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전복, 문어, 고둥, 새우와 각종 조개 넣고 가마솥에 푹 끓인~ [[해물찜(Braised Spicy Seafood)]] 요리&먹방!! – Mukbang eating show

Hello friends from YouTube ! Welcome to this channel. I’m Heungsam. I’m Heungsam’s Mom. I’m Heungsam’s Dad. Today, We made Braised Spicy Seafood with various kinds of seafood. We are going to enjoy today’s menu. Eat this abalone. Thank you~ We enjoyed heartily today’s menu. We ate all this! I think Braised Spicy Seafood is […]

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ASMR MUKBANG 대왕 가리비, 새우, 문어, 전복 등 다양한 해물을 넣은 해물 구이 먹방 SEAFOOD OCTORPUS EATING SHOW Hải sản

Completion ~~~~~~~ Roasted shrimp butter Let’s try the seafood! Let’s bake the abalone first I’ll eat the shrimp butter first it’s delicious!! It’s so delicious since it’s cooked well inside I’ll sprinkle the remaining shrimp with mayonnaise Looks so yummy Its so yummy It’s really delicious! Let’s eat shrimp Without anything I’ll add chili sauce […]

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ASMR Sushi 모듬초밥 리얼사운드 먹방 eating sound mukbang

Tuna sushi The rice is sour and sweet. It’s delicious. salmon sushi Salmon sushi is really delicious:) flatfish sushi Egg sushi It’s sweet and it smells like soft milk. Egg sushi is really good!!! Shrimp sushi It’s really sweet. Soy Sauce Shrimp Sushi It’s sushi with soy sauce shrimp on it. I don’t need soy […]

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