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Hello Today i prepared spicy seafood steamed. abalone The texture is really good because it’s fresh abalone It’s a baby octopus The sauce is spicy and more delicious. squid This is noodles made with potatoes The texture is chewy and soft Black Tiger Shrimp Shrimp is delicious anytime King trumpet Mushroom Mushrooms are juicy and […]

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ASMR SPICY SEAFOOD *RECIPE* 매콤달콤 해물찜 먹방(꽃게,새우,블랙타이거새우,주꾸미 그리고 떡볶이)소스레시피MUKBANG

Green onion chopped garlic red pepper powder Sugar Soy sauce Sesame Korean GOCHUJANG(red pepper paste) Korean Soju( distilled spirits) Hello ^^ Today I prepared steamed spicy seafood. I’ll try the baby octopus first ~ It’s chewy and delicious. The seasoning is spicy and sweet. The sauce recipe is at the beginning of the video Tiger […]

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[ASMR] Korean Braised Spicy SeaFood 산낙지, 전복, 문어 해물찜먹방 Octopus, squid, Scallops Mukbang Eatingsound

Hello, I’m Sso Young. Today, I prepared steamed seafood. For side dishes,I prepared soy sauce, pickles, macaroni. Subscribe, like, please push! It smells so good!! First of all, my favorite food octopus. head Squid Abalone scallop shell no!! I’ll try it with bean sprouts. (Shrimp) (Clab) Mussel water sea squirt (Squid Ear) (Find Squid ‘s […]

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