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ASMR MUKBANG틈새라면에 청양고추 얇은피만두 김밥 리얼사운드먹방 | SPICIEST KOREAN NOODLES 辛いラーメンmì cay mie pedas EATING SHOW

Hello everyone, I am Gyun The food I prepared today is Today I have prepared the spiciest ramen and thin-skinned dumplings (cheongyang chili pepper, chives and pork flavor) & eggs and spam gimbap! I’ll have a nice meal. Ahh.. Ramen tastes better when it’s hot, right? Wow! It’s spicy and the noodles are chewy! You […]

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열라면 + 틈새라면 열틈라면 매운왕교자 리얼사운드먹방/THE SPICIEST NOODLES SOUP IN KOREA🔥SPICY DUMPLINGS Mukbang Eating Show

Hey, I’m here Teumsae ramen(The spiciest ramen noodles soup in Korea) & Yeol ramen (Spicy ramen) left together at home! Spicy dumplings★ because two packs of noodles are not enough for me (My small but certain happiness today with the spiciest noodles soup) Kimchi is a must! Hi, guys! Today, I prepared Yeol+Teumsae ramen, the […]

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SUB)계란풀어서 틈새라면 4봉 라면 리얼사운드 먹방ASMR🌶MUKBANG SPICY NOODLES EATING SHOW 辛いラーメン Mỳ cay รามยอนเผ็ด

Have you guys had a great WEEKEND???? Bom Bom Bom Likes make Sangyoon’s belly dance,, 🎷 I’m back again!!!! It’s me!!! Today’s menu is! Teumsae ramen*! I cooked 4 packs of the noodles! I chopped some peppers,, Chop! Chop!! Ch-chop!! Ch-op! I think~ I added three eggs,, or maybe 4 eggs.. I brought this whole […]

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