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열라면 + 틈새라면 열틈라면 매운왕교자 리얼사운드먹방/THE SPICIEST NOODLES SOUP IN KOREA🔥SPICY DUMPLINGS Mukbang Eating Show

Hey, I’m here Teumsae ramen(The spiciest ramen noodles soup in Korea) & Yeol ramen (Spicy ramen) left together at home! Spicy dumplings★ because two packs of noodles are not enough for me (My small but certain happiness today with the spiciest noodles soup) Kimchi is a must! Hi, guys! Today, I prepared Yeol+Teumsae ramen, the […]

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MUKBANG ASMR 집밥 열라면 김치 4종 계란후라이 흰밥 통스팸 먹방 KOREAN HOME FOOD EATING SOUND!! الأرز المنزل Nhà gạo

Completion ~~~~~~ Today we have a house rice special Add kimchi stew from here Fried egg spam Bachelor kimchi green kimchi I’ve got some seaweed and rice I’ll eat the first bite egg first looks delicious It’s really delicious !! There is fruit in Dongchimi it’s delicious! Kimchi I’ll eat cheese sauce in the spam […]

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ASMR MUKBANG 편의점 핵불닭 미니!! 떡볶이 & 핫도그 & 치즈 피자 FIRE Noodle & HOT DOG & CHEESE PIZZA EATING SOUND!

Completion ~~~~ Today we have prepared convenience store food! Cheese spicy ramen from here Conchiz Pizza Fried Chicken sausage Hotdog Spicy cheese tteokbokki made with chicken feet I prepared Kimchi and sweet and sour radish I’ll eat the noodles first! Cheese Chicken Feet Next up I’m going to have a pizza of cheese sausage It’s […]

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