at home! Spicy dumplings★ because two packs of noodles are not enough for me (My small but certain happiness today with the spiciest noodles soup) Kimchi is a must! Hi, guys! Today, I prepared Yeol+Teumsae ramen, the […]

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욕망의 매운라면 먹방

‘Spicy’ It’s actually not a taste. ‘Sense of pain’ means it’s pain. Joining a spicy food means, joining a pain S.M. Entertainment [Spicy ramen eating show of craving] I got some spicy ramen. With my black hand of craving… I will take off your clothes. Red sauce inside. Put it on ramen Let’s join the […]

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