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Before we get started today, I have a special announcement to make Today is a very special day for two of my hyunee Bees, Troy and Kylie and I am so honored to be a part of this engagement!!! Whoa! So a few weeks ago I got a very sweet message, which I cheered up […]

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SUB)매콤한 마파두부에 꾸덕꾸덕 해물울면 먹방 ! (ft.칠리왕새우&가지튀김) 중식먹방 리얼사운드 Mapa tofu seafood noodles mukbang ASMR

Hi, it’s Boki Today, I’m going to have mapo tofu, egg fried rice, and this chili jumbo shrimp There are also seafood wulmen*, fried eggplants, *A Korean noodle originated from Chinese wenlumian Shall we start off with Coke first↗? Let’s start with the shrimp~ Chili Shrimp: Hello-rimp* *A Korean pun (I can’t wait) (Oriole!) (Even […]

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ASMR MUKBANG 연어, 전복, 문어, 가리비, 키조개, 소라 등 인기있는 해물 구이 먹방 POPULAR GRILLED SEAFOOD EATING SOUNDS Hải sản

(Popular grilled seafood) Please turn on subtitles in settings Clean the salmon octopus abalone It’s so fresh 😂 Clean the abalone comparison Abalone teeth removal scallop conch giant clam Various seasonings Happy 😍 Hello, I’m “SuniMom” 😂 Today’s food is popular grilled seafood Wouldn’t it be delicious? 🤣 I’ll try it deliciously 😆 Please Subscribe […]

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