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[왕쥬] 오늘은 날로 먹겠습니다. 모둠 회 먹방!!!!!

I’ll enjoy it~! First of all, I’ll try sashimi. Hmm~ This is it! Oh, this is it! Good, good. I wanted to drink soju, but I’ll bring soju next time. Let me eat octopus before it die? Hey, what’s wrong with you guys? The octopus… I’ll dip it in the oil with the cucumber Mmm~~~! […]

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SUB)두툼한 대방어 가마살부터 뱃살까지 부위별로 먹방 쌈싸먹고 초밥 만들어먹기 리얼사운드 Yellowtail Fish Mukbang ASMR

Hello, it’s Boki! Today, I’m having different parts of yellowtail sashimi! chutoro, kamatoro, body, toro, otoro are what I prepared today And I made big sized yellowtail nigiri sushi on the side Let’s pour the Coke first! (Soy sauce shower for the pickled ginger~XD) Toro first (A bite for my lucki charms) (Rich oil spilling […]

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ASMR sashimi 모듬회 리얼사운드 먹방 ปลา cá さしみ eating sound mukbang

Hi. Today’s food is sashimi of many kinds~ Yellowtail sashimi It has a very good texture! Rockfish Salmon It’s soft and delicious~ Onion slices mixed with tartar sauce~!!! This is really delicious~ flatfish flatfish is the most frequently eaten sashimi among sashimi. Second favorite sashimi after salmon. This is the best part~!!! It’s greasy and delicious! please subscribe&like&comment^^ Thank you for watching my video!

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